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Still kinda wishes he could hang out with Twilight Sparkle.

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  • Awaken, ScootalooWhen Scootaloo loses hope, Princess Luna is there to help her learn to dream again.6,531 words ·4,495 views ·587 likes ·5 dislikes
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  • Diary of a Pliant Tyrant When Fluttershy finds out that Discord used to keep a mental diary while imprisoned in stone, she begs him to continue it. Grudgingly, he promises to document his thoughts about his new life among old enemies by xjuggernaughtx 16,437 words · 7,803 views · 812 likes · 13 dislikes
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  • Cheerilee's Thousand Cheerilee goes on one thousand terrible dates. by xjuggernaughtx 66,251 words · 4,771 views · 594 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Awaken, Scootaloo When Scootaloo loses hope, Princess Luna is there to help her learn to dream again. by xjuggernaughtx 6,531 words · 4,495 views · 587 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Carrot Dog Fight Spike just wants to eat his delicious carrot dog, but Manehattan's birds have other ideas. by xjuggernaughtx 3,570 words · 1,040 views · 99 likes · 1 dislikes

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Where the hell did all these Severus Snape fics come from all of a sudden?

Fimfiction, you get on the strangest kicks sometimes...

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A Short Brony Mix I Did A While Back

After getting a bunch of tracks from The Living Tombstone, I decided to make a mix.  I kept it short so that I could throw it up on YouTube.

Sometimes I Draw - Still Working On It

We had more Flim and Flam this season, and Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 seems to be M.A. Larson's favorite episode.  In celebration of seeing him at BABSCon, let's have some Bing Bang Zam!


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>>1391037 I think that's natural if we consider stories of similar quality.  However, I find it odd when we are looking at what should be considered by most to be a lesser quality story with popular characters versus a higher quality story with lesser characters.  Of course, quality is subjective, but I see plenty of stories here that shoot up to several thousand views and hundreds of upvotes that I'd consider to be too awful to read.  Major characterization problems.  Poor spelling.  Nonsense plots.  What is the point of reading a story about Twilight Sparkle and Celestia if they aren't actually acting like Twilight Sparkle and Celestia?  At that point, I don't understand reading the story versus the much better one about Ms. Peachbottom.

But I think what is satisfactory for most readers is a lot different than what it is for me.  Probably for most people, the Twilight and Celestia story above would be fine.  They are kinda, sorta like Twilight and Celestia, the three plot holes don't concern them as much as they concern me.  It's just the constant state that I'm in.  I'm usually standing off to the side screaming that these stories have major problems while the readers at large just shrug and say it's good enough for them.  I have a difficult time with that.

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From what I can tell, it really comes down to people preferring read a crap story about Twilight sparkle than a great story about, say, Ms. Peachbottom.

(Sorry to jump in, but...) Well, yes. I mean, this is a fanfic website, so I think it's far more likely that someone said "I'd like to read a story about Twilight Sparkle" than "I'd like to read a story about Ms. Peachbotton." So the readers are going to be somewhat self-selecting.

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Oh, I'm not going to dig into my level of quality (especially on someone else's page!) but you're very right about what gets read. Upvotes vs. downvotes still seem to do a pretty decent job, I think—though even there, I regularly see a couple stories in Fimfic's top 100 or so that I've downvoted for lack of quality. I think you're right: most people are here to read for fun, and don't care a whole lot about story quality. The feature box definitely attests to that. But I still think being able to keep an upvote ratio that's very high (like, say, 98.5%—go you) is a pretty big accomplishment.

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>>1384711 A WINNER IS ME!

Though, I have to say that the relationship between good stories and most viewed/liked stories is crazy on this site.  Lots of complete crap gets tons of attention, while something like The Descendant's Highball or basically anything written by Chris gets very little, even though those authors are fairly well known commodities.  If no one had ever heard of them, I could understand it, but at any given time, there are stories in the feature box with extremely questionable storytelling that tons of people are reading and liking, rather than searching out quality stories.

That's just baffling to me.  From what I can tell, it really comes down to people preferring read a crap story about Twilight sparkle than a great story about, say, Ms. Peachbottom.

So what I'm saying is that your stories probably are far better than the average here, but the masses much prefer fast food to excellent cuisine.

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Yeah, I wasn't anywhere close to the top, and at least part of that is my +12/-21 trollfic, I expect.

Actually, I re-ran the numbers with a [technobabble incoming] Beta(4,4) prior that doesn't favor 1- and 2- story authors as much, and you jump to #19. So... Yay!

I jumped to #346. There go my illusions of being one of the site's best writers...

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