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Eurovision · 11:40pm May 13th

Sadly I can't find any ponified versions of Eurovision on here. There's a series by Ospero (starting here) that's inspired by a Eurovision song, but that's a different thing. Partly a consequence of the great dominance of American writers on this site, I suppose. As for tonight? Sweden's winning song was overrated. Finland deserved to win and came quite close. Switzerland did more poorly than it deserved. I voted for Norway. The UK's effort was just an okay song given an average performance, but it was unlucky to finish second-last ahead of only Germany. Sweden should be good hosts next year.

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ooh, I'm always glad when people mention eurovision having been on, I don't exactly watch tv anymore :O

Chris #2 · May 14th · · ·

Sweden winning was depressingly predictable, and the only thing worse than that was Israel coming second. Notice how whenever they played clips of Israel, it was from the last 30 seconds where she doesn't sing? That's because the dancing at the end was the only good part of the performance. "Do you want to see me dance?" Yes, as long as that means you stop singing!

Anyway, Croatia and Australia got done dirty, and as always, the rankings are garbage, and my opinions are objectively correct.

Actually, heck, here's my copy-pasted Objectively Correct Rankingsā„¢. Accept no substitutes:

1. Croatia
2. Australia
3. Austria
4. Finland
5. Cyprus
6. Czechia
6. Norway
7. Germany
8. Moldova
9. Slovenia
10. France
99999. Greece

Funnily enough, owing to problems with the stream I was watching (online Eurovision party thing) I actually saw a fair bit of the show on a real, old-fashioned television this year. :rainbowwild:

Our little watch party's aggregate scores were:

1. Finland
2. Australia
3. Norway
4. Croatia
5. Germany
6. Austria
7. France
8. Israel
9. Switzerland
10. Sweden

We genuinely quite liked Israel's song btw, it wasn't just because of the title. Poor old Germany, though. A pretty well received entry amongst us, yet ended up behind even the UK. From memory, I think we'd probably have put Spain last. Several points for trying something different, nul points for what it actually was.

Our group was really down on Israel; I think the highest anyone in our dozen-ish watch party had them was 4th from last, and IIRC I don't think any of us even had them moving out of the semis before that. Switzerland was our biggest disagreement; we have a strong anti-ballad sentiment among a significant contingent of our group.

Spain was... well, you said it: at least they tried something, and I'll take that over "bland and generic" any day... it just would've been nice if I'd liked that something better!

Eurovision: where good taste is ritually sacrificed for the greater good. :derpytongue2:


we have a strong anti-ballad sentiment among a significant contingent of our group.

(Emphasis added.) That somehow amuses me immensely. (Slightly) more seriously, I think here in the UK we had that for a while some years ago, when Ireland kept winning with ballads -- or so it seemed -- but I think it's died down quite a bit now. Give me Bucks Fizz any day, though...

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