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     Well, I'm 8,000 words away from 20,000.:yay:  The story still is going to take the same route I told you about, but I'm adding a little something that will spark it all off; hope you enjoy lol.:pinkiehappy:

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     Working on Fallout Stalliongrad again, and a new chapter.:pinkiehappy:

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     New story is in submission, in the spirit of the holidays this is a FOE/Heartswarming eve fic

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     Working on second half of the last chapter; Im sure by now you can see that I am not following the traditional FOE story, rather this is kind of a FOE mystery story.  Ofcourse there will be loads of violence, and through his interactions with different places the wastes are affected lol.  Glad you like it and hope you continue to do so.:pinkiehappy:

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     Added more to that chapter and still going at it, if the masses demand I give lol

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