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  • Today
    Why, brain? WHY?

    Brain: Hey Miles, you know how you're working on five pony stories and a Sonic story?

    Me: (nervously) "Yeah...?"

    Brain: Here's a Freedom Planet idea.

    Just shoot me now...

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  • Today
    Gonna be a wait for DLC, or a crazy long wait for a third game...

    Just beat Freedom Planet 2 tonight. Thanks to Ori, I know that I shouldn't be all that shocked that a 2D speed platformer has this much heart and soul poured into it, but this game's lore absolutely floored me.

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  • Thursday
    I'm sorry, it was too easy.

    During a slow period, there's a discussion about pumpkin carving.

    Someone asks what I would carve.

    "I don't have an artistic bone in my body."
    "But you write fanfiction."
    "You want me to write fanfiction on a pumpkin?"
    "Yes, you must."
    "I don't write pumpkins. I write lemons."

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  • Thursday
    Happy 9th Anniversary... the best redemption of G4!

    Happy 9th birthday, Rainbow Rocks!

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  • Tuesday
    Best Game Menu Themes

    Alright, not quite off the top of my head, but also without spending days and days recalling every single game I've play in my life, I've got 15 main menu themes that I believe stand out. Lets go in order of release!

    Donkey Kong Country - SNES - November 1994

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Miles' Misc. Updates · 4:35am May 18th

Alright, if you don't follow my Twitter, here's what I've been up to this week.

After quitting Diablo 2 Resurrected after getting my teeth kicked in with the beginning of Nightmare difficulty, and facerolling my way through the easy-by-comparison Diablo 3, I took part in the Diablo IV Server Slam this past weekend.

It's one of those games that once I got a taste of it, I wanted more, and nothing else really satisfies my appetite in the meantime. The early game difficulty is, personally, perfect. So, honestly, the next 15 days until launch are going to be quite the unbearable wait.

I've gotten some writing done, but not enough for a chapter update. I'm trying to get a little done every night.

I tried to start the beginning of God of War 2018, but just like I had to fight my Witcher 3 muscle memory for Elden Ring, I had to fight my Elden Ring muscle memory for God of War, so maybe now isn't the best time to cross off one of the longer games from my backlog. So I'm going to one of the shorter ones:

Freedom Planet had it's origins as a Sonic fangame, but developer Sabrina DiDuro felt that the game was destined for heights greater than that of a fangame, and that she had the beginnings of her own IP on her hands. Well, she was right; Freedom Planet's platforming is solid and challenging, and the story mode has fully-voiced cutscenes in between levels.

And the music is catchy as hell.

Well, that's all for now. Again, going to try to get multiple updates out in the next two weeks, because, chances are, on June 2nd, I'm going to absolutely no-life Diablo IV.

No worries; I'm not going to vanish; my mouse hand is eventually going to go, "Alright, motherfucker, can you do something, ANYTHING else for a few hours, for fuck's sake?!?"

That's when I'll write in June.

Good night!

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Damn, everyone is going on hiatus until June now I see. Well, I guess Tears of the Kingdom will keep me occupied til then.

I haven't even made time for Breath of the Wild yet.

I'm hoping that the next two weeks are going to be anything but a hiatus.

My hiatus might start in June.

Ah, I guess I read it backwards,

Phazon #4 · May 18th · · ·

Sees Freedom Planet cover art


Love this game. Base game (Lilac) is cool. Milla is adorable, to the point where I'll actually play her over Lilac (though I don't think I'll ever get the speedrun strat for her, not that you even need it). Carol's my least favorite to play, but she's okay.

And because I don't do PC gaming, I am still stuck on an interminable wait for the sequel.

I think I'm past the halfway point of Lilac's story.

The game has been cute for the most part. Then Lord Brevon busted in, went "it's Brevon time!" and then Brev'd all over Lilac.

I was like, damn, this game is rated E?

Phazon #6 · May 18th · · ·


Thought it was E10, but yeah, no kidding. Incidentally, the VA for Lilac, Dawn Bennett, appeared as a guest on a charity stream a few years back, and she is such a sweetheart. She brings up that scene as something she wishes she could do again now that she's had more experience, and it was already pretty compelling to begin with. It's worth watching the whole VOD, but for that part, you can start at 48:46.

Just listened to that segment.

Um, Dawn, exactly how would you do that better?

Make it sound even more painful and tortuous for an E10-rated game?

Phazon #8 · May 19th · · ·


Maybe the training/experience she'd had since would make a difference. But at the same time, you're not wrong. The performance she gave was already pretty good.

Completed Lilac's stages. Wondering who I want to do next.

Too strapped for cash to get the sequel, and I really hope this universe is popular enough to be fleshed out a bit. Comics, maybe?


I wouldn't know about the fan community, but the first game came out in 2015. And the second game was originally meant for maybe 2017-2018, but only came out last year. So given the years of development hell, I wouldn't bet on any official comics or anything.

But the first game still has a decent amount of content. Carol and Milla are both playable (Torque was playable in the beta, but he didn't make it to the final version), with two levels that Lilac doesn't have (Aqua Tunnel is exclusive to Milla, and Milla and Carol both have Thieves Den, while Lilac gets Pangu Lagoon to herself and shares Dragon Valley with Carol). There's hard mode, some achievements, those cards you find in each level.

Seeing that I had to bump it down to Easy for the health regen, I have to get a lot better at the bosses. Brevon was insane.


Yeah, the bosses start getting pretty hectic starting with Fortune Night, but you can figure them out. Also helps to know Lilac's full moveset. Prince Dail's first fight in Sky Battalion was rough until I learned to make use of Lilac's uppercut (attack while holding up), dive kick (attack while holding down in midair), and her ability to cancel her hover by hitting the attack button.

As for hard mode, it's just taking double damage, except for Brevon's third phase. Normally his third phase is brutal, but he has a set pattern. Hard mode throws that pattern out the window.

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