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  • A Dragon’s Hearts and Hooves DayIt's Heart's and Hooves day in Ponyville, and Spike spends the day trying to think of something special for his wife, Applebloom1,788 words ·346 views ·22 likes ·3 dislikes
  • Destinies IntertwinedAn old threat is returning to Equestria with a vengeance, but the Elements of Harmony aren't working! And when a changeling reveals that he has a pure heart and that there are others like him, how will the land of Equestria take it? (Anthro, AU)52,346 words ·398 views ·23 likes ·7 dislikes
  • The 'A new Home' shorts collection.This is a collection of shorts I had originally put on, and now I'm putting on here as a box set. enjoy!2,019 words ·108 views ·8 likes ·6 dislikes
  • ChanceIt seems simple, one pony saves another from a mugger, but it later produces one of the greatest heroines of Equestria... (also published on,915 words ·260 views ·13 likes ·2 dislikes

pictures I like

haters gonna hate:derpytongue2:


hiatus · 6:22pm

ill be unable 2 write for a while due to reasons i prefer 2 keep private. plz pray 4 me as im also job hunting.

God bless yall.


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Stories I've also worked on.

  • My Little Wolf In an alternate universe where everyone's wolves, they must fight between life and death. by Autobot Lancewing 29,361 words · 437 views · 27 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Transformers Celestial Force After the destruction of Cybertron, the Transformers war continues on Earth in Equestria. Little do they know that one pony will be the key in stopping them. by Autobot Lancewing 18,845 words · 797 views · 15 likes · 10 dislikes

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:rainbowlaugh: lol that'd be pretty funny.

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I guess. At the very least have them on their dog tags.

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Ugh! Sorry, but my tablet is being an asshole and won't load the fic right now.

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Lol we'd get death threats for that one.

Sure. Meet ya there.

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