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My brain each time a "seasons 8 & 9 aren't canon" debate starts: · 2:23am Nov 17th, 2022

Like, I know the show changed directions and overall tone in those seasons. But honestly people, it's been literally years. At worst, it already happened. Also, and this is personal opinion though, any major tonal or directional changes from season 7 to 8 isn't that different from the ones from season 3 to 4, or even back at the departure of Lauren Faust from 1 to 2.

Friendship is Magic was never a series afraid of change. We saw multiple changes in status quo and even characterizations. And let's be honest, that was one of the things that kept us interested in it. There weren't two seasons that worked the same. Singling out the last two feels more like a backlash over the series ending than anything else.


I'm still scorching mad they never redeemed Chrysalis, though. For me that bit isn't canon at all. Too bad I can't do anything about it. Is not like there was a page where I could build up my own version of the story and publish it to share with others who may thing like I do. /s

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It’s especially annoying for me because, well… those are my seasons. I can't remember exactly when I stepped into this whole scene, but it was definitely sometime shortly after the rough workprints of 8A leaked. I have a lot of fond memories with FiM's twilight years, warts and all, to the point I've occasionally considered making a group on their behalf (alas, I'd rather not deal with the added responsibility).

It's a rather foolish sentiment in hindsight, but I came here to get away from the sensation that I was missing everyone else's boats. Turns out I may as well be Point Nemo incarnate, huh?

Eh, can't complain too much. I've had a good time with it and this place, even if some folks don't think "it" was the best thing in the world, y'know what I mean?

I always feel that the show peaked at Season 5. The rest was decent, but I think the early seasons were better than the later ones, sadly.

It's strange to me that seasons 2 and 5 became the sacred cows they are now, because, I mean, I was there at the time even if by season 5 I'd backed away and was picking reactions up through osmosis.

"Fans" despised those seasons at the time, their reasons as arbitrary as anytime nerds whip those out, and I think what people are really talking about are the (slightly, though in keeping with your overall point, not that much more given the MLP norm) dramatic two parters. (Which tend to be my least favourite parts of the show because they insist on taking MLP more seriously that it actually is, so.)

And besides the obvious burnout and racism at the time it was coming out, I really don't think anything sums up how arbitrary and uncritical season 8 hatred is beyond this one person I saw demanding to know why the show couldn't be more like Transformers-Rescue Bots...

...when Nicole Dubuc, 'Bots producer, story editor, writer, and the person who wrote RR's fucking themesong was co-lead on that season, with her damn name in the credits.

I came in when Season 3 was wrapping up. So, thanks to this fandom's pathological need to share everything, I was aware Twilight was going to become a princess since episode 1. And season 3 in particular was fairly controversial too. Specially for its ending. But I did like it, and from it that I always have in mind that each season is someone's first or favorite. So, it's really unfair, and outright gatekeepy to try and decanonize a season.

This place is pretty chill. It has its problems, sometimes too many (including bigots for some reason). But overall, I think we still have a cohesive community here.

I'd agree there's a marked difference, but I'd also add the other points of inflection in tone and setting. Also, season 6 did add some of my favorite bits, like Starlight's redemption arc and Trixie joining the main cast. Hell, in contrast, Discord's easily forgiven moments and lack of Trixie in seasons 4 and 5, I do prefer 6 (unless I'm messing the numeration here).

What I'm trying to get at is that different doesn't mean better or worse. Or at least not outside of the subjective. You may like 5 more, I'm more of a fanfics fan, and so on.

Oh, boy. I do remember when S3 ended and everyone were already decrying it. Including a surprisingly big amount of fanfic writers who vowed to never set their stories past season 2.

Same with season 5. Until 6 made clear Starlight's redemption was going to take actual character development instead of being easily forgiven, a lot of people ran to write their own fixfics for the end of the Cutie Re-Mark (again, unless I'm messing the numeration).

On two parters in general, I really enjoy them. Honestly, as far back as S1, there was this idea that there was no wrong episode for FiM because it could easily shift from adventure to slide-of-life and back, which is also what made it so fanfic fertile to begin with. though, I do agree they can get a wee bit too far (the first act of Return of Harmony reads like a cosmic horror story).

Also, there's this one bit where MLP and Transformers are pretty much the same; both fandoms will press the "ruined forever" alarm like it was morse code.

The funny thing is that I never really minded it during the lion's share of the episodes themselves… and then the series finale leaked. I won't go into the bullet points, but I sometimes half-joke that Haber and Dubac must've scientifically engineered the damn thing to screw with my head in every way possible, down to the fact that I actually enjoyed it. Long story short, it took me two years to start writing here again, in large part out of fear that its detractors would stumble across my work, deem it heresy, and add me to their shitlist before they bit my head off; a hyperbolic anxiety in hindsight, but one that, given the course the discourse so often took, I believed in wholeheartedly at the time. I'm more mature about it nowadays, but I have to admit I still feel a slight pang whenever someone takes a swipe at those twilight years.

Honestly, when I entered and S3 was such a berserk button, that it may have been a huge part of why my writing process always starts with "canon has been taken out back and shot". I don't blame you for being cautious. At its less sane moments, this fandom is as self-destructive as the comics or games ones.

I'm just tired of it, honestly. I'm not proud to admit I used to be far more caustic regarding the show, but as time went on, I honestly found more fulfillment in cherishing what I actually like rather than dwell in what I don't. Sure, there's some catharsis on voicing one's problems with one or another plot point, but still going at it years later, when most of it was already said, it feels outright repetitive.

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