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You can't give up your laughter 'cause you're scared of a little pain; rainbows won't up the sky unless you let it rain. —Autumn Blaze

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Would You Consider a Santa Hat 2022 · 7:08am Dec 1st, 2022

Heya, Folks!

Now that December has officially started (on the East coast US), I can finally put up this blog. I have to admit, I always look forward to posting it when the end of November comes around, but I’m a big proponent of not starting to celebrate Christmas in the US until after Thanksgiving, preferably not until December has started. Well, Thanksgiving is over and December is here, so now I can stop cringing when I hear Christmas songs being played everywhere (Y’know, I never hear Hanukkah songs…). So with the Christmas spirit finally flowing through my veins, it’s that time again.

For any newbies that may be around, (or those of you that just didn’t know about it for some reason or another), there’s a tradition around FimFiction that, while not everyone follows it, quite a few of us do. Way back when, ​​The Descendant started a trend where every year around the beginning of December, users would put a Santa hat on their avatars through the holiday season, then see how many other users randomly pop up with Santa hats on theirs. 

The way to do it is pretty easy. You just need a program like Microsoft Paint and a Santa hat .gif or .png. You can find quite a few here, or you can google search for others. (I just so happened to get a set of avatars as a commission from Pridark a while ago, so I have a custom one :twilightsheepish:)

The Descendant isn't currently active on the site—sadly, he seems to have left us for good—but many of us still carry on his tradition. It would be great to see how many people will keep it up, so come join us and don a hat yourself! And if you feel so inclined, post about the tradition also!

And don't forget— have FUN!

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Comments ( 9 )

hold on, gimme a moment, I want to participate!

Ooh I will def post one with Starlight wearing a santa hat. Sounds so fun!

The Descendant

offline last seen Jun 21st, 2016

Good Lord, I had no idea it was that long ago. My sense of time is so screwed.


I had no idea it was that long ago

I know, right? Descendent was also the person that used to welcome all new users to the site, though I believe somebody else (if not users as a whole generally) has taken up that mantle.

I think it's someone named 21 KM To Nerdiness.

Everytime I see a new user they would always be there welcoming new ppl. He also did it to me when I was new

Yep, that's them. They also tend to randomly put up inspirational/uplifting/etc posts in people's comment sections— they've done that to/for me four times now (went to count). :twilightsmile:

Mhm that's why I followed them

the moment was obtained!:yay:

I think I would consider one, yes. :)

And this year I personally remembered without it (if not right at the start of December; I've been busy and am still pretty behind on FIMFiction), but thanks for the blog post supporting the tradition!

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