Stories worth Checking out

The Saga of Starswirl the 147th, by Sereg

The Family of Starswirl the Bearded has fallen over the ages, but one Mare is determined to find the magic in all aspects of pony life.

An Earth Pony's Guide to Magic

More than Forty Blinks

Starswirl and Stripes Forever

A Debt to the Stars

The young and the old, Changelings and Ponies, Royalty and Commoners, can there ever be peace between individuals from vastly different backgrounds?

Prodigy by Sable Tails

The moving story of a tree and a rock. I cried. No really.

Taken for Granite by Tajjetone

A good suspense story, and really good Pinkie Pie characterization.

Pinkie and the Spy by Guesswork all know Alex Warlorn is on fimfiction now, right? Right?


  • T Millennium Wake: Part II

    After a thousand years of magical slumber and a trip halfway around the world, what else is in store for Rarity?  · notMurphy
    10,720 words · 2,894 views  ·  328  ·  6 · gore
  • T A minor variation

    No sonic rainboom. The Mane 6 find different destinies. See where it takes them.  · notMurphy
    144,556 words · 12,524 views  ·  856  ·  37

Not dead yet... I hope

You've seen it: great story, compelling characters, excellent writing. And then ... silence.

Life happens, I understand, but these are stories that I continue to check up because they were just too good to let go of.

An Apple Family Spring by Inspired_Light

A slice of Life by Dawn Scroll

Neo-Equestria Evangelion by Jersey Lightning

The Fluttershy Effect by Banjo2E

Stories in Progress

Completed Stories

  • Faith and Doubt After everyone fails to heed to her warnings about Cadence, Twilight gives in to her darker thoughts by defender2222 62,997 words · 31,463 views · 1,667 likes · 75 dislikes
  • When They Found Us Pinkie is Us, but We were found, and now Our only option is to run... by Zephyrus Scary 25,324 words · 8,721 views · 867 likes · 18 dislikes
  • The Keepers of Discord Being a statue can drive you mad, yes? by Hoopy McGee 11,445 words · 35,412 views · 4,805 likes · 71 dislikes
  • Seeing the Pattern Using the Pinkie Sense, Pinkamina prevents the deaths of others and cheats fate. by Aegis Shield 32,995 words · 21,699 views · 1,286 likes · 49 dislikes
  • Rainbooms and Royalty Alternate Universe: Filly Rainbow Dash has just performed her Sonic Rainboom when she gets a visitor by Trinary 106,195 words · 17,930 views · 1,849 likes · 46 dislikes

More good stories

  • The Wonder Years Rainbow Dash gains leadership of the Wonderbolts. She quickly discovers that whoever coined the term 'the joys of command' must have possessed a twisted sense of humor. Scootaloo arrives with a familiar, cocky attitude, not helping matters. by Seether00 25,465 words · 73,839 views · 789 likes · 27 dislikes
  • It Takes a Village Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need help... by determamfidd 148,765 words · 33,304 views · 3,266 likes · 58 dislikes
  • The Study of a Winning Pony Twilight Sparkle gets assigned to study the insanity that is Cloud Kicker's life for a sociology report. It's just a matter of surviving her circle of crazy friends, paramours, and disappointed family members to do so. by Ponibius 305,236 words · 15,480 views · 1,358 likes · 84 dislikes
  • School of Hard Knocks Big crimes go to big ponies to solve. Small crimes? Those are mine. by Hoopy McGee 118,102 words · 29,250 views · 1,301 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Liberate the Sun Withholding their missing father's location, Discord ensnares a pair of siblings in a scheme to free the Sun from Princess Celestia's grasp. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are sent in hot pursuit with orders to stop them at all costs. by Seether00 38,398 words · 2,619 views · 158 likes · 9 dislikes
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#297 · 31w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Need help woth Millennium Wake: Part II?

#296 · 49w, 3d ago · · ·

What about the other sequel we discussed?

#295 · 51w, 4d ago · · ·


If you want, I got a few ideas for the mane six descendants we haven't seen yet.

#294 · 53w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1820066 You got... I'm going to say two details right :trollestia:

...three, maybe. :applejackunsure: Depends on your interpretation of events.

#293 · 53w, 4d ago · · ·

Considering how big the apple family was, my guess is that Applejack portrait was killed by the original descendants, who now hide in the shadows under fake identities waiting for the chosen one (Rarity). Only they are not a cult, more like Robin Hoof.

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