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Because it's my birthday! · 12:04am Dec 17th, 2012

So yeah, not much more to say except that it's my birthday today!

Feel free to have some punch! It's Rarity approved and 100% alligator free, said alligator already engaged in a wild dance and all.

Twilight is Magic! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 7 )

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! :pinkiehappy:

Congratulations, you are now slightly closer to your death :moustache:

Have a great day bro

Aren't we all?

619911 619914 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

619929 denver.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/rsz/mlfw732_small.jpg
Like an Alicorn.

619961 :pinkiehappy: Thank you! Indeed, a party is called for, with the necessary Pinkie Pie elements.

620873 Yes! Twilight is indispensable for a party of mine, even more so than Pinkie. She's the greatest dancer ever as far as I'm concerned, for dancing with and watching alike. Plus, she brings in more music! All-around awesome! :twilightsmile:
Obviously, this means 'thank you!'.

621423 Thanks! :pinkiesmile: I'll try to come up with something readable as soon as I can, seeing as you urged me to a while back. It's about time I did that.

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