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Back, but for reasons I won't share.

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  • 2 weeks
    Fun fact

    If you commit the sin of unexplained downvotes on personal fics and ruin the writer’s passion to write by doing so you are an objectively awful person.

    Wonder how many of you that directly applies to, or maybe a shorter list would be who it doesn’t apply to here lol

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  • 28 weeks

    Idk why I bother writing but won’t be submitting anything soon due to being in hospital. Not going to say why because again, no one needs ammo and I’m convinced most people here are incapable/unwilling to care about anyone but themselves and their brother, the toiletguy911, but eh whatever.

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  • 31 weeks

    Well, the Halloween event is over but haven’t done much writing due to moving and a class so it will be a bit before I publish.

    Stories I want to work on include


    Zephyr breeze has behavioral issues and is sent to a behavioral school on a cruise ship, and must help save the day when a freak accident leaves the ship cutoff from the world and taking on water

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  • 41 weeks
    Return with caveats

    Well, against everything that resembles better judgement, I might make a return to this ... place.

    That said, certain rules will have to be put into place due to how many people here just can't seem to help but take a mile when given an inch.

    1. Ratings are disabled

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  • 76 weeks
    Two years later

    Well well well, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Two years after the date your bullying of me reached a head on here to be precise. And you might be wondering, why am i still thinking of this, it was two years ago? Well, let’s go into a bit of storytime. When I wrote this story, my life was hell, in pretty much every way. I could go into detail, but most of you probably are too selfish to care, so

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Return with caveats · 6:11am Sep 26th, 2023

Well, against everything that resembles better judgement, I might make a return to this ... place.

That said, certain rules will have to be put into place due to how many people here just can't seem to help but take a mile when given an inch.

1. Ratings are disabled

the ability to rate one's stories is not a god given right, it's a privilege , and since a lot of you couldn't handle being respectful when they were enabled, they are henceforth disabled. I'm not about to put up with a bunch of what I assume to be petty teens and miserable manchildren and all around horrible people who want to drag others down to make themselves feel better brigading my stories just because they got butthurt about something I said in a blog post anymore, had more than enough of that on reddit thank you very much and i hated it there too. Don't understand it either, i've been miserable before but i've used it to grow as a person and motivate me to speak up against future injustices facing the innocent, never once have I felt compelled to attack random people who didn't do anything wrong on me because misery loves company, so what pray tell is your excuse?

Back on topic, I know this will mean I won't appear high in the search results but considering how awful most are here maybe that will mean less toxicity which in the long run is good for mental health which will no longer be taking a back seat to trying to make you folk happy, especially since it's quite clear that you'll just hate on me anyway no matter what I say do or write so why even bother? Plus, I plan on crossposting anyways and putting the main focus elsewhere so honestly i don't care about losing a few views. I mean how many people even looked at them anyway? Not enough to where a few less views is worth the bullying people give me.

2. Suggestions will no longer be taken

Granted, the toxic haters were apparently too braindead to say anything anyway (despite explicit instructions to no less) so this won't change things but I don't have any intention of modifying or editing anything I upload past the initial share. What you get is what you get... and if it aint good enough for you... cry about it. Sick of guessing what people want changed because no one actually speaks up and after years of reediting based on guesses I'm not for wasting any more time reediting post for you lot. Again, you want the author to change things to accommodate you... a good first step might be to actually be a decent person to them so they want to, when you act as most of you have however, yeah, fix it yourself. Not to mention I'm trying to write about my experience as a disabled person and what I have to deal with, if I edit post i'm effectively masking my reality which defeats the whole purpose of writing these in the first place.

3. The haters can quack like a duck because they SUCK!

Don't got much to say here, just want to make a humorous reference while putting those down who bullied me in a time of need.. .and yes, what you did WAS bullying, do not try to deny or downplay it, you just will make yourself look the fool. Really sad too, all I really wanted was people to accept me and provide some modicum of emotional support for once in my life... why was that too much for you? I've seen you be supportive and nice to others on this site and show genuine interest in their lives... why can't I be treated like that too? I mean sure if I acted horribly and antagonized randos I could see where I lost the right to that... but that doesn't apply because the hate literally started from day 1 on this site before I had any reputation either way so I'm actually confused and truly deserved better. And yeah, I got aggressive later on, but I was already dealing with a lot of shit before the hate came in so I was just done being shoved around... (I won't go into detail of what I was dealing with here because quite frankly I don't want to give the haters ammo, if anyone gives a fuck [which i doubt since i've long since been shown people here either are incapable of or have no interest in doing for me like is usual for my life] maybe i'll open up if you pm and ask nicely). plus it isn't like everyone was super nice to me and I just one day started attacking them. People were hating on me for years, and everyone has their breaking point. I just would've hoped at least some here would've had the common sense to see this and the ability to show basic empathy and sympathy, but I Guess it is true, no one cares about men's mental health... and considering a fair number of you are men you of all people should know better than to drag others down

Whatever though, i'm done writing this. People have stonewalled me before on such posts, why would things change now? Either way though if you'll excuse me, I have to go play some games, one of them has a Halloween event and I'd rather play that game than think about the hell I'm throwing myself back into once it's done... a hell which ironically is more hellish than halloween itsself is on a figurative level.

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It'd be good to have you back. I don't know if things would be the same once you return, but I hope you'll have a way better experience if you return.

Welcome back, I also came back

Thanks, and I don’t have much hope but eh whatever I guess, kind of used to it by now

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