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Man, I wish Bios where longer, guess that means I have to shorten it. But I'm lazy about it so I'll do it later.(probably never) If I see an opportunity to meme I'm going to meme.

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Blog 61: Sad news and Update · 5:33pm August 21st

I'll start with the updated... Yes, it's been a month almost since last, I did not do this on purpose. I used a LOT of muscles I've not used since being out of high school and most pain was in my back, shoulders & feet. I lasted one whole week and when I got back I rested for whole week, cause I was that sore, an when your sore, you kinda just don't want to do anything. I got good pay, but he was honest with me, I'm not cutout for construction work, tells me when he gets inside job, he'll have me back. I accepted the terms. And now that I'm back I need to catch up on what I've missed.
The sad news is we lost yet another meme and was one of the goodest of boys.

Not actually 'the' Doge but one of the Doge's. He will be missed:fluttershysad:

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