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Stories I've Edited.

  • The Sisters Doo Daring pays a visit to her sister in Ponyville. Due to buried grudges, things get out of hoof. by Ponky 116,988 words · 14,536 views · 1,744 likes · 27 dislikes
  • The Luna Cypher Direct sequel to The Celestia Code. When the monsters created by the dark crystal engine escape their prison, it's up to Princess Twilight Sparkle to deal with them. She gets help and advice from Princess Luna, but things don't go as planne by iisaw 104,532 words · 5,376 views · 906 likes · 30 dislikes
  • Taking A Job For Granite With no other options left, Trixie takes a job on Humble Pie's rock farm. It's bad enough that she's been reduced to manual labor, but the longer she spends with Humble, the odder he seems to become. by xjuggernaughtx 32,766 words · 2,162 views · 183 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Diary of a Pliant Tyrant When Fluttershy finds out that Discord used to keep a mental diary while imprisoned in stone, she begs him to continue it. Grudgingly, he promises to document his thoughts about his new life among old enemies by xjuggernaughtx 16,437 words · 8,260 views · 830 likes · 14 dislikes
  • A Periodic Tale of Elements: Generosity With the fate of the Crystal Empire hanging in the balance, King Sombra takes a desperate chance. by xjuggernaughtx 14,747 words · 1,765 views · 28 likes · 1 dislikes

The Tales at the Top of My List.

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>>1152283 It was about time! It's a proud addition to my edited stories. :twilightsmile:

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Thank for the fave, Mr. Editor! :twilightsmile:

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