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Well, I'm a Bit Late to the Party... · 7:13am Dec 23rd, 2012

But... hey, Pinkie Pie lets anyone in no matter what time they show up!

Also, it's canon that AJ's parents are:

While I feel like an asshole for being happy that they are, my headcanon goes undisturbed(except for the fact that Applebloom is really Big Mac and Applejack's child, but I'm sure they'll clear that up any episode), and my fics in which that plays a major part in will go untouched!

Anyway, here's a story about the end of Equestria. It's the End of Equestria as We Know it(And I Feel Fine)

And remember, followers, we're not lesbians.

We're BESTbians.

Report Regidar · 732 views ·
Comments ( 44 )

Party? Could use a little poison...

Bestbians For The Win:rainbowlaugh::moustache:

Go home Regidar, you're drunk

640895 What's seems to be the ossifer, prollem?

Bestbians for life nigga! :moustache:

It's not a real party till someone ods in the pool.:moustache:

Wait, really? Her parents are dead? I didn't pick up on that. Then again I was watching it at nine-god-damned-thirty in the morning, so I was a little groggy. The only things I picked up on was that Babs was there, Braeburn didn't say a word (other than a 'yea' that sounded like Big Mac), and Octavia's yellow counterpart is apparently an Apple.

640902 The shooting stars were a nod to her dead parents.

640906 Well that's exceptionally VAGUE don't you think?

640915>>640906 I don't know, it seemed a bit certain to me. :moustache:

640915 It was confirmed on Twitter.

640917 Again, confirmed on Twitter.


640918 Hmm, not sure whether or not to say awesome...

Buck it. Awesome. :rainbowkiss:
It will be interesting to see if they elaborate on it. Although I sincerely doubt they will.

640924 I was. :moustache:

640926 Yeah, wouldn't bode well on a kid's show, although Rugrats did it... then again, that was back int he 90's...

Applejack had parents?

I'm still of a mind that she's some manner of biological construct; perhaps not a flesh golem, but instead a carefully collaborated Frankenstein of spare Apple Family parts built to provide cheap labor and perpetuate the stereotype that farmers are wholesome folks that don't kill for the pleasure of killing. I mean, that would certainly explain all the vicious scars, the mismatched eyes, the blood-curdling rasp in her voice, the hideous visage and nightmare-inducing equivalence...

... oh wait, sorry! I COMPLETELY mixed that up! I'm thinking about Jann Arden! WHAT A CUPID STUNT I AM!

640972 Oh you. I'd marry you if I weren't already engaged to Swagmond Swagara.

Man, I really need to rewatch some of these episodes sometime. Doesn't help to watch them when you're half asleep due to not having been able to fall asleep before, and then playing Tekkit at the same time... eh who am I kidding, once is enough for me.

No. He's SOBER, that's it. :raritydespair:

Ya for bestbians!:yay:

641195 Regidar has that reversed alcohol syndrome, he acts perfectly sane when drunk out of his mind.

Oh, Regi~

Nobody cares, Regidar.


641576 I know right

641678 FDuck her, there's Swagmond Swagara.

I do believe you misspelled "breastbians." Please avoid such juvenile errors in the future.

Another comment I forgot to make before. Some songs that would be appropriate for any type of story like this. :twilightsmile: (One of them going to be obvious to Regi here)

643252 How I wish... How I wish you were here...


"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year."

643261 Runnin' over the same old ground...

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