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  • Saturday
    Thoughts on "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep"

    This episode is about guilt and how it can destroy you if you don't handle it properly. Everyone has done something in their lives that they regret, and we all beat ourselves up over stuff we did in the past. This episode shows how that actually doesn't help and really on adds to your suffering and the suffering of others. At the begging of the episode, we see Princess Luna replaying the first

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  • 1 week
    Thoughts on Amending Fences

    As far as I know, I felt this episode was much needed; the show was supposed to end in season 3. But thanks to the brony fandom G4's popularity skyrocketed and allowed us to have 9 seasons of this fantastic show. The reason I'm bringing this up is that we don't know Twilight all that well before season 1. Yes, we knew she was introverted, had trouble making friends, and was rather mean to Spike,

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  • 1 week
    Thoughts on Princess Spike

    This episode is one that I personally see as a better world-building episode than a Spike episode. I enjoyed seeing Spike's antics, but I felt as if there was a better episode with the Grand Equestria Pony Summit. There were so many ponies across the Equestria from places we rarely or never have seen before in Canterlot, and it would've been cool to know these places and the ponies that live

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  • 3 weeks
    Thoughts on Slice of Life

    This is a very intriguing episode, as some would say it's too random and doesn't make a lot of sense. To me, it's perfect, as up until this point, nearly every episode was centered on the Mane 6. The only time they've been "side characters" was in CMC-centered episodes, and even then, they usually play a significant role. This time the episode focused on background ponies who didn't get much

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  • 3 weeks
    Thoughts On The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

    This episode is very intriguing as we delve into the history of the griffons. This is one of the other races we see rather often in the show besides dragons before season 7 and the 2017 movie. So seeing them flesh out their history more was something to behold and has captivated my imagination for years. But besides that, we finally get to see Gilda come back after her debut in season one, and

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Thoughts on Twilight's Kingdom Parts 1 and 2 · 9:09pm Nov 10th, 2022

This was a fantastic season finale! I enjoyed every minute of these two episodes, and there is so much to unpack in how well the writers and creators of this show wrapped up season 4 and how it pushes the show into more exciting territory.

Firstly the villain Tirek: this centaur has to be the most intimidating villain in the series up to this point. He is rather ruthless as he's like King Sombra on steroids (literally) basiclly, he can steal magic from other ponies and creatures. He steals magic from nearly everypony in Equestria as he slowly becomes a ferocious monster who can't be rivaled in power. Tirek is also rather cunning as he manipulates Discord to help him take down the ponies and the princesses that sealed him (whom his brother helped and was why he was locked away about a thousand years ago). Twilight even stood a chance against him because the other princesses gave her their magic. She then used said magic to battle Tirek, which had to be one of the best fight scenes in the entire show and one of my favorites in western animation. The raw power Twilight and Tirek wielded was like something from Dragon Ball Z as they smashed into each other countless times. Eventually, the two come to a standstill as she gives up the alicorn magic she had to save her friends and Discord, whom Tirek had held captive earlier. But then, of course, this backfires as Twilight and her friends unlock the box near the Tree of Friendship and take down Tirek together using its power. Overall, Tirek was an excellent villain who was quite the adversary for Twilight, and everything he did make sense in regards to him not trusting Discord as his brother betrayed him. So that baggage ultimately became his downfall as Twilight freeing Discord was the literal key to his defeat.

Second: backstory and world building: these two episodes helped build the world of Equestria abit more by seeing us get to know abit more about Starswirl and how he made friends with Scorpio and Tirek to help build the Kingdom of Equestria. But then, eventually, he learned that Tirek would betray them thanks to Scorpio and that the princesses and Starswirl were able to seal him away in Tartarus. Also, we know that the Elements of Harmony have a will of their own, seeing they act as a conduit for greater power that isn't ever explained ( I have my headcanon). Still, the original bearers (aka Twilight and her friends) all had to overcome a difficult trial in the season that accumulated to this season's finale and them being able to defeat Tirek. So it made everything that happened in this season have weight to it and meaning to how this episode wrapped up season 4 and helped (in my opinion) salvage the season 3 finale as Twilight was put in a difficult position to risk all of Equestria for her friend's lives. This shows Twilight won't sacrifice others even for the greater good, which proves that she has lived up to the title of Princess of Friendship. As she even had Discord set free from Tirek, even knowing of his betrayal.

Third: the fantasy element: this is personal, and the big reason G5 isn't my cup of tea. Despite the somewhat contemporary world, G4 resides in the fantasy elements that are relevant thrughout this world is what kept me hooked to this series. The magic, the creatures, and the lore (even if it's somewhat scattered and maybe not always makes sense) make me love this series and others like it. I love shows that can teleport me to a world that's unlike my own and that have imagination built into them. The more contemporary a story feels, the invested I get unless the writing is very good or exciting. I enjoyed watching a classic climactic fight of good vs. evil and I have to applaud the animators at how well it looked on screen.

Overall, I feel this season broke itself from seasons 1, 2, and 3 as those three were much for children and, despite them having a lot of good episodes, they were somewhat formulaic and played things abit safe. This season was the first to break from that mold and go into a much deeper interesting direction, focusing on the villains becoming much darker and more nuanced while keeping the fun-loving ponies having their silly adventures throughout. This season made me fall in love with the show several years ago, and re-watching it this year made me realize the fantasy element kept me hooked. I will enjoy continuing to write these blogs much more as I get into season 5 and beyond.

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