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Postin' 2: Electric Blogaloo · 1:32am Dec 19th, 2012

God DAMN it feels good to be on break. I've been kind of at a loss for productive things to do, but in the meantime, I've nearly caught up on reading/proofing in the past week I've been free of the clutches of collegiate scheduling.

I managed to accrue some 13 messages in the last six weeks that I was just now able to reply to. Most requests for proofing (it amuses me just how popular a proofer I've become. What is this witchcraft?), a couple involving the new proofreader doc, and one or two of other natures. And my unread favorites... holy hell.

I've even put a dent in my Read Later collection: Down to sixty six stories, and likely to shrink even more so over the course of this month. Feels good.

What does this mean to you, my loyal (snrk) subjects? Well, very little, to be honest, unless you're one of the people I proof for. Emeral, looking at you.

About all it does mean as far as you guys are concerned is it gives me opportunity to work on my writing a bit, as well. And because my brain hates me, the brain-clearing doc I have on G-Docs now has THREE unfinished ideas being worked upon. One of which started entirely as an excuse to make a bad joke.

My brain hates me.

But apparently it likes you guys just fine.:trixieshiftright:

And it absolutely fucking LOVES Discord, since each and every single one of the story ideas it is assaulting me with involves him to some degree.

Fuck you, brain. You're not the boss of me. :twilightangry2:

Anyway, this blog post really didn't need to be made, but then again, what blog post does?

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Comments ( 9 )

Sixty Six stories on your to-read list? At 1084, I'd kill to be in your position.

I used to be good and keep it down to a maximum of twenty.
And then I took a college to the free time.
Unfortunately for my read it later list, but fortunately for everything else, GOOD FICTION continued to be written.

I'm kinda anal about such things, though. Over a thousand stories would just drive me nuts.
Hell, I was pushing 100 a while back, and was annoyed with myself.

627540 How do you manage, even with college? :twilightoops:

Unfortunately for my read it later list, but fortunately for everything else, GOOD FICTION continued to be written.

Indeed. :applejackunsure:

Hell, I was pushing 100 a while back, and was annoyed with myself.

So... Jealous...


I am absolutely fucking crazy. That is how I manage.

Also a netbook that has a permanent spot in my bed helps.

But mostly the first thing. Definitely that first thing.

641117 I have both, too. What are you doing differently?

Maybe I'm just a speedier reader? I dunno.

By the way? Down to thirty five in my Read Later.

Just so you know. :trollestia:

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