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Yo Fimfic, they call me theycallmejub. I love to write and I love ponies so I figured this was the place for me. I also post on Fanfic.net under the same name. Hope you guys like my stuff.

Stories that are called Jub by myself as well as others

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I just blogged a bit about you again, Jub.

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I remember you saying a while back that if we wrote anything Mare do Well because of you you'd want to see it. Well, I've done just that. Masks here was definitely influenced by Eyes Without A Face. Which was completely wonderful by the way.

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wow, the amount of erotic wrestling clopfics onthis site is too damn low. I'd say this needs to be fixed, wouldn't you say, Jub? :applejackunsure:

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Go for it. I'd back you 100% :raritywink:

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A friend of mine just linked me to a webpage featuring this image:

Haha. It's official: Jub is now canon.

Suck it, bitches.  

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