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So, the big trip I've been hinting at has finally arrived! :pinkiehappy:

Been wanting to do this for nearly 11 years and have been seriously planning for it since February.

Here's the breakdown:

Texas-New Mexico-Colorado-Wyoming Travel Itinerary---2016

Estimated Gas Prices Average:

Texas: $1.98/gallon

New Mexico: $2.09/gallon

Colorado: $2.10/gallon

Wyoming: $2.20/gallon


Buffer Zone pricing: $2.50/gallon


Acura RSX MPG average= 30

Aug 20------DAY 1:

Starting point: 1710 Crosshaven Dr, Lewisville TX, 75077

Projected Destination: Budget Host-Raton, 136 Canyon Dr, Raton NM, 87740

Departure Time: 6 AM

--Take N Garden Ridge Blvd to I-35E N

(10 mins, 3.0 miles)

--Follow I-35E N, US-380 W and US-287 N to 6th St in Wichita Falls. Take the 6th St exit from US-287 N

(2 hours, 113 miles)

--------Wichita Falls---------arrive @ 8:45---gas up

--Get on I-44 E from 5th St

(2 mins, 0.8 miles)

--Follow US-287 N to I-40 Frontage Rd in Potter County. Take exit 62A from I-40 W

(3.5 hours, 229 miles)

--Drive to I-40 Frontage Rd

(3 min, 1.5 miles)

-----Cadillac Ranch-----Interstate 40 Frontage Road, Amarillo, TX 79124---arrive @ 12:30---eat---gas up---leave by 1:30 PM

--Take FM2381 and Ranch to Market Rd 1061 to US-385 N in Oldham County

(45 mins, 34 miles)

--Take US-87 N to NM-325 N in Capulin

(2 hours-15 mins, 143 miles)

--Continue on NM-325 N to your destination

(15 mins, 5.4 miles)

----Mt Capulin Volcano National Monument-----arrive @ 4 PM (gain 1 hour due to Mountain time)-----tour volcano, hike, photos, etc.   Leave by 5:30 PM

--Turn right onto US-64 W/US-87 N

--Turn right onto S 2nd St

--Continue on to Canyon Dr.

Arrive @ Budget Host Raton

(45 mins, 35 miles)

----Budget Host-Raton-----arrive @ 6:30---check in, rest, dinner, gas.

----------END OF FIRST DAY----------

--Total miles driven: ~575

--Total estimated fuel used: 19.5 gallons

---Total fuel cost: $50


Aug 21st-----DAY 2

Starting point: Budget Host-Raton, 136 Canyon Drive, Raton, NM 87740

Projected Destination: The Academy Hotel, 8110 Academy Blvd N, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

--Leave by 6 AM

--Get on I-25 N

(2 mins, 2 miles)

--Follow I-25 N and CO-12 W to City Ave/East Ave in Huerfano County

(1.5 hours, 71 miles)

--Drive to City Ave/East Ave-------------Cuchara, CO

--Follow CO-12 W and Co Rd 450 to US-160 W

(30 mins, 16 miles)

--Turn left onto US-160 W

(30 mins, 31 miles)

--Continue on US-160 W to Blanca, CO

(10 mins, 5 miles)

--Continue on US-160 W, then turn right onto CO-150 N.  Continue to Great Sand Dunes National Park Visitor Center

(40 mins, 26 miles)

-----Great Sand Dunes National Park-----arrive @ 9:30 AM---hang out, photos, video, etc.  Leave by 11 AM

--Continue to CO-150 S

(1 min, 0.1 miles)

--Turn right onto CO-150 S

(10 mins, 6 miles)

--Follow Ln 6 and Lane 6 N to CO-17

(20 mins, 17 miles)

--Follow CO-17 to E 4th St in Alamosa

(20 mins, 14 miles)

--Follow E 4th St to Ross Ave

(2 mins, .5 miles)

-----Alamosa-----arrive @ 12 PM---eat, gas up, check out the Rio Grande head out by 1 PM

--Head south on Ross Ave toward E 4th St

--Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto US-160 W/Main St

--Continue to follow US-160 W

(20 mins, 18 miles)

--Turn right onto US-285 N/N Broadway/Gunbarrel Rd

--Continue to follow US-285 N to Saguache, CO--arrive @ 2 PM

(40 mins, 35 miles)

--Head west on Denver Ave toward 8th St

--Turn right at the 1st cross street onto US-285 N/8th St

--Continue to follow US-285 N

(41 miles)

--Turn right to stay on US-285 N (in Poncha Springs, CO)

(22 miles)

--Continue onto US-24 W to Leadville,CO

(37 miles)

--Leadville---arrive @ 4 PM, gas up.

--Take US-24 W/Poplar St to CO-91 N

(3 min, 1.1 miles)

--Get on I-70 E in Summit County

(30 mins, 23 miles)

--Take CO-9 S to Valley Dr in Park County--arrive in Hartsel @ 6 PM

(1 hour-15 mins, 58 miles)

--Continue from CO-9 S to US-24 E

--Continue on US-24 E/W Hwy 24 to your destination in El Paso County. Take exit 150 from I-25 N

(1.5 hours, 70 miles)

--Use the right lane to turn right onto Academy Blvd N (signs for CO-83 S)

--Destination will be on the right

(1 min)

-----The Academy Hotel in Colorado Springs-----arrive @ 7:30---dinner, gas, Skype, rest

----------END OF THE SECOND DAY----------

Total miles driven: ~510

Total estimated fuel used: 18 gallons

Total fuel cost: $40

Aug 22nd----------DAY 3

-----Starting point: The Academy Hotel

---Travel Points: Spyderco Factory Outlet, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, WY

-----Projected Ending point: The Academy Hotel

--Get on I-25 N by 8 AM

(1 mile, 3 mins)

--Follow I-25 N and CO-470 W to CO-93 N in Golden

(1 hour, 10 mins, 74 miles)

--Continue on CO-93 N. Drive to Spyderco Way

(5 mins, 3 miles)

--Arrive @ Spyderco Factory Outlet by 9:30 AM---Check out the place, meet some folks, leave by 11 for Fort Collins, CO

--Follow CO-93 S to CO-58 E

(3 mins, 2 miles)

--Take I-25 N to CO-14 W/E Mulberry St in Larimer County. Take exit 269B from I-25 N

(1 hour, 68 miles)

--Continue on CO-14 W/E Mulberry St. Drive to S College Ave in Fort Collins

(10 mins, 5 miles)

Arrive @ HuHot Grill by 12:30---eat, meet Matthew, leave by 2 for Cheyenne, WY (Train Depot Museum)

--Get on I-25 N

(10 mins, 5 miles)

--Follow I-25 N to US-30 E/W Lincolnway in Laramie County. Take exit 9 from I-25 N

(35 mins, 39 miles)

--Follow US-30 E/W Lincolnway to W 15th St in Cheyenne

(5 mins, 2 miles)

--Arrive @ Cheyenne Train Depot Museum

121 West 15th Street Suite 300, Cheyenne, WY 82001

By 3 PM---Check out the museum, trains, etc. Gas up.  Leave Cheyenne by 5 for The Academy Hotel

--Head back to I-25 S

--Follow South back to Colorado Springs.

(3 hours, 161 miles)

--Arrive @ hotel by 8.  Eat, rest.

Miles traveled: 360

Fuel used: 15

Fuel Cost: $30

----------END OF THE 3RD DAY---------

Aug 23rd---4th DAY

--Starting Location: The Academy Hotel

--Projected Destinations:

-Devil’s Head Lookout

-Royal Gorge Bridge

-The Academy Hotel

--Get on I-25 N by 7 AM

3 min (0.8 mi)

--Follow I-25 N to Sky View Ln in Douglas County. Take exit 174 from I-25 N

19 min (23.0 mi)

--Follow Frontage Rd and Tomah Rd to CO-105 W

8 min (6.2 mi)

--Turn right onto CO-105 WStreet View

6 min (5.0 mi

--Continue on W Jackson Creek Rd to your destination

36 min (12.1 mi)

Arrive @ Devil’s  Head Lookout Trail by 8:30AM---hike the trail, snack, photos and video, leave by 11 AM

--Devils Head Lookout

Rampart Range Road, Sedalia, CO 80135

--Follow S Rampart Range Rd to CO-67 S

27 min (9.4 mi)

--Continue on CO-67 S to Teller County

1 h 15 min (48.7 mi)

--Take High Park Rd to CO-9 S in Fremont County

46 min (34.2 mi)

--Continue on CO-9 S to Co Rd 3A

11 min (9.7 mi)

--Drive to Co Rd 3A

9 min (4.3 mi)

Arrive @ Royal Gorge Bridge by 2:30PM

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

4218 County Road 3A, Cañon City, CO 81212

--Tour the park, check out the bridge, leave by 4 PM and head back to the hotel

--Head east on Co Rd 3A/Royal Gorge Bridge toward Co Rd 381B

(10 mins, 5 miles)

--Follow US-50 E to CO-115 N in Penrose. Take theCO-115 exit from US-50 E

25 min (19.2 mi)

--Turn left onto CO-115 NStreet View

33 min (31.7 mi)

--Drive along I-25 N. Take exit 150 from I-25 N

15 min (12.0 mi)

--Use the right lane to turn right onto Academy Blvd N (signs for CO-83 S)

Arrive back @ the hotel by 6 PM

Gas up, eat, rest.

----------END OF THE 4TH DAY----------

Miles traveled: 230

Fuel used: 10 gallons

Fuel Cost: $21

Aug 24th---DAY 5

Starting location: The Academy Hotel

Destinations: Olympic Training Facility, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Peterson Air Force Base

--Leave by 9 AM

Head to the Olympic Training Facility

(20 mins, 9 miles)

--Arrive by 9:30AM

---Recreate Olympic Rings photo, tour facility, meet athletes(?), leave by 10:30 AM

--Head to Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs

(15 mins, 7 miles via E Platte Ave.)

--Arrive by 11 AM

---Tour the grounds and museum, grab lunch, leave by 1PM

--Head for the Garden of the Gods

--Take Suffolk St to Stewart Ave

1 min (0.2 mi)

Take E Platte Ave and E Uintah St to your destination

29 min (12.9 mi)

Turn right

Destination will be on the rightStreet View

1 min (0.1 mi)

--Arrive by 1:45PM

--Tour visitor center, hike trails, leave by 3:30

--Head for Cave of the Winds

(15 mins, 6 miles via US-24 W)

--Arrive by 4 PM

Take the tour, leave by 6:30, head back to the hotel. Eat, gas up, rest.

----------END OF THE 5TH DAY----------

Miles traveled: 47

Fuel used: 3 gallons

Fuel cost: $10

Aug 25th----DAY 6

Starting location: The Academy Hotel

Destinations: Pike’s Peak, North Slope Recreation Area.

Leave by 9 AM

--Take I-25 S, US-24 W, Pikes Peak Hwy and Pikes Peak Toll Rd to your destination

1 h 14 min (35.7 mi)

--Arrive by 10:30 AM

--Check out the peak, photos, video, donuts. Leave whenever we feel like it.

---Head to the North Slope Recreation Area in Cascade-Chipita Park via the Pikes Peak Toll Rd

(1 hour, 22 miles)

---Hike the trails, leave when we want to.

--Head back to the hotel and decide what we want to do with the rest of the day.

----------END OF THE 6TH DAY----------

Miles traveled: 65

Fuel Used: 4 gallons

Fuel Cost: $10

Aug 26th----Day 7

Starting Location: The Academy Hotel

Destinations: Palo Duro Canyon and Abilene (Tanner)

Leave by 7 AM

--Get on I-25 S

3 min (0.8 mi)

--Follow I-25 S and US-87 S to Ranch to Market Rd 1061 in Oldham County

4 h 54 min (330 mi)

--Continue on Ranch to Market Rd 1061 to Randall County

42 min (42.1 mi)

--Take I-27 S to Interstate 27 Service Rd S in Canyon. Take exit 106 from I-27 S

11 min (11.4 mi)

--Follow TX-217 E and State Hwy Park Rd 5 to your destination

30 min (17.4 mi)

--Arrive @ Palo Duro Canyon State Park

11450 State Highway Park Road 5, Canyon, TX 79015

By 2 PM

--Tour the canyon, leave by 4 PM

(~40 miles)

--Head for Abilene Christian University

--Get on I-27 S from State Hwy Park Rd 5, TX-217 Wand Farm to Market Rd 1541

31 min (18.7 mi)

Follow I-27 S to Southeast Dr in Lubbock. Take the Southeast Dr exit from TX-289 Loop E

1 h 27 min (105 mi)

Continue to Nolan County. Take the I-20 E exit from US-84 E

1 h 33 min (111 mi)

Follow I-20 E to E Stamford St in Abilene. Take exit288 from I-20 E

40 min (48.2 mi)

Follow E Stamford St, N Judge Ely Blvd and ACU Drto your destination

4 min (1.5 mi)

---Arrive @ Tanner’s apartment by 8:30PM

----------END OF THE 7TH DAY----------

Miles Traveled: 730

Fuel Used: 25 gallons

Fuel Cost: $65

Aug 27th------Day 8

Starting location: Abilene Christian University

Destination: 1710 Crosshaven Dr, Lewisville TX

Get on I-20 E from E Ambler Ave and E Stamford St

5 min (2.1 mi)

Continue on I-20 E to Grapevine. Take theGrapevine Mills Pkwy exit from TX-121

2 h 26 min (174 mi)

Continue on FM2499. Take Gerault Rd and S Garden Ridge Blvd to Crosshaven Dr in Lewisville

17 min (7.9 mi)

Miles Traveled: 190

Fuel Used: 8 gallons

Fuel Cost: $20


Total Miles Expected to travel:  ~2700

Total Fuel Expected to Use: 90 gallons

Total Expected Fuel Cost (@ est $2.50/gallon): $225--->$250

As you can see, it's gonna be a wild ride! :raritystarry:

Gonna be taking loads of photos and Go-pro'ing most of the trip.  I'll upload them, GPS tag, and link them to my facebook page, which can be found here for those that wanna follow along:

V-Pony's Facebook  :rainbowdetermined2:

Another bit of big news is during this trip: I'll be meeting one of my long-time readers and supporters American Brony for the first time! :twilightsmile:

We'll make sure to take pics and such for ya'll! :ajsmug:

Anyways, big story news stuff:

I've decided to split the next chapter of Blue Angel up into two parts, otherwise we'll end up with less of a chapter and more of a friggin BOOK by the time it's finished :twilightoops:

Other big story news: The next chapter of CMC Fly Delta Airlines in basically complete.  I'd hoped to upload it before I'd left on this trip, but work and real life stuff caught me a bit flat-footed and I just ran out of time :twilightblush:

That said, I'll try to upload it during the trip.

Many thanks to all those who have continued to support me during these years.  I swear it's gonna pay off.  :heart:

See ya'll when I get back (or just Skype me at night, cuz I'll likely be on there too) :pinkiesmile:

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>>2190201 I'm very sorry.

It's going very slowly due to me having so many job interviews as of late.  Once I'm more settled down I can get back to it.

For now, I'm in the middle of re-reading and editing things with the help of BikerDash though, so he won't let me slack off too much :twilightsheepish:

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