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    Happy New Year!

    Hi all Solar Force here

    Happy New Year!

    Let me tell you, I'm happy to see the back of 2023. What a sucky year. I hope to god that this year will be better, because we all really need a break from terrible years. I definitely hope I'm able to get back into writing, because I've left you all hanging for way too long. I hope that 2024 treats us all well.

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    Merry Christmas!

    Hi Solar Force here

    Merry Christmas!

    I'm very sorry about not being around on this site much these days. Progress on my stories has been so slow, and I don't blame anyone who's given up waiting. I'm hoping to do better next year. I have been coming up with loads of ideas, I just don't seem to find time to write them down.

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    Update and apology.

    Hi Solar Force here

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    It's been a while.

    Hi Solar Force here

    I'm finally back, and I'm very sorry for the long wait for updates on my stories.

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    Happy New Year!

    Hi Solar Force here

    It's now past midnight here in the UK so I can officially say Happy New Year everybody!

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Sorry about the wait! · 2:36am Dec 6th, 2022

Hi Solar Force here

This is just a quick one to explain a couple of things. First, for those waiting, let me just say, sorry for the long wait since my last update. The fact is I've been trying to do my writing and I've been really struggling with it. Every time I make a start on some work, my mind goes blank, and I either get very little done, or nothing done, or I end up being easily distracted by other business, so I am making progress but its very slow. Again, very sorry for this. I am hoping to at least get the next chapter of The Incredibly Lucky Solar Force done before Christmas, along with first chapter of my latest story. The new story will have a prologue, which is already basically done, but I want to publish it along with the first proper chapter as well which I'm yet to finish. Again, I'm hoping to get both of these done before Christmas. I just need to cut out all distractions and really get some work done. Hopefully, if all goes well, you'll have both these updates to look forward to.

Again, very sorry, and I hope you haven't given up on me by now. Wouldn't blame you if you have. I guess doing this feels different now that I'm doing it alone, and I've really let things slip. To those of you who have stuck with me, thank you for your support and keep an eye out for future updates.

Bye for now.

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No one can blame you for a for of writers block. No one blames you but we all love your work. Good luck and hope your having a good life.

Don't worry, having writer's block is completely normal.

You're not the only one. Had one for The Spider (Uncensored Version) for 3 months but got my inspiration after reading the manga and watching the anime of my insperation.

Take your time bro we understand we’re not gonna rush you we care about health.

I agree with everyone, you need to take care of yourself first. Heck, one story I’ve been writing I’m on hiatus for cause it’s a crossover, but since I haven’t been inspired or doing anything related to what the crossover is, I haven’t had any inspiration, I’ve been on YouTube lately and watching stuff with recent releases of stuff I’ve looked forward too, but I’m also trying to get the motivation to get back into what the crossover is, I’ve been watching YT vids on it, but I haven’t been able to find that spark myself. So I don’t blame you, because I’m going through it.

Had to put all this here cause I felt like it’d help prove my point.

Stay safe, have fun, and most importantly of all…take care of yourself. :pinkiehappy:

it's fine, we understand

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