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My Episode Review on The Three Stooges: Three Little Twirps (Plus, a Bonus) · 8:41pm May 12th

Yo, what's up, Kemosabes?

This is your friendly film, TV show, and episode reporter here with another review.

Today, I'm gonna give you guys my take of the Three Stooges' "Three Little Twirps".

Here's the rundown of it:

After ruining a circus poster, and trying to sell tickets at a discount price, the Three Stooges go on the run from the angry ringmaster. And in order to avoid him, they try to blend in with the circus.

After I did my review of "Matri-Phony", I decided that I wouldn't waste any time analyzing "Three Little Twirps". Mainly since it was the 2nd and final Three Stooges short to be directed by Harry Edwards.

In preparation for reviewing it, I saw this short 7 times just so that I could be absolutely certain over my thoughts on it and be completely consistent with the review. Back when I got the Three Stooges 4th volume, I saw "Three Little Twirps" a great many times, much more than "Matri-Phony", so of course I wanted to be sure as to what my thoughts on this short were when reviewing it.

Coming from a guy who saw this episode more than once recently, I'm proud to say that "Three Little Twirps" is still what I consider to be a marvelously well-done Three Stooges short.

The main thing I'd like to admit is that I didn't think "Three Little Twirps" was 100% perfect. The biggest reasons for why are due to the following:

After poking the circus ringmaster in the eyes and getting his ticket, Curly steps on the plank that the bucket of paste was sitting on, causing it to fly in the air before landing on Curly's head and covering him in paste. I did find this part to be amusing, but...I also found myself questioning the reason behind it, especially to where I wondered if the whole thing was intended. Like, was the bucket actually supposed to fall on the ringmaster in the script?

Other than that, I also noticed an editing error during the part where the ringmaster is presenting the human target act. Right before he presents the Zulu spear thrower, the scene cuts to a shot of various other circus members performing, with the ringmaster's voice still being heard. The error in question is similar to another that I noticed in "Matri-Phony".

Aside from these nitpicks, though, "Three Little Twirps" was still an enjoyable ride.

Aided by Monty Collins and Ellwood Ullman's script, Harry Edwards directed this short with a greater sense of competency and organization. There weren't any plot holes or loose threads compared to when Edwards directed "Matri-Phony", and everything was driven along surprisingly well. Plus, the comedy throughout this short was hysterical, and I was on the edge of my seat in all the times the Three Stooges were trying to avoid the ringmaster's wrath.

The acting and characters were terrific as well.

As with every other Three Stooges short I reviewed, the trio themselves were an absolute delight to watch. They had all of the funniest moments throughout the entire episode, and every gag revolving around them worked so well that I couldn't resist laughing. For me, some of the funniest moments in "Three Little Twirps" were while Curly and Larry were hiding in the horse costume.

The supporting cast and characters were fun too. Especially Stanley Blystone as the ringmaster, Chester Conklin as the butcher, and Duke York as the Zulu spear thrower.

In conclusion, "Three Little Twirps" may not be 100% perfect, but it's still a pleasurable member of the Three Stooges filmography. It's a definite improvement over Harry Edwards's work helming "Matri-Phony", and it's easily the most rewatchable of the two.

So, I rate "Three Little Twirps" 4½ out of 5 stars.

Before I conclude this post, I'd like to share with you all some new original paintings I created a while back:

So, what do you guys think? Of this review? And my paintings?

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