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*notices new g5 lore about the origins of alicorns* · 11:12pm June 6th

*looks at ruins*

yeah this fic's definitely in solid AU territory now lmao

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Ugh, that new lore. I will pretend it just not exist, already have too much notes and plans as it is
Sadly, it was only a matter of time when G5 would claw with its greazy hands into G4 and will begin to retrospectively add to canon of completed series. Almost all attention of fans still there, anyway

I want a Spider-Gwen/Spider-Girl/Iron Spider crossover.

Wait spike is that there

I don’t know either.

Amy Keating Rogers wrote about a land of alicorns in the Journal of the Royal Pony Sisters. It was just never confirmed in screen. Now it has been, and it has a name! Skyros. Nice keeping with the Greek mythology angle of G4

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