Story Formatting

Allowed Story Formats

Fimfiction (currently) requires that stories be written in certain formats. If your story does not fall into one of the allowed formats below you'll find your story is not approved. Generally formats we don't allow are because they are low effort and banning them improves the quality of stories on the site substantially.


Once upon a time, there was a lazy dragon. He had always been lazy. He was the last dragonling to hatch in the nest, the last of his brothers and sisters to grow up, and when all of his nestmates flew out into the world to build their hoards, he remained sleeping in the cave. Or at least until his mother got tired of tripping over his tail, and kicked him out.

"Go find a village to pillage!" she called out as Lazy tumbled down into the rocky valley.

But he did not hear, because Lazy was still sleeping. That is, until he hit the ground.


Why are you here rock?
Why are you covered in dirt?
Because of rain and snow,
You broke off from bedrock.
I like looking at you.


Twilight: "I can't believe script format isn't allowed!"
Fluttershy: "I know right?"

> Green Text

> You go to Fluttershy's cottage for a cup of tea
> She's being all cute
> You're finally going to ask her out
> Your knees are weak and your arms are heavy

Chapter Formatting

Overuse of Formatting

Text formatting should be used for specific sections in your chapter. Surrounding an entire chapter in a size, color or other formatting tag is not allowed.

Colored Dialogue

Do not use colors for the purpose of indicating characters talking. Use speech marks and indicate the speaker with said tags.


Footnotes belong in the "author's notes" section of your chapter. They must not be littered throughout the chapter itself.

Section Breaks

While we do not enforce any specific style of section break, we heavily advise you to use the [hr] tag to create horizontal rules. Fancy horizontal rules made of images or centered blocks of hyphens frequently break when your story needs to fit on a small screen. Section breaks without horizontal rules should be a triple line break or double line break + indent.

Author’s Notes

Author’s notes should always be placed in the section designated for them. You’re not allowed to use them to inflate the word count of your story.