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Man, I wish Bios where longer, guess that means I have to shorten it. But I'm lazy about it so I'll do it later.(probably never) If I see an opportunity to meme I'm going to meme.

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  • Wednesday
    I'm about to hit you with some nostalgia.

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  • 2 weeks

    “Okay Nick, You ready?”

    “*Inhale* *Exhale* I’m ready Zee.”

    “Alright, track starts in 3…2…1.”

    A melody track type beat starts.


    🎶They begin to sing. ~They know, (They know,) They know, (They know)~

    N: “~They know, They know, yeah they know, (yeah they know.)~”🎶

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  • 2 weeks
    Blog 62: Random 3: Tell me, does anypony remember this? 👇

    This appeared one day an said: Imma make my mark on the world! *Does not elaborate further, then pulls a Gotye*

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  • 4 weeks
    Blog 61: Sad news and Update

    I'll start with the updated... Yes, it's been a month almost since last, I did not do this on purpose. I used a LOT of muscles I've not used since being out of high school and most pain was in my back, shoulders & feet. I lasted one whole week and when I got back I rested for whole week, cause I was that sore, an when your sore, you kinda just don't want to do anything. I got good pay, but he was

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  • 8 weeks
    My time has come

    I work starting tomorrow morning, i ask for no luck, for I've know the man most my life, so this is really it... I get a job, I start supporting myself...right?
    There's really no hard thinking to do here, I help an help do some work, that's all that there is. I feel I should be more enthusiastic, but should I?
    Well..., guess I better get going.

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I just found out we lost another great part of history · 3:32pm March 10th

Justin Schmidt has passed away

I may not have known much about that man, but he was one of the most famed Entomologist there ever was.
I'm still in the middle of watching the video but I would like for you to read the videos description before watching.
Heart out for Coyote Peterson.

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