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As you can tell, I like writing ponies; I am also an avid fan of anime and video games. I usually put music in my stories, and I don't plan on changing that, ever.


So, who here besides me are fans of the Alien franchise? Who here has played Five Nights at Freddy's? Who here wants to see some stories by me based off these two- Wait, what's that? Five Nights at Freddy's was already done? How many times!? Don't care; had the idea, still doing it.

Yes, an Alien crossover and a Five Nights at Freddy's crossover; starring Twilight and Fluttershy, respectively! Just so you know, the Alien crossover is more of an Alien: Isolation crossover, but I did spend the past two weeks watching the whole trilogy (for the first time, I might add) just so I can get an even better idea of how the atmosphere and Xenomorph should be. What's that? There's a fourth movie? I don't know what you're talking about...

But yes, keep and eye out for The Black Death and Fluttershy's Fearful Five Nights at Freddy's (titles may change in time)!

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Thank you for the fav on Friendship is Grievous! :twilightsmile: I'd appreciate it if you'd like and leave me some feedback in the comments!

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Gracias por el favorito!

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Thank you for faving Dark Magic. I hope you enjoyed it. :yay:

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Thank you for faving Mutant!

Happy reading!

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