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Help! My Heart is Full of Kites! · 1:08am May 14th

Starlight Glimmer loves kites.

There's something magical about that. It's so simple. It has nothing to do with her arc as a reformed villain. It has nothing to do with any virtue, or character trait meant to encapsulate her entire personality. It has nothing to do with anything at all.

She just... likes kites.

The fact that she shares this hobby with Maud Pie as their mutual respect and affection for one another is slowly blooming - that somehow makes it a much grander thing.

We all love the early seasons' dedication to crafting virtue-based morality tales - the clashes of personality; the crises of ethics rooted in each of the Mane Six's elements; the strengths, the weaknesses, the consequences, the complementation.

But Starlight, and Maud, and Sunburst - they learn about friendship differently. They don't have archetype-based storylines, lessons, and arcs. They simply have...each other.

And that's enough.

Starlight shares her love of kites with Maud. And it's beautiful for what it is.

This very small thing somehow embodies every single thing that the later seasons did extraordinarily well.

Hooray for kites.


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Comments ( 4 )

Often, it is the little things that matter most and bring deeper meaning and happiness to each of us. It’s what makes us special and unique and gives our lives meaning and brings us joy.

I enjoy my job. It does bring satisfaction to accomplish tasks and make a living. But what really brings me joy is My Little Pony and the incredible community that I’ve become connected with over the years. Other interests and hobbies bring different and equally enjoyable experiences, and I’m sure that’s the same for most everypony. It’s just the simple joy of the activity that makes it fun for each of us.

So much kites

Its the little things, my good Sprocket, that speak volumes

This is something I like about MLP overall. Its something you really don't see in any media, the subtle little touches I mean. Those little idiosyncracies and personal touches that mlp is famous for. Except for Applejack, because she's perfect and above the ken of mere mortals. But from Twilights abject terror at mexican quisine to Macintosh's love of singing to even one shots like Velvet and Night Light (who enjoy thrills and math respectively(, theres a myriad of personal touches with the world of MLP that makes it a world that feels alive.

As opposed to say, oh, gen 5, which thus far has all the personality of pocket lint. I get people are a fan, but come on...:ajsleepy:

Personally I enjoy my horse words while Those Poor Bastards play in the background. Truly a rennaisance man unrivaled am I

All the kites

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts; I don't believe, as seems to often be the case here, that I'd thought of it that way before. :)

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