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I keep a ratigat in my ear, naturally. · 5:06am Feb 22nd, 2012

It's finally happened. I've finally read so much Jeeves and Wooster that I am having dreams narrated in P.G. Wodehouse's style. Today I took a nap and dreamt that Jeeves was temporarily valeting for Gussie Fink-Nottle in America, and for some reason Gussie decided to take advantage of the American fascination with all things British and see just how far he could push the bounds of believability by explaining all kinds of obscure and bizarre British habits to his upper-crust American hosts. And by "explain" I mean "basically invent."

Thus, as Jeeves wrote back to Bertie, "Mr. Fink-Nottle held the American company spellbound with sayings from the Drones Club, such as 'A long nose is a good nose.' At one point, with my handkerchief stuck in his ear, he declared that all good Englishmen called such a 'ratigat' and, upon removing it, a cascade of ball bearings poured to the floor." Despite the fact that filling your ear with ball bearings seems like a worrying medical risk, this was accompanied by hysterical visuals.

In other news, the next chapter of Canterlot Follies is about halfway done, I'd say. I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend. Thank you to my readers for being so patient! I work on the story consistently, I'm just a slow writer for whatever reason. Lots of staring at the screen, moving paragraphs around, and pondering if there's a better way to play out a scene. When I run into problems, I sometimes have to sleep on it a few days before the answer (often an embarrassingly obvious one) occurs to me.

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We should try to make "ratigat" the new thing. Just sayin'.:trixieshiftright:

I'm not sure I have enough room for that and the Babelfish.

I do hope you can find the bally muse before too long. I feel rather how I imagine old Odysseus' wife (patient sort of woman I'm lead to believe) must have felt while he was off gallivanting for ten or so years; I imagine she must have been checking the old watch (or sundial or whatever thing those Greek sorts used to keep a track of meal times and suchlike) every few minutes, and when his ship did hove into view I'm sure she gave a whoop of the old joy and ran to his big strong a.

What I'm saying is I want some more. This is my most favouritest fanfic currently in the works.

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