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Arachnette 🕷 · 6:29pm May 22nd

The spider kingdom of Arachnette exists in one of the more darker areas of HeartWood. The eight-legged beasts are highly intelligent and, while they don't eat meat or blood, they do have an insatiable thirst for negative energy.

These unique spiders—webbers—have developed the ability to lure unsuspecting creatures to enter their web, tempting them with promises of answers to their deepest insecurities and desires. Once their prey is inside, the webbers then subtly feed on the negative energy that emanates from their helpless victims. When they're done, the spiders leave them as mindless, angry husks to roam aimlessly, attacking anyone who passed by.

Arachnette's castle is divided among five species of webbers. The Shifters, who alter their appearance with their camouflaged legs to befriend and manipulate people. The Swipers, who lure people in with special promises of worthless "treasures" and trivial items, only to ensnare them—and their money—in a web of debt. The Spiters, who love to isolate their prey and weaken them through taunts and emotional torment; their own twisted seasoning. The Screechulas, who make creatures lose themselves in a psychedelic space brought on by potent venom. They unknowingly feed the webbers with their emotions as they are pushed into playing tedious and difficult games crafted by the toxin.

However, there is one beneath this horrid kingdom. One in a place that many argue could be just as bad, if not worse than the Nether Region: the DARK WEB.

The place of stupidly realized nightmares, the queen's turf. Her extent of power remained as large of a mystery as her appearance and size, for her meaty legs are the last things one would gaze upon before suffering her wrath. No one knows what else is down there or how far it goes, and that's probably for the best...

The spiders of Arachnette are a formidable force, but not invincible. Some brave warriors within the animal kingdom have banded together to form a resistance against the spiders, seeking to liberate those who have fallen prey to their web (depending on stubborness). The ongoing battle is an epic struggle that could possibly determine the fate of the entire animal kingdom.

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Comments ( 10 )

That kinda reminds me of the Acromantulas from Harry Potter...

Hope it's different enough. Never knew a lot about HP...

Then it's time to change it! And don't worry, i've read HP a lots of times, and your Arachnette kingdom is different enough.:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Time to call the exterminators.... They bring fire, lead, plasma, and poison gass. They shall not weaver and their will be none left of that place but ash....

Reily #5 · May 22nd · · ·

:fluttershbad: Aaaaah! Spiders!

I am terrified by the thought of seeing a humongous large spider, especially hairy ones, they are the only ones who give me chills, not even snakes do that.

Long spider legs? . Sounds like queen chrysalis. 😂

No, just spiders the size of grown dogs, but this is a world of animals Zootopia style.

Ooh, cool!

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