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  • Today
    Why, brain? WHY?

    Brain: Hey Miles, you know how you're working on five pony stories and a Sonic story?

    Me: (nervously) "Yeah...?"

    Brain: Here's a Freedom Planet idea.

    Just shoot me now...

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  • Today
    Gonna be a wait for DLC, or a crazy long wait for a third game...

    Just beat Freedom Planet 2 tonight. Thanks to Ori, I know that I shouldn't be all that shocked that a 2D speed platformer has this much heart and soul poured into it, but this game's lore absolutely floored me.

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  • Thursday
    I'm sorry, it was too easy.

    During a slow period, there's a discussion about pumpkin carving.

    Someone asks what I would carve.

    "I don't have an artistic bone in my body."
    "But you write fanfiction."
    "You want me to write fanfiction on a pumpkin?"
    "Yes, you must."
    "I don't write pumpkins. I write lemons."

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  • Thursday
    Happy 9th Anniversary... the best redemption of G4!

    Happy 9th birthday, Rainbow Rocks!

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  • Tuesday
    Best Game Menu Themes

    Alright, not quite off the top of my head, but also without spending days and days recalling every single game I've play in my life, I've got 15 main menu themes that I believe stand out. Lets go in order of release!

    Donkey Kong Country - SNES - November 1994

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Tell Your Tale: Ponytropico · 7:17pm May 18th

This week, the Mane 5 have to catch a ferry even though they have a flying RV, Zipp doesn't know how to fly around storm clouds, and Sparky is still eating everything in sight.

And the showrunners have used this song three times now.

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I love that Zipp is characterized as being a bad driver and almost getting everyone hurt again. Like, she wasn't caught by surprise, she saw those storm clouds and just took it as a challenge.

0:15 - Okay, I'm gonna need some context for that scene.
0:58 - there ARE more towns than just the ones we've seen. I think. Probably.
1:39 - ...and he can just shut the police down...?
4:10 - Welp, that got a chuckle out of me at least

Yep, Zipp did take that storm cloud as a challenge. You don't have to jump into every challenge, Zipp! :rainbowlaugh:

As for the ferry, do you think they're going to skip out on a luxury ferry ride when Pipp is around?

That's actually pretty accurate how anybody's vacation would turn out to be chaotic and sometimes doesn't work as you planned it ahead but sometimes you just have to wing it at least that's how I remember throughout my years and apparently there's another town sort of I hope we get to see more other cities and hopefully the other ones as well

It could have been a whole lot worse. Like Sunny forgetting to book the hotel rooms for the gang. Just saying.

Again. Flying RV, with ample room for sleeping.

Phazon #7 · May 19th · · ·

I'm convinced that their stay at the resort was compensation for appearing in the TV advert, because half the ponies in the ad were named characters, including the Mane 5.

To be fair, I always got the impression that storm systems were pretty large and moved pretty fast. I mean, have you ever told a pre-industrial maritime crew or an airplane pilot to just go around a storm?

And yeah, they have a flying RV. Just take that to Ponytropico.

Was it a luxury ferry? Couldn't they have just taken it back when the vacation ended? And there was a week's stay at a luxury resort at the end of that RV ride. Screw the ferry. In fact, screw luxury boats in general. That's how you get food poisoning.

Couldn't help but notice that Zipp was the only one that didn't close up anything. I swear, does her detective work pay anything, or is she just freeloading at the Brighthouse? I would've liked to see her open up a PI office/agency by now. Like Jessica Jones. I'd love to see her take up whiskey in between (and even during cases) and be a dry-witted bitch to everyone.

And now I'd want to see a noir parody fic of Zipp running a detective agency.

I had to do a double take, since I though it said poptropica

Ah yes that ending so, which of you are going to be dinner next.

Zipp's flying reminded me of the Grand Canyon air collision, which was partly caused by reckless flying near a storm.

This reminds me of the holiday special in a way.

I love the cozy vibes from this episode!

Zip paragliding is just gliding you have wings.
Izzy you live right next to the beach just pick up some shells.

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