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Man, I wish Bios where longer, guess that means I have to shorten it. But I'm lazy about it so I'll do it later.(probably never) If I see an opportunity to meme I'm going to meme.

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??? · 10:51pm September 3rd

“Okay Nick, You ready?”

“*Inhale* *Exhale* I’m ready Zee.”

“Alright, track starts in 3…2…1.”

A melody track type beat starts.


🎶They begin to sing. ~They know, (They know,) They know, (They know)~

N: “~They know, They know, yeah they know, (yeah they know.)~”🎶

At the same time again. 🎶~They know, (They know,) They know, (They know)~🎶

Taking turns. 🎶~They know, (They know,) yeah, they know.~🎶

Zee turning on bass for the next section.

🎶N: “~Tunnel vision when I hit the Holland (Hit the Holland)
Working all night 'cause my mind is on an island (I'll wait)
Told my babies I'll be home late, so don't stay up (So don't stay up)
Breaks my heart to see them sad, so I won't wait up
Need it all, all that's mine, I need it now (Need it now)
I lost my patience the same week I lost my smile (Lost my smile)
My baby pressed me, said I'm actin' like a child (Like a child)
I took some L's, can't lie, that really brought me down (Wow)
I'm so anti-social, but I guess it's type selective (It's type selective)
Swear I'll make a change, but for now, I just can't help it (Can't help it)
Only trusting God and these cards that I've been dealt with (Yeah)
Imma do my job, time to grind, time to~-”🎶
They repeat the first chorus like last.
🎶~They know (They know), they know (They know)~
~They know (They know), yeah they know (Yeah they know)~
~They know (They know), they know (They know)~
~They know (They know), yeah they know.~🎶

Zee adds tune to Nick’s voice and starts adding beats.
🎶N: “~Pedal to the metal, they know
Gone and I won't let up they know
Up now, so I'm fed up, they know
Say it for the record, they know
They know, they know
They know, yeah, they know
Pedal to the metal, they know
Up now, so I'm fed up they know~"🎶

Names(characters) pending, but haven't came up with a title either. It's an idea, but lacks foresight. Who knows, I might make something out of it. Been listening to a lot of music lately.

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