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So, I saw this earlier today and it made me smile pretty big. Look, one of my stories got featured on the SA reviews! Which is also kinda embarrassing, 'cause it's a story I'm not especially proud of. But oh well, I'll take what I can get :twilightblush:.

Check out what one of the reviewers wrote about Hench:

The violence, though a bit stronger than jub could have chosen, picks out the perfect non-gory details (and others that flow from them; the mare vs. mare tussle over the scattered bits on the ground is most striking) to bring to life just how different this place is than the show and really draws you in.  jub’s knack for clear yet vivid scene description leaves every punch, every throw, every tooth kicked out of your mouth felt right alongside the characters.

Pretty neat, right? More than the praise though, reading this tickled me because it proved that there are readers on this site that appreciate what I bring to the table: excellent scene setting, vivid action scenes and atmosphere (something I find lacking in even the best stories on this site). Sometimes I feel this fandom is so crazy about character, character, character that the authors forget to do anything else. A lot of popular stories on this site are these bland character studies where ponies basically spend a few thousand words sitting around talking about their feelings - which I get, given the show we're writing about. Slice of life is HUGE in this fandom (a genre I don't think I'll ever really get), so, for me at least, it's cool to know there are readers who can enjoy something like Hench.

Makes me feel less alone in the world, ya know?

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People who call me Jub and people who I call Jub

Open for Commission!

Hey there, Fim. Me again, Jub: the reason you wasted all that Amazon Gift Card money on prune juice and canned beans. I'm back (by exactly nobody's demand), and I'm once again open for commission!

Mmkay, here's the breakdown:

I charge a flat rate of $50 for short stories between 3k and 6k words. Also, I charge a bit more if you wanna exceed 6k words (it's cool, message me, we'll talk). I don't charge by the word, and I always decide the word count myself. ( I realize this sounds limiting, but trust me, your story will come out MUCH better if I do it this way.)

I specialize in erotic, semi-erotic and non-erotic combat scenarios (boxing, MMA, wrestling, "sex-fighting"), but will write other kinks as well. Oh, uh, and non-smut things too, I guess. Do people really buy non-smut commissions, though? I mean, I've always just assumed...

For samples of my work, feel free to click through my story gallery and judge me as harshly as your black, black heart desires. If you see something you like, and have an idea for your own steamy scenario, then what the bloody stool are you waiting for?! Quit standing around and message me already!

Seriously, this isn't a library. Buy something or beat it, kid.

Mmkay, that's it it for that. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from all you beautiful perverts soon.

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>>2263061 Thank you for the compliment!  I hope I live up to it.  That's why I started writing in the first place.  I wanted to see big, buff, bad-ass females and futas being wrestled and dominated by bigger, buffer males (and occasionally not bigger/buffer, like Comet in Nurse Appreciation Every Day) without it turning completely dark, and I just couldn't find it anywhere.  Especially not with loving, fun relations afterwards.  Always been big into kink and consent, especially chain kink-- the switches in the middle still very dom and loving with their subs, but get some time with someone else doing the heavy lifting and scenework above.

And the occasional a bit less consensual stuff for fantasy moments. >.>  Poor Mac certainly isn't asked when he's ambushed.

I hope you'll enjoy and I've slotted Ch25 for Hunting Season to be my next one to come out, just for you. ^^;;  I hope it proves interesting; should be out on the 6th.

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Oh wow, maledom fighting? I think you just turned into my favorite clop author! I love a little maledom every now and then, but, in the context of my particular fetish, it's very rare. Probably cause it's not very popular.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. I don't think I'll be disappointed :rainbowkiss:

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Thank you for your flattering interest in my work, and specifically It's a Harsh, Hyper Life!  Looking at your interests and stories, I suspect you'd like the arm wrestling lesbian femdom and flat out wrestling lesbian femdom chapters of Twilight's Thrones.  If maledom is not anathema to you, then Macromantic Gestures (specifically for chapter 2, but once the story's off backburner, it'll happen again) may also appeal.  Hunting Season is going to get there-- they just finished negotiating terms, and I expect to put out Chapter 25 with the actual MMA to sex chapter 25 in a few days, but it's (a) a long runner story and (b) the actual fighting bits will be maledom.

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