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Man, I wish Bios where longer, guess that means I have to shorten it. But I'm lazy about it so I'll do it later.(probably never) If I see an opportunity to meme I'm going to meme.

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The Job and other random news · 4:54pm February 19th

This ones' gonna be a twofer, the first is very important.

As you may or may not know, I was hired at the metal work company. But it's been a month since that time I told you; And nothing has still happened. I get told every other week to just "hang in there" by my, 'still to be boss'. My patience is high, my excitement now nonexistent. Still no acceptance letter or anything. I was just told some news on how things have been developing since Tuesday. People are being 'put out' of their work and the HR department ever since I had that interview with the so called "Head of Management" has been slow as people are being told off or fired. That manager cheated me out of my new job and hired someone else. The rest is a pretty long story, so I'll shorten it; Long story short, it led into a load of investigations and meetings, I've no news if the manager was fired or not for not doing his job, but I only know things or going to take a while. So I'm currently trying to find other ways to work. I'm thinking about still doing some land scaping and maybe be an editor on the side on the site for a month or two until things are calmed down.

Other than that, I have other news. I almost past my temps test at the BMV. I came in there not expecting to do well on the second try, but got a score of 70% making my way to 39 out of 40. If you miss 11 questions you fail the test. I can't believe I got so close. And like so, I'm motivated to really get to that point in my life, once I do that, I'll be getting my license with a program. I'm still scared out of my mind to drive, but no test will stop me!

And on a unrelated note: Happy Birthday to the greatest meme game alive; Metal Gear Rising: Revengence!

This game is freakin' 10 years old now! 10th Anniversary time baby! Expect somethin' coming next week from the developers of the game and our so beloved voice actor of Raiden! More specifically the 21st probably. If we get a damn sequel cause of all the memes it gonna be frikin amazin!
with all that out of the way, I bid you all a wonderful day(or whatever comes along those lines)

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