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Hey, look who has a Patreon now. It's that guy nobody likes.


Hey there, Fim. Sorry about taking my sweet ass time dropping any new stories, but I'm currently up to my short-and-curlies in commissions, job hunting and pesky physical ailments - and not even real diseases either, just wussy crap like food intolerances and allergies. Crap you can't even die from. Ughhh...

So I was gonna be a good author and do that thing where you write the entire story before publishing any chapters, but at my current foot-dragging pace that will probably never ever happen. So it looks like I have to be a bad author - as in my usual dotty self - and just go ahead and start publishing Waltzing Matilda as I edit and proofread the chapters. Hopefully I can get it up by, uh... what day is it? Friday? Okay then, I should have the damn story up by Monday... maybe... but probably not.

You know what, better make it Tuesday instead. Yeah, Tuesday sounds good.

Also, I'm currently deep in the process of sharpening my short-story skills. And when I say "sharpening my short-story skills," I think we all know I mean reading short-stories written by competent authors and totally, shamelessly ripping them off.

Also, also, I'm gonna write a thing about ponies who write things! Which I kinda fucking hate! Yay! And also porn! Which I also kinda fucking hate! Whoo!

So keep it locked, people. Seriously, I'm coming right back.


Like, for real this time...  

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Open for Commission!

Hey there, Fim. Me again, Jub: the reason you wasted all that Amazon Gift Card money on prune juice and canned beans. I'm back (by exactly nobody's demand), and I'm once again open for commission!

Mmkay, here's the breakdown:

I charge a flat rate of $50 for short stories between 3k and 6k words. Also, I charge a bit more if you wanna exceed 6k words (it's cool, message me, we'll talk). I don't charge by the word, and I always decide the word count myself. ( I realize this sounds limiting, but trust me, your story will come out MUCH better if I do it this way.)

I specialize in erotic, semi-erotic and non-erotic combat scenarios (boxing, MMA, wrestling, "sex-fighting"), but will write other kinks as well. Oh, uh, and non-smut things too, I guess. Do people really buy non-smut commissions, though? I mean, I've always just assumed...

For samples of my work, feel free to click through my story gallery and judge me as harshly as your black, black heart desires. If you see something you like, and have an idea for your own steamy scenario, then what the bloody stool are you waiting for?! Quit standing around and message me already!

Seriously, this isn't a library. Buy something or beat it, kid.

Mmkay, that's it it for that. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from all you beautiful perverts soon.

Stories that are called Jub by myself as well as others

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I just blogged a bit about you again, Jub.

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I remember you saying a while back that if we wrote anything Mare do Well because of you you'd want to see it. Well, I've done just that. Masks here was definitely influenced by Eyes Without A Face. Which was completely wonderful by the way.

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wow, the amount of erotic wrestling clopfics onthis site is too damn low. I'd say this needs to be fixed, wouldn't you say, Jub? :applejackunsure:

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Go for it. I'd back you 100% :raritywink:

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