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You've got the heart of a phoenix! Profile Art by Bevin Brand. Writing: The Ex Files.

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Bonus Features: The Prodigal Sun / What's Next? · 3:48pm January 22nd

Complete is such a great word, isn’t it?

Gonna link to the soundtrack up front this time! New party tunes have been added, go enjoy some music if it’s your thing.

Q: How do you feel after finishing this long passion project?

BEVIN: Kind of surreal, to be honest! It's really cool, but it's been sinking in over the course of this second release, and probably will for a bit to come. There have been numerous creative collaborations I've done with friends over the years that never went anywhere for various reasons, so this being the first one that actually got finished and released is really cool, but also taking me a bit to process. The little wrap parties Marvel and I have thrown each other when we each completed our end of things helped it to feel real, but yeah. Wow. No more Empathy. What do I do with myself now?

MARVEL: That's a mood

So many writers on here have done, are doing, and I’m positive will continue to write amazing stories. I’m in awe of so many people here, including a lot of the people who read this story! I think it’s important to emphasize that – as I probably mentioned in the original post after I finished the full draft – I saw other people able to do it, but I didn’t know for sure that I was capable of writing a whole novel-sized fanfic until I did.

Still blows my mind if I’m not careful!

And I've had projects fall through too – on my own or with someone else. Finally finishing something that means this much to me is a headtrip

Q: What’s next?

We’ve got a few different projects related to Empathy for the Devil and this universe because clearly we’re having too much fun to stop now.

For one, as was talked about forever ago, we want to make a print edition – if for no one else, then for ourselves! Vanity printing, anyone? :raritystarry:

The online edition will always remain right where it is, free and accessible to anyone who wants to read. The print copies are just for fun. We’re hoping to use a print-on-demand service in case anyone else wants one. Being able to show off the art without watermarks and hold this book in our hands just sounds like a dream.

We're also super interested in making an art book! Whether it's in zine form or a hardback kind of thing, making an Art of Empathy for the Devil book would be a super fun chance to show off some of the sketches and designs that didn't make the final cut.

In other news, the writing project that we have ongoing is one I’ve name dropped before: The Ex-Files

This is a series of seven novella-length stories set before, during, and after Empathy for the Devil. Each in a different perspective, here’s who gets their own new 3-chapter story:

  • Solstice Shiver
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Rarity
  • Wallflower Blush
  • Timber Spruce
  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Flash Sentry

All of them have been drafted, 4/7 have been revised/finalized. Bevin’s reading along as I finish them. She hasn’t gotten the remaining 3 and she’s been very patient (read: chomping politely at the bit). She wants to wait until reading all of them to decide on how extensive the art will be for these shorts—but rest assured, there will be Bevin art. She’s excited as hell for that and you better believe so am I!

You know us by now that we like to have things done or mostly done before promising a timeline on anything. So, stay tuned.

And finally, a project that’s in pre-development now: a full-length, multi-POV sequel to Empathy for the Devil. Very early days right now even if some major plot lines have been decided and a little bit of prose drafted. See you at graduation in:

No Rest for the Haunted

Realistically, we expect it’ll probably take us a super long while to make while since EftD took a us a few years. But with that in mind, I’d like to give more writing updates in the meantime. During these past two years, I never wanted to put unintended pressure on myself or Bevin since I knew some folks just wanted a release date anytime I talked on here, but with Haunted, y’all know it’ll take us time and that’s okay. The Ex Files will also help tide anyone over!

So, that’s what we’ve got on the horizon. I can’t wait to go fuck off back to my writing cave! :raritystarry: For the time being, I’m grateful I got to experience making something I love so much with one of my best friends on Earth (this, or any other). Had so much fun working with these characters together. Bevin, you're an emotional badass and I love you.

For anyone who took the time to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with us, thank you. Our passion project connecting with anyone in any small way is validating on so many personal and creative levels, and voicing that to us even in small ways is such a kind gift. That shout out to you in the credits was sincere: Thank you for reading our story.

Hope to bring you more in the next one.

You’ve got the heart of a phoenix,

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Eagerly looking forward to the future projects, and possibly a physical copy of Empathy. Congratulations on seeing such an ambitious project through to the end!

Thank you for EFtD Marvel and Bevin. I'll eagerly be awaiting anything else that comes from this universe. Or any other that you decide to take us to.

And here I thought my writing project is ambitious! Oh nelly, you got some work ahead of you two!

I knew the story was finished a bit of a while ago, but seriously guys, thank you so much for the incredible story you did.

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