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    Beneath a blackened sky, the pale milky moon cast a pallid glow across lands steeped in shadow.  A sea of muted grey from mountains thrust high, to plains fertile and fallow.

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random · 8:57am Dec 19th, 2012

"This one is real," she broke the long silence.

Dornier snorted. "Ah, I shall assure you that they are all real. There is not a piece on this wall where I did not personally meet with the artist."

"No. Um, I'm sorry. It's just that I meant," she gestured at the scene within the small hardwood frame. "This was real."

"Perhaps you can enlighten me. Why do you say that one in particular, is real?"

Fluttershy's eyes glanced across the wall, from triumphant unicorns brandishing swords, to victorious armies standing fast against routed masses. Portraits and landscapes hearkening to times remembered favorably.

Her gaze focused upon the small frame once again. A thousand yard stare past the flat canvas into the world behind. The edge of a forest, ablaze against the pitch backdrop. Billowing clouds of smoke that blotted the sky for miles. A river shimmering red with the roaring immolation of Whitetail Woods.

The blazing inferno served only as a backdrop to the rolling fallow plains. The illusion of distance rendering each tiny twisting stroke of paint as the sum of an army in disarray, charging in urgent retreat. They ran, frozen in a snapshot of time. Perpetually chased by a horror that could never be drawn in its full terrible glory.

A pillar of light dominated the center of the picture. It burned through the living landscape and torched the very firmament of the underlying rock. Those nearest silently writhed in their last moments, as the light consumed them.

Just beyond the coronal haze of the sky's pent fury, a figure reared beyond the hellish glare. It stood at the edge of the tree line, atop one blasted bare patch between the curtains of flame. Hooves, wings, and horn thrust high. A patchwork garb of flags from felled nations. It roared in everlasting silence, commanding the elemental force of light through arcane magic as an embodiment of its rage.

Fluttershy pointed at the picture again.

"There are no heroes," she said barely above a whisper. "Everypony is scared. This one is real."

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Wth is stopping you from making this into a story?

The above blog is platinum!

Whoever sees the Patchwork Princess is forever a marked pony.

Wait... Dornier... Fluttershy... :pinkiegasp: Is this in an upcoming chapter of The End? :raritystarry:

Your writing style is much different in this blog than it was in the Fluttershy/Trent preview from a few days ago. Frankly, I like this style much better. Your descriptions flow effortlessly into the prose, and Fluttershy's haunted feeling is contagious , even though she actually says very little. This is the same style you used in Chapter 1 of The End. It's the type of narrative that forces readers to continue reading through the end. The other style you used in the previous preview blog post (the same style you used in Chapters 10-14) is the reason I started reading your work. This style is the reason I continue to read your work! :rainbowdetermined2:


This particular bit was written in about 10 minutes. It is noticiably different from the other excerpt, since I seem to be schizophrenic with my writing style, and this was chosen for the particular mood of the scene.

Chronologically, this particular scene is coming up shortly after the party at Sweet Apple Acres that Pinkie is putting on for Trent. Fluttershy makes a rather smashing entrance, and ends up giving Laurie a taste of her true feelings. (starts funny, ends serious)

Laurie brings her to meet Dornier when it becomes apparent that she needs.. help.

633856 "Laurie brings her to meet Dornier when it becomes apparent that she needs.. help."

D'awwa... 'Shy should come to me if she needs a hug. :rainbowkiss: She is mai waifu, after all. :yay::rainbowlaugh:

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