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Homebrew Proof · 10:30pm April 24th

Hey everybody, I promise not to spam things out on the blog here, but I wanted to share the proof I just got for the Homebrew hardcover!

It looks absolutely awesome, though the gloss on the cover makes it hard for my camera to capture its colors accurately. Consider the png I uploaded previously as more suggestive of how they actually look in person. Still, I'm floored with how awesome this looks.

If anyone would like to get their own copy, there's still six days left on the campaign. I will try to print extras, but I can't promise how long those will be in stock. Once the run runs out, it's gone. I'll make the actual order to the printer as soon as indiegogo releases the funds.

If anyone's interested, check it here: https://igg.me/at/starscribe-homebrew

Comments ( 6 )

It’s always so cool seeing our beloved fanfic in hardcover form. Not exactly practical, but very cool! Congratulations.

Looks sweet. Glad to see how well it is going.

Dang nab it, I need to get a new book shelf soon and just label it "The Shelf of StarScribe", darn you and your quality literature!

Super exciten for this, looks amazing! Cant wait to get my hands on this and have an excuse to read Homebrew again!

Thanks for posting here. I had forgotten about this print as I was in the middle of moving. Would've missed it otherwise!

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