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Yo Fimfic, they call me theycallmejub. I love to write and I love ponies so I figured this was the place for me. I also post on Fanfic.net under the same name. Hope you guys like my stuff.

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Jub's Head Canon

Octavia: Secretly living a double-life (preferably as a closet pervert or hitman for the mob).

Lyra: Not-so-secretly fucking Octavia and being awesome at whatever else she's doing at the time.

Bon-Bon: Perpetual victim of spousal abuse.

Vinyl Scratch: Vinyl who now?

Roseluck: Sociopathic vigilante.

Lily: Dead.

Daisy: Also dead.

Carrot Top: Loveable fuckup.

Berry Punch: Jaded detective with a hilarious past.

Derpy: Lobotomized chauffeur for Manehattan criminals.

Filthy Rich: Notorious mobster.

Aunt and Uncle Orange: Notorious-er mobsters.

CMC: Controversial postmodern, avant garde, hipster heavy metal rock band (whatever the fuck that means).

Junebug: Drug dealer with a bad stu-stu-stutter.

Thunderlane: Getting his dick sucked by changelings in shady nightclubs.

Tracy Flash: World's most capable voyeur (yes she's a background pony, not an OC, look her up).

Mare-Do-Well: Yes, Please.

Stories that are called Jub by myself as well as others

Commissions Anyone?

Attention all fans of my sexy fight fics! As you may already know from my blog posts I'm available for commissions. And since I have this info posted on a dozen other sites, I figured I might as well throw it up on Fim too.

I charge a flat rate $25-30 dollars, depending on the size of the job. But you're in luck, because I'm in the first week of my Back-To-School Sale, which means all fics are going for the low, low price of $15  during the month of September. :pinkiehappy:

Shoot me a PM with the details of your request, and I'll see what I can do for you. Also, PM me if you'd like links to my other non-pony commissions.

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wow, the amount of erotic wrestling clopfics onthis site is too damn low. I'd say this needs to be fixed, wouldn't you say, Jub? :applejackunsure:

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Go for it. I'd back you 100% :raritywink:

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>>1565942 hey, if ya want, I could open one for ya.

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I've thought about it, but I figured there'd be too little interest for such a thing. Plus I'm lazy; I'm not exactly the type to start groups. But if one existed, I'd be all over it.  

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My favs that I call Jub


A friend of mine just linked me to a webpage featuring this image:

Haha. It's official: Jub is now canon.

Suck it, bitches.  

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