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  • Saturday
    Why, brain? WHY?

    Brain: Hey Miles, you know how you're working on five pony stories and a Sonic story?

    Me: (nervously) "Yeah...?"

    Brain: Here's a Freedom Planet idea.

    Just shoot me now...

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  • Saturday
    Gonna be a wait for DLC, or a crazy long wait for a third game...

    Just beat Freedom Planet 2 tonight. Thanks to Ori, I know that I shouldn't be all that shocked that a 2D speed platformer has this much heart and soul poured into it, but this game's lore absolutely floored me.

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  • Thursday
    I'm sorry, it was too easy.

    During a slow period, there's a discussion about pumpkin carving.

    Someone asks what I would carve.

    "I don't have an artistic bone in my body."
    "But you write fanfiction."
    "You want me to write fanfiction on a pumpkin?"
    "Yes, you must."
    "I don't write pumpkins. I write lemons."

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  • Thursday
    Happy 9th Anniversary... the best redemption of G4!

    Happy 9th birthday, Rainbow Rocks!

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  • Tuesday
    Best Game Menu Themes

    Alright, not quite off the top of my head, but also without spending days and days recalling every single game I've play in my life, I've got 15 main menu themes that I believe stand out. Lets go in order of release!

    Donkey Kong Country - SNES - November 1994

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I am really unsure what I'll do with myself. · 11:07pm June 1st

So the news has been making the rounds for the past 24 hours; unless the corporate psychopaths change gears, hard, third-party apps for Reddit will be a thing of the past on July 1st, when new, absurd levels of pricing are put into effect for API access.

If that actually happens, I am going to have so much fucking free time outside of work. And during work.

Maybe I'll read more books. Or do more time writing.

Because one thing is for sure; I will never, ever use the pile of absolute dog shit that they call an official app.

I think it would be too much to hope that Reddit as a whole would die if this goes through, and that those moderators would crawl back to the seventh circle of hell that they came from.

So I guess we'll see in 30 days.

One thing is for sure; there is no real competition; the people fleeing Reddit in the absence of third-party apps don't have anywhere comparable to go for worldwide news and discussion, a situation similar to Twitter currently (anyone who says Mastodon gets their comments deleted because I don't tolerate idiots).

So congrats, Reddit. If you don't change course, you'll have become the very thing that people flocking to you over the past decade were fleeing from in the first place; a soulless cesspit that exists solely to collect ad revenue because your C-suite are little more than worthless whores and I hope your IPO reflects that if and when it happens.

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The stock app is actually hard to use I find and not intuitive at all. I use boost my self and before that was slide. Apollo looks like it would run them like 20 million a year oof. Reddit could still make a model where they get paid and 3rd party exists but they clearly don't want it.

KMCA #2 · June 1st · · ·

4chan is about to get more popular

Sometimes I feel like hubris is the unsung hero preventing us from becoming a cyberpunk dystopia.

Comment posted by justheretoreadstories deleted June 2nd

See this is why I got rid of all "social media" 6 years ago. Killed all accounts, removed any apps, I just don't use them anymore. Too much wasted time, too much trash talking, too many companies looking to edge out the others for a buck.

Honestly I find more time now that I have to do fun things like camp, go shooting, head out in the 4x4, work on my cars, write stories here, and so on.

Perhaps I'll be one step closer to that.

sykko #7 · June 2nd · · ·

A lot pf people have been leaving reddit for tumblr, and tumblr has been growing.

Tumblr had their Christian Minecraft Server moment already; I left years ago.

KMCA #9 · June 2nd · · ·

I only use social media for work related things... and facebook once a day to chat with a friend of mine who's up in Nunavut. Really cool pics and stories out of her, it almost makes me want to spend a season up there.

I don't have a reddit account and I don't view the internet though a phone, but it sucks to lose something that makes something look and function better.

Same here.

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