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You can't give up your laughter 'cause you're scared of a little pain; rainbows won't up the sky unless you let it rain. —Autumn Blaze

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    But I’m on a buttload of drugs and am going to pass out.

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    Until next time!

    — LD

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Merry Christmas (a little late)! · 5:31am Dec 26th, 2022

Heya, Folks!

I'm unfortunately a bit late to be officially posting for the holiday, but given that I was out with family all day without access to my computer (and I'm terrible at writing blogs on my phone), I hope y'all will forgive me.

"But wait!" those of you that read my previous blog may be thinking, "aren't you in the hospital?" Well yes, I was. But due to complex reasons that I won't go into, I busted out and was able to spend the holiday with my family after all! Merry Christmas indeed! So I hope you had a nice time with your family and friends if you celebrated, because I sure did. :twilightsmile:

Until next time, folks—

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Happy holidays!

Happy Hearth's Warming to you too, LD. Love ya. :raritywink:

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas/Happy Hearth’s Warming! 🎄 🎁 *snugs*

Happy Holidays, LD! Glad you were able to spend time with your family.

It's a Hearth's Warming Christmas Miracle! :twilightsmile: Hope you had a good one!

Well, I'm even later, so there! Merry Belated Christmas. :)

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