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Christmas Gem & Pow Card Spirit (Steven Universe & OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Crossover) · 3:59pm Dec 1st, 2022

During the holiday season, the Cartoon Network stars, old and new all come together to celebrate Christmas in cabins in the mountains. Nearly half of the twenty five cabins are huge with one of them including the stars hosting the activities, with their fansbase participating in them. Crafting Christmas ornaments with the Craig Of The Creek stars, creating gingerbread houses with the Adventure Time stars helping out, and in the outdoors mountains before sundown, the We Bare Bears Bears take the children up on the hill with the Teen Titans handing them multiple designated sleds with their favorite characters from their shows.

And if sliding down wasn’t enough, the likes of secondary characters who had the ability to fly in their shows, flow down just in the same velocity as the children in the sleds, giving them the Christmas experience by joining them down the hill with Christmas trees along the way. It was a weekly event just when Christmas comes around the corner and it gets better with each passing year, more stars with ideas of their own adding more to the celebration of the happiest time of the year.

But when it came to two shows who never had any Christmas holiday in their shows, it gave their fan bases some disappointment, knowing that their shows came to an end, they would never get their Christmas special they ever wanted similar to Adventure Time and Regular Show. But after all the years, doing what they have in the cabins year after year, it was a matter of time until it all changed for the better.

A group of kids, youths and teens have been registered to be the first to witness the latest addition of Cartoon Network’s Christmas spectacular. After hours spent in the cabins, it was time for them to head to one of the biggest cabins where the two shows are active. With the doors pushed open, allowing people inside, they notice tons of Christmas curtains covering every single bit of the cabin inside with security guards preventing anyone from peeking through. The hallway to the living room was narrowed due to the majority of it being off limits, as when Cartoon Network had made the surprise a major secret, compared to the other advertisements they did.

Inside the living room in the back, chairs were set up, enough for every visitor to sit in until the presentation began, with Christmas Trees, wreaths, and the huge windows for a view of the hills and mountains. In just a matter of time, everyone was sitting down in their chairs while the presentation itself began. The lights turned down while spotlights shone onto the stage. Then one of Steven Universe’s popular characters, Peridot, came out from the left side while one of the villains of OK K.O.! Let’s Be heroes, Shannon appeared from the right side.

“Merry Christmas everybody!” Peridot cheered through her microphone, while the fans applauded.

“Alright alright, no need for your deceitful approval.” Shannon smirked. “Let’s just get this show on the road.”

“Now, we shouldn’t cause a fight at the happiest time of the year. Why would we?”

“Because we’re villains, duhhh…”

“Yeah, one redeemed ex-villain and one over arrogant Team Rocket reject.”

The crowd laughed at Peridot’s sense of humor, while Shannon slightly groaned. “Anyway, we’re all happy that you’re all here for what we have in store.”

“For years, we showcase our love of Christmas from decorating huge Christmas trees, making gingerbread replica houses from our shows, and of course, doing charity and donations for all of you.” Peridot admires the kids male and female.

“For nice or naughty purposes that is.” Shannon smirked. “But in character at the same time.”

“So, after years of planning, it all ends today.” Then one of Steven Universe’s main stars, Amethyst came out from the back. Soon the fans cheer from the presents of the main gems as Amethyst heads up stage while Peridot hands her a spare microphone.

“What’s up Holiday dudes!?” She cheered while the crowd cheered back. “You would never believe how hard it was to plan everything out from the ground up.”

“Especially when we had creative differences that made the process much harder than it needed to be.” Shannon commented.

“However, when this year started, we finally made agreements.” Peridot then showed the poster to the audience as Amethyst presented the title itself. “Gem & Pow Card Yule!”

The poster itself shows the stars of both shows in their Christmas sweaters, while the Christmas trees behind them have Gem ornaments and Pow Cards attached to them. While the crowd was impressed with the poster, Amethyst continued her speech.

“We came up with this title just last month during Thanksgiving and let me tell you, the moment Rad came up with that idea, we all loved it.”

“I would have preferred something devious after the many ideas Lord Boxman came up with but…we wouldn't be invited during Thanksgiving.” Shannon taunted.

“For obvious reasons?” Peridot raised an eyebrow.

“We never had Thanksgiving as robots, you know.”

“Yeah, but good robots don’t put bombs inside turkeys.”

“Okay, the less said about that, the better.” Amethyst breaks up the two. “Thanksgiving was last month, let’s not revise the whole Victor & Valentino debacle.”

“Is that why the stars from that show smelled like turkey meat last month?” One teen boy wondered.

“Yes but it wasn't my intended target!” Shannon retorted.

“Okay Shannon, I think it’s time for you and Peridot to get out of here.” Amethyst led Shannon the way from where she came out, all the while taking the microphone from her and so from Peridot. “We rather have two other people to fill in on what’s behind those curtains.”

As both Peridot and Shannon head straight to the back from where they came from, two more stars appear. Pearl from Steven Universe and Rad from OK K.O.! head up the stage while receiving the microphones from Amethyst.

“Christmas just keeps getting better and better, huh dudes?” Rad smiled.

“Whenever we say that, it’s unusually an exaggeration but this year, we will never regret saying that when we continue to make more additions here.” Pearl said, eager to show the surprise.

The projector screen was being lowered down while Rad turned the projector on with the remote. “Ever since school began, we made so many adjustments, we had to move so many heavy things up and downstairs.”

“It was a stressful time over the following weeks, but it turned out much better than we planned.”

Soon the projector lit up with the first photo revealing the Pow Card Gem customization. “This is only Christmas exclusive if you really want the banners themselves holiday themed.” Rad replied.

“With a customized vending machine that people wanted during Halloween, you wouldn’t believe how technology requires Gem hardware.” Pearl added that Peridot appeared again.

“From yours truly, which was the hardest to work with day and night.”

“Peridot! Leave!” Amethyst called to her, to which Peridot left again.

“Anyway, now you can take a picture while wearing one of your Christmas outfits as your Pow Card.” Rad pressed another button on the remote, showing an image of a teen in his sweater with the Pow Card itself decorated Christmas themed.

“And if you think that’s enough, you can also take a picture with one of your favorite characters, not just from both of our shows.” Pearl finished as Rad pressed the button again, revealing Unica from We Baby Bears in the next Pow Card with the same teen. “Granted it’s gonna cost you extra, but still worth it.”

The audience became impressed with the chance to take photos with their favorite cartoon characters. They hoped this was bound to happen when this year started and it would be ready when Halloween came around, but they never imagined how painful it was to make the Pow Card machine work properly and move it into place.

As Rad turned to the next page from the projector, it showed the Christmas shop from the upper floor, which also includes Bismuth and Mr. Gar side by side. “Now sure, we have like three Christmas shops here, but I promise you once you go up stairs, you’ll never want to leave again.” Rad smiled.

“Until you get sick of the shopping that is.” Pearl said. “Anyway, there’s a mini bake sale with Lars in charge.”

“With head shaped cookies of ourselves.” Rad turned to the page of Steven Universe and OK K.O.! Characters as head shaped cookies. “Believe us, it was hard to convince the head of creative to allow that. It had absolutely nothing to do with favoritism, let me tell you.”

“Is that why we never had those from the other shows before?” A young girl wondered.

“They didn’t like the idea back then, you know how low the bar is when it comes to the head-shaped cookies of cartoon characters, compared to action figures.” Amethyst replied.

“Anyway, back to the Christmas shop.” Pearl smiled as the page turned from the projector. “We have Gem shaped ornaments in box sets, Character figurines for you to set up in your house.”

“Or anywhere else.” Rad added.

“And when it comes to costumes, we have a lot of different designs with both shows specialties.”

As Rad pressed the button from the remote, people in the photos were wearing Christmas outfits of the Diamonds colors. Children in the next photo had Christmas mittens with Onion and Fink’s face of different expressions on it. And finally, Christmas sweaters of logos of all the characters from both shows attached from the front and back.

“There are a lot of them, instead of this shirt, just you wait when you head upstairs.”

By showing the bits of the shop itself, the crowd are eager to spend their money on the merch, sweets, and decorations they can put outside on their houses, and their Christmas Trees inside.

“Now there is one more thing to show before we open the shop for realsies.” As Rad pressed the button to the projector, the two main stars, Steven & K.O. themselves with Christmas keys in their hands. Not only that, a child in the middle has a key of his own with the same design.

“You have no idea how hard it was to get the right tools to make our own Christmas Keys.” Pearl commented.

“Which is why we’re having another one of our friends come on stage to explain it.” Rad smiled.

“Garnet! Come on out here!” Amethyst called out when she came out the door. The crowd cheered from the appearance of Garnet, all she did was smile from the approval from her fans, happy that things haven’t changed nearly three years since Steven Universe Future came to an end.

Upon heading up the stage, Pearl handed Garnet her microphone as she stood in front of the crowd. “Me and Steven came up with that idea since the day Christmas came last year.” Garnet smiled. “Over the course of this year, it took a lot of time to find the right tools for creating keys. If you thought making lightsabers at Galaxy Edge was complicated, this will put that to shame.”

“She’s not lying.” Rad commented.

“If any of you saw a Santa magic key once in your lives, raise your hand.” Only a few people raised their hands, especially since they never had those keys due to high prices elsewhere. “Bismuth made several of the models from the top of the keys. Nearly all the characters' heads with their names inserted in front of magic keys.”

She noticed a young boy raising his hand as she pointed at him. “Is that a real name on Santa's hat?” He asked.

“Yes. Steven and K.O. will do the honors of adding your name on your personalized, customizable Christmas Key.”

The crowd found the idea of designing their own key a huge opportunity to show their passion for both passionate cartoons.

“The price of one key is a hundred dollars, but trust me, one key will unlock what’s really important, it’ll help us remember you if you ever come back.”

After speaking her final words, she gave the microphone back to Pearl as Rad turned the projector off. “With that being said.” Pearl smiled. “This presentation is over.”

“It’s time to finally open Gem & Pow Card Yule.” Rad said as all the curtains in the cabin opened thanks to the security. Everyone can literally see nearly everything on the lower floor, eager to begin shopping once they head to the upper floor.

In short order, every shop is filled with customers getting decorations, desserts, and pow cards with their favorite characters. The main stars are everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, it was a blast when it finally happened. Even if it’s only for the Christmas season, it will be an amazing twenty five days from now on.

In the main hallway of the cabin, Lapis and Enid just finished taking their pictures with teenage girls as Enid ate gingerbread figures of herself. “Working overnight may have been a pain throughout this year, but at least the cabin’s finally open.” Enid replied.

“Granted I still have to fly down with the sledders outside, but it’s a breath of fresh air to be indoors for a bit.” Lapis smiled.

“Hey girls.” Carol walked up to them with a box of ornaments in her arms. “When will Steven and my son arrive? They should’ve made their performance at the presentation.”

“Well they were gonna do that, but K.O. helped the kids with their gingerbread house while Steven’s fixing a light from the Christmas trees outside.” Enid answered.

“In fact, when they declined, they wanted to have their own Christmas moment in their own way in this cabin.” Lapis replied.

Carol thought that the Santa magic key presentation would be enough to make a good finale before the shop’s opened. But her son never told her what he wanted when this day came. “You do realize that the Santa magic key section isn’t going to be available without them right?”

“Don’t worry, they'll be back as soon as possible.” Enid replied, eating her gingerbread. “The store just opened, there will be at least three customers who’ll be willing to pay a hundred dollars for a Santa magic key.”

“That is, if they are famous customers.” Lapis commented.

In the upper floor of Gem & Pow Card Yule, nearly fifteen people searched the merchandise of many shirts and pajamas Cartoon Network had been working on with the fashion brands. Lars is in charge of the bakery, all the while Beardo hands out paper plates for people who want to eat in the cabin.

“Alright.” Mr. Gar called out, carrying a box of Christmas snow globes. “So far, I’ve got a complaint that Steven and K.O. aren't here yet.”

“Yeah but you need to understand there are twenty four cabins here.” Lars replied, placing some cookies in the bag. “We may have used this cabin before, just without this whole store idea.”

“Just sayin, it’s only a matter of time until more people are aware of the main stars absences.”  

“We have twenty four more days, today is just the first of December.”

“And I doubt people would really want to meet their favorite main characters on the second day after opening day.” Beardo commented.

With everything turning out better than expected, the customers completely forgot about Steven and K.O.’s asbances. But as long as the other stars keep them company, it’ll buy time unless it gets worse.

“Once I’ll place these globes on the shelves, I’ll call Steven.” Mr. Gar said. After a few minutes, Mr. Gar heads downstairs, taking out his phone while looking out the window.

Meanwhile, Bismuth came out with the sealed Santa magic key boxes in the cart. She walked up to Peridot who’s been handing out shining ornaments to raise more money. “Hey Peridot, are you sure of this whole Santa magic key idea?” She asked.

“What do I know, I haven’t seen Steven nor K.O. all day.” Peridot replied.

“Well I’m not gonna let these go to waste.”

Then Spinel came in from the front entrance with a young girl with two of her parents. “I trust you two wonderful guardians, your daughter would love it here.” She smiled.

“But she’s never been a fan of either show.” Her father said.

“Don’t you think you would rather have her enjoy what she watches the most involving Cartoon Network shows?” Her mother asked.

Spinel then looked down at the young girl, who felt confused rather than excited. “You said I would take a picture with Sparkle Cadet?”

“You will, I’ll make sure she’ll come over as soon as she can.” Spinel said, hugging the young girl. “In the meantime, check around in the Gem & Pow Card Yule.” She then stretched her neck to the two parents. “At least have her give this place a chance?”

“If you don’t stretch like that, we'll give it ten minutes.” Her mother said, backing away slightly.

When the two parents looked around with their daughter, Spinel walked up to Bismuth and Peridot. “Was that really a good idea to have a non fan being taken to a cabin she’s not interested in?” Bismuth asked.

“You never know, if she enjoys it here, her friends might be non fans.” Spinel smiled.

“If one of them watches the first episodes and they’re not invested, then they’re not gonna be fans.” Peridot replied. “Especially when the main stars aren’t here.”

Spinel did what she could to spread more holiday cheer after her three years here. But witnessing zero Christmas moments in the cabin, she’s not gonna pass by her chances of missing it.

“Spinel, as much as we’re happy you’re making contributions, Steven and K.O. will please a lot of people if they arrive.” Bismuth commented. “So far, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.”

“You two know this celebration for experience, you made moments that were unforgettable, I want to do something like that.”

A fourteen year old girl, just came downstairs after looking through the shop upstairs. She is one of the fans who got into Steven Universe after it came to an end. She didn’t get the chance to go to any of the conventions when the show was at its prime. She may enjoy the best moments, it didn’t change the fact she didn’t meet any of the stars when she got the chance.

“Excuse me?” She turned to Mr. Gar who’s still on the phone. “Do you know where Steven and K.O. are at?”

“I’m working on that.” Mr. Gar replied. “But it’s gonna take awhile.”

After receiving the answer, the girl sat next to the nearest bench in the cabin. Nobody was sitting there with their attention towards the necessities of the shop. She found all of those good, but nothing compares to meeting the main stars face to face.

“If you really want an unforgettable moment, the unexpected has to happen.” Peridot commented.

“That’s impossible.” Spinel lowered her head. Just when she headed straight to the vending machines, her attention was glued to the girl sitting all alone. She acknowledged all the customers all around her spending their money, but not a single one felt down, especially during Christmas. She decided to sit down with her, much to the teenager’s surprise.

“Spinel?” The girl lifted her head up.

“Something wrong?” She wrapped her arm around the teen.

“Just wish Steven and K.O. were here.” She answered.

“Yeah, there were a few complaints lately, but there’s nothing we can do right now.”

The teenanger rolled her eyes, as if it wasn’t anymore obvious ever since the presentation started. “They’re either doing a huge surprise, or really late.”

Spinel had met her fans in conventions before, especially with mental people, but for normal people, sitting all alone with no friends is rare to come across. “Can you answer me just one question?”


“When did you become a fan of both shows?”

With a question she answered to one of her classmates back at school, she took a deep breath while being honest. “I came over to my friend's house and Steven Universe The Movie was airing.”

Spinel was stunned, knowing she made her debut in the most participated films of Cartoon Network. “What was the first scene you saw?”

“Other Friends.”

Spinel was even more excited considering it was her first appearance. “Really? You didn’t watch the first ten minutes?”

“I was doing my homework assignment. It was far more important.”

“Oh, that explains a lot.” As Spinel kept her excitement to herself, she continued the subject. “What did you think of me?”

“A great character. Just upset you’re only used in two episodes in future.”

“It was a crazy production cycle, we'd be here forever if I told you everything.”

“You don’t have to, I’ve read the articles.” As she placed her hands on her knees, she lowered her head again. “In case you don’t know this, I’m not a fan of OK K.O.!, it just didn’t catch my attention or interest.”

Spinel wanted to help out the cast of OK K.O.! when it came to non fans, just like the child she took in with her parents. “You never know, I mean, the animation is creative and it’s hilarious with all the zingy moments.”

“Zingy just isn’t my thing.”

“Then what’s your thing for a show like OK K.O.!?”

“Probably expecting the main character to not be similar to Steven?”

The question really got to Spinel, even if it had nothing to do with her character. “Look, I know there are a lot of people upset with Infinity Train’s cancellation, but if it had anything to do with grown characters in later seasons, it wasn’t.” She retorted. “But the thing is, children are related to child characters. Granted they were older characters in the spotlight, but still.”

The teen remembered watching Adventure Time, Regular Show, and The Amazing World Of Gumball with one of them having adult characters. But she felt uninvested with later entries with the character ages being younger.

“About what you said about Infinity Train…to me, it was a breath of fresh air. And in OK K.O.!, I just don’t think it’s a show for me to enjoy. I prefer shows with a meaningful setting.” 

The gem took the words in consideration, however she knows what a show is other than being meaningful. If only the teen knew about it soon, K.O. would’ve given her a massive welcome for the first time.

Mr. Gar, after putting his phone away, just saw Steven and K.O. in the middle of the streets, making their way to their cabin. Mr. Gar took notice as he took out his air horn. He stood in the middle, while pressing the air horn for a solid fifteen seconds. Everyone including the cast turned their attention to Mr. Gar as he turned off his air horn.

“Steven and K.O.! are arriving in just a minute, let’s give them a huge holiday welcome.” Mr. Gar called as he waited for the door to be open. Everyone is thrilled to the max. but they all listen to Mr. Gar’s call. The cast of both shows came out of their working stations to look at the front door of the cabin. But as for Spinel, she may get the opportunity coming her way if the teen herself works out for her.

The doorknob began to turn as the door was being pushed open, as Steven and K.O. step foot in the cabin out in the open. “Merry Christmas, Steven and K.O.!!!” Everyone shouted.

“Merry Christmas everyone!” Both Steven and K.O. cheered with Santa outfits on. People were cheering including the cast, happy that they arrived before it was too late. 

“Sorry we were late.” Steven closes the door behind him. “Christmas errands got in the way after we read the emails.”

“The kids really wanted me to make their gingerbread houses badly.” K.O. commented.

“Well at least you two finally arrived.” Bismuth said, walking up to them. “Especially since we can have fans make the Santa magic keys with you.”

“Put them in the room where we’re working.” Steven smiled. “We'll work on it as soon as we find a customer.”

As Bismuth headed straight to the room, Steven and K.O. met with their friends after spending time apart. The teen herself has the chance to meet Steven for the first time in her life, but before she stands up, Spinel stops her.

“You want me to help you out?” Spinel whispered to her ear. “Do you have a hundred dollars for the Santa magic key?”

“Yes I do.” She replied.

“Let me take care of it.” Spinel gets up as she heads to Steven and K.O. She stretched her arms, wrapping around Steven and K.O.’s body for a hug, much to their surprise. “Happy Holidays my best friends!”

“Hi Spinel.” Steven smiled. “How’s the place going?”

“Perfect!” She placed the two down.

“Can’t wait to make the Santa magic key with anyone really.” K.O. replied.

“Good because there’s a teen who’ll…want to meet…one of you.”

Steven, K.O. and their friends became a bit confused from the way Spinel worded it. “Wait, you’re telling us that he or she is a fan of one show, but not both?” Pearl wondered.

“Pretty much.”

Steven and K.O. thought about doing the Santa magic key alone if the truth’s legit, but it’s also a chance to give first impressions for that someone. “Who’s that customer?”

Spinel pointed at the teenager still sitting on the bench alone, with the stars turning their attention to her. The teen took notice with the stars of Steven Universe staring at her, but also stars of OK K.O.!, the show she knows the least.

After paying the hundred dollars, Steven and K.O. took their first customer in the Santa magic key room located on the lower floor of the cabin with a view of the mountains. The teen witnesses the expensive exclusive key equipment of the shelves, the many options she can make, but choosing wisely on the tools she used and the design she pictured.

Steven placed the tools on the table with K.O. sitting next to the teen. “So…you never watched my show, nor are you interested in it?” He asked, looking up to the teen with a sad tone.

“Do you really need to know the answer?” She replied.

“He’s not the same age as I am.” Steven spoked. “He still feels upset when any Cartoon Network fan doesn’t acknowledge his show.”

“Numbuh Three from KND took time to get over it.”

“But not for K.O.”

The teenager encountered so many stars of past and present and none of them mind if she never watched their shows. But for sensitive people like K.O. feeling down, she’d never witnessed that type of depression upon arrival.

As she took some of the tools, she gave K.O. the head models. “I was gonna pick the head models myself but…pick which head model you think I would prefer.”

With the head models displayed on the table in front of him, K.O. looked at the head models of his best friends. “What kind of request is that?”

“Give me a character from your show that might make me interested in watching your show.”

“You don’t want a head model from my show?” Steven wondered.

“I can still use one of your accessories for the other models.” As she put some of the pieces together, K.O. took time to look at the head models from his show. Steven and the teen worked together to put the tools together while finding the letters to spell her name.

“Spinel told me that you enjoyed her in my movie.” Steven said. “You sure you don’t want her as your head model?”

“I’m giving him a chance, we can still use Spinel’s gem though.”

K.O. remembered the times he watched Steven Universe even years before the hire ups of Cartoon Network greenlit his show. And one of the most popular highlights were the LGBT representation involving Ruby and Sapphire. Then it got to him once he showed that type of representation in his show. “My friend Enid is in a relationship with Red Action.” He spoked.

“Who’s Red Action?” The teen asked which K.O. showed a head model of Red Action herself.

“There are only three episodes centering around them, aside from the last episode.”

As K.O. gave her the head model, she liked the hair color of the character. “What does she do?”

“She travels through time.”



“Are you interested in time travel?” Steven asked to which the teen nodded. “Now that’s something you're interested in K.O.’s show.”

“I’ll consider watching those episodes when I get back to my hotel. Just understand I can’t guarantee I’ll watch your show for real.”

K.O. then came up with another idea. “Maybe when we’re done, do you want to meet Red Action yourself?”

“Yeah, she’s in the building right now.” Steven added.

“I guess I could.” The teen spoked.

“Trust me, you will make Enid happy once you know her from the first Red Action episode.” K.O. smiled.

“True, but it’s her friend I’m thinking about.”

After spending twenty minutes, the teen, Steven, and K.O. finished designing the key. Upon exiting the room, they went back to the entrance of the cabin. When K.O. noticed Enid walking away from the vending machines after taking her picture. Then the teen notices Red Action waiting in the middle with all the vending machines being used.

“I want you to know she’s not her friend, she’s actually her girlfriend.” Steven replied.

“Really?” The teen smiled.

“Go ask them yourselves.”

As the teen heads her way, both Steven and K.O. looked at each other. “You sure she’ll give my show a chance?” K.O. wondered.

“If not, then she’s not ready yet.” The two then sat together on the bench. “Keep in mind K.O., there are still more people willing to give your show a chance.”

“But what if the roles were reversed with a fan knowing my show, but not your’s?” K.O. commented.

“I wouldn’t feel depressed, I’ve been to many conventions.”

“Yeah I would've known how that feels.”

With the two stars sitting together, they’re also thankful they arrived in time. They would’ve made their performance the highlight of the presentation, but they were ahead of making their fans satisfied on their first day here.

Steven noticed it’s close to getting dark outside, over the last several nights before today, he and K.O. spend hours together for a surprise for anyone who’s inside. “I think it’s time.”

“Ooh I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

The two got off the bench while heading their way to the switches located in the living room. After receiving help from his friends, Steven can remember which button to press. “When I say now, you press this red button.” He pointed at it.

“No problem.” As K.O. placed his hand on the red button, Steven placed his hand on the green button.

“Now.” As K.O. pressed the red button, Steven pressed the green button. All the lights in the cabin turned off but Christmas lights decorated from every angle have turned on. Everyone took notice of their surroundings, the kids were mesmerized with the colors glowing around them.

Steven and K.O. stood in the middle of the stage. “Merry Christmas!” They cheered, getting the attention from everyone inside. They all head back to the living room, witnessing the two stars together celebrating the happiest time of the year.

“We all know we don't celebrate Christmas in our shows, since the holiday doesn’t exist in them.” Steven replied. “But our shows aren’t always about celebrating holidays.”

“There may be themes, but our creators have different visions for what our shows should be like.” K.O. added. “Granted we’ve read the fan mail for a holiday episode like Christmas but…the creators never take requests.”

“Believe us, every time we show those to our bosses, they keep saying no. Nothing we can do about it.” Enid commented.

“And don’t get us started when those desperate fans wanted a kissing episode during Valentine’s Day.” Rad added.

“They’re maybe loyal, but still a bit creepy.” Lapis added.

“But now we have this. The Gem & Pow Card Yule.” Steven introduces the cabin itself. “Since we’re lucky enough, the Cartoon Network exclusives allow us to do this only when it’s night time.”

“If you want enough proof we want to celebrate Christmas.” K.O. lifted his hands up. “Everything around you is your answer, loud and proud.”

The crowd applauded from the two Cartoon Network stars, even if they’re not gonna be around for that long, they will always spread the news about this new addition of the cabins. Garnet and Carol went on stage, picking up Steven and K.O.

“I’m sure this cabin won’t be going away any time soon.” Garnet smiled.

“I’m so proud of you.” Carol said, hugging her son.

“Trust me, we’re gonna do our best to keep this going.” K.O. smiled.

“And the best out of all of this, we can spend more time with each other. As the best crossover any new fan had dreamed of.” Steven replied.

As they both got off the stage, they went back to do their thing, celebrating Christmas the way the fans wanted from them. And Steven never lies when he’s willing to make anything a reality, all the while helping out K.O. when newcomers come his way for the first time.

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