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You can't give up your laughter 'cause you're scared of a little pain; rainbows won't up the sky unless you let it rain. —Autumn Blaze

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    Until next time!

    — LD

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My State of Affairs… · 3:52am Dec 17th, 2022

Hey Everyone,

You'll notice I didn't start with an exclamation point like I normally do. There's a reason for that. For the past few days I've been admitted in the hospital, dealing with some junk that happened that will go into TMI territory, so I'll spare you. Long story short, I've got a 'mass' between my stomach and my spleen, and with more than speculation to go by, in my mind, there's a possibility my Lymphoma may have relapsed…

I originally wasn't going to post yet; I wanted to have some answers that will hopefully come back with the results of a procedure I had today which has left my throat horribly sore (If you know what an endoscopy is… it was that and more, and we don't get the results for five days). I haven't posted on my other social media platforms yet for the same reason— I didn't want to leave people in a state of 'what if?' But I need to get it out to somebody, and this community has a long history of offering support when people need it.

On a much more positive note—and also a reason why I decided to post about my hospital admission now—something happened here on the site that I never expected would. One of my stories got a reading! An appropriate one right in time for the holidays— The Greatest Gift is You. It was put together by Gabishy and a bunch of their friends, and it is fantastic!

Huge thanks to all of you! :raritystarry: :heart:

Until next time, folks, hopefully with some good news.


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Here’s to hoping you’ll heal quickly, LD. It must be quite frightening having to endure all of that.

We're here for you Dasher! *hugs*

*Hugs* I hope you receive good news, LD. Sending you positive thoughts and energy, my friend. Take care!

I wish you luck and health with this, Dasher.

I hope you get good news, and pray for you either way. :heart: :twilightsmile:

get well soon Dashie, we are all rooting for you. heart

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

I just saw this - I hope it did turn out better than expected. Rooting (and praying) for your return to good health!

I'm really sorry to hear that, I hope you get good news with the results. Sending positive thoughts!

Oof, so sorry :ajsleepy:. My fingers are crossed that the test results bring good news. Good luck and take care! :heart:

Congrats on the reading! I've been mentally preoccupied with a lot of shit lately that's kept me from Discord DMs but I'll be keeping you in my thoughts these upcoming weeks. Hope for good news, please let us know!

Oh, dear; good luck indeed with your health.

Congratulations on the reading, though!

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