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Hold your ground but do not be unkind. (Ponyphonic, "Shy Heart") He/him. Ponyfic Roundup reviews every Wednesday.

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Fics I reviewed in March 2023 · 8:46pm April 9th

There were five Wednesdays in March, and so there were five Ponyfic Roundups over on Louder Yay and 25 fics were featured in total. Here's the summary of titles and scores. To comply with Fimfiction rules, Mature-rated fics are not directly linked; for those I've linked the author's username instead. Such fics are listed with [M] after their titles. To read the actual reviews, click the underlined link above each story list.

There was one themed Roundup in March: PR 435 was devoted to stories by mushroompone.

Ponyfic Roundup 432 contains reviews of:
All Skin and Bones [M] by redsquirrel456 ★★★★
Chilly by kits ★★★
Power by Darkswirl ★★★
Omelet by GaPJaxie ★★★★
The Palace Bird by silver hands ★★

Ponyfic Roundup 433 contains reviews of:
A Moment in the Sun by Chengar Qordath ★★★★★
Destiny or Coincidence? by TalB ★★
The Crepuscularity of an Alicorn by PsychicKid ★★★
Flashing with Flash Sentry by Spring Romp ★★
You're Majesty by Ninjadeadbeard ★★★

Ponyfic Roundup 434 contains reviews of:
Luna Thinks the Sun is Made of Custard by Art Inspired ★★
Beautiful Lives by Impossible Numbers ★★★★
Bigger Than Any Heart by Coltured ★★
In Markmoriam by FanOfMostEverything ★★★
The Perfect Little Village of Ponyville by McPoodle ★★★

Ponyfic Roundup 435 contains reviews of:
Comet Day by mushroompone ★★★
The Great Hearth's Warming Bird Count by mushroompone ★★★
The Head [M] by mushroompone ★★★★★
Debt to Society by mushroompone ★★★★
Symbiosis by mushroompone ★★★

Ponyfic Roundup 436 contains reviews of:
Not All Peaches and Cream by Garbo ★★
Felt Heart by Tchernobog ★★★
The Line [M] by Axan Zenith ★★★
Possibly, Probably, Positively Platonic by DualSoul1423 ★★★
Confessions in a Canterlot Statuary by Daffodil ★★★

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Comments ( 3 )

How does one submit a story to be reviewed, if you don't mind my asking?

Just send me a PM and we can chat. I have a fairly long queue so it won't be an instant thing, but I'm up for reviewing most fics unless they're a million words long or something. I won't review incomplete fics or most crossovers, but otherwise most of my hard red lines are for M-rated stuff. So by all means ask me and we'll see! :twilightsmile:

Depsite Mushroompone’s spotlight and having two five-star fics, this month’s rating actually came in lower then February’s 3.19, with March averaging a rating of 3.08. Mostly this came from the majority of ratings going to 2-star (6 fics) and 3-star (13 fics), as opposed to February being more evenly balanced towards 3/4-star ratings. Having five weeks definitely contributed to that, what with the fifth week of nothing above a 3-star; the first four weeks would have been 3.15, basically identical to February.

I only bring this up because I commented last time with an assured tone that the five-star we already knew was coming meant a higher rating was very much on the cards. Never count them before they’re hatched! :twilightsheepish:

All largely meaningless statistical analysis in jest, of course. But sure, what else am I gonna note? :rainbowwild: Fact is, long as five-star ratings continue to remain for very rare occasions, it’s hard for the average to climb above the early 3’s unless we get a surge of 4-star fics. Hm, now could that happen…:trixieshiftright:

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