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Yo Fimfic, they call me theycallmejub. I love to write and I love ponies so I figured this was the place for me. I also post on under the same name. Hope you guys like my stuff.

Jub's Head Canon

Octavia: Secretly living a double-life (preferably as a closet pervert or hitman for the mob).

Lyra: Not-so-secretly fucking Octavia and being awesome at whatever else she's doing at the time.

Bon-Bon: Perpetual victim of spousal abuse.

Vinyl Scratch: Vinyl who now?

Roseluck: Sociopathic vigilante.

Lily: Dead.

Daisy: Also dead.

Carrot Top: Loveable fuckup.

Berry Punch: Jaded detective with a hilarious past.

Derpy: Lobotomized chauffeur for Manehattan criminals.

Filthy Rich: Notorious mobster.

Aunt and Uncle Orange: Notorious-er mobsters.

CMC: Controversial postmodern, avant garde, hipster heavy metal rock band (whatever the fuck that means).

Junebug: Drug dealer with a bad stu-stu-stutter.

Thunderlane: Getting his dick sucked by changelings in shady nightclubs.

Tracy Flash: World's most capable voyeur (yes she's a background pony, not an OC, look her up).

Mare-Do-Well: Yes, Please.

Stories that are called Jub by myself as well as others

  • Before The FallTwilight's rivalry with Trixie comes to a boil after one finally pushes the other too far. 15,850 words ·1,183 views ·72 likes ·3 dislikes
  • Sweet Apple Acres: A Love StoryA short, absurd, and nonsensical story about a certain farm girl.2,966 words ·734 views ·30 likes ·4 dislikes
  • M for Mare-Do-WellPipsqueak runs into trouble on his way home, but is saved by a daring, albeit a bit odd hero.1,120 words ·1,649 views ·65 likes ·1 dislikes

Random bits of praise

I think you have written the perfect clopfic. After this, there is just playing around with windowdressing.

--Fiddlebottoms on Style Over Substance

This was one of the most impressive stories I've read in any format, fan fiction or otherwise.

--Cold in Gardez on Eyes Without a Face

Your clop has a kind of literary thickness which works fantastically, and I'm green with envy about.

--Chuckfinley on Photo By Tracy Flash

Places that I call Jub


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Yeah... You too, man.

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>>1295711 Well, at least five of my stories got a new commentless downvote sometime in the past couple hours, which is highly annoying, but it happens to all of us I suppose, so C'est la vie, I guess. Just got an idea for yet another changeling fic, about to see where it leads me.

Have a great day! :pinkiehappy:

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I'm good, thanks. And yourself?

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Hi Jub! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

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Epiphany · 3:45am

The blog post is called Epiphany because I just had one. After writing lots of smut on the interwebs for lots interesting and unique and filthy, filthy people, I've conceded to a truth I once violently opposed.

Smut is better with a good story.

There. I said it, and I'm not saying again. And I don't want to read any smart ass remarks in the comment section, either.

Now leave me alone. I got work needs doin'.


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