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First person to post gets to name a background character in the next chapter.

Male Pegasus, can't be vulgar.


Georg won with Pumpernickel

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>>1124633 You're fine.  If you want to hang around with us old farts, we don't mind.  :twilightsmile:  At least so long as you can keep up a mature level of conversation.

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Yeah, but I'm 25... Mature 25, but still not >30.

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Hey, thanks for joining Over the Hill Authors. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

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Thanks for following!

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Glad to hear it.  : )

This was a story that was based on a premise that I hated so much.  Yet, you truly drew me in.  The removal of the tragedy tag further cemented it, as I no longer had to worry about Luna basically being killed, as you explained that little bit in the text.

I patiently await the side stories as well.  Welcome back, too.

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