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Equestria's Crazies - (Side Stories)


For reference this is Angel Dust


I had a dream that I was a "Collector" for the Devil meaning I'd go to earth and manually kill evil people to collect their souls my partner was that damn spider guy thing Angel Dust and Lucifer summoned us to his throne room because he wanted us to go remove some people.

We get there and the big spooky hundred eye'd fire devil tells us we're going to New Jersey "The Hell on Earth" the Spider starts pleading with God so that he doesn't have to go to New Jersey and every time he says "God" a bolt of lightning strikes him but he keeps going on "Come on God *Zap* I'm not that bad of a person" and so on.

Eventually we're just in New Jersey and we're hiding in a bush looking around the street. Angel Dust tells me that we're here to kill and entire gang and that Lucifer wants it to look like an attack by a rival gang so that when the gang war begins we get free souls.

So we sneak over to a car in front a really shitty looking house that Angel Dust assured me was a crack den and therefore had to be the place. I take a bomb that is literally the CSGO bomb and stick it under the car and we dive into a bush as the door opens and these 2 dude bros come out,

I'm freaking out because clearly this isn't the right house and we're about to blow up two random people. Angel Dust holds me in place to keep me from trying to stop them. The Dudebros get in the car and Boom goes the dynamite

Then there's a bunch of horrible screaming and they're sucked into hell. Me and Angel look at the list of "Sinner" and notice there are now two names crossed off. We shrug at each other and continue on till we find the right house.

Angel decides we're doing it his way and busts with just 6 guns going fucking wild. Unfortunately we're in America and this is a gang so they start firing back at us. We get behind cover and while Angel is reloading all Six guns he stops and holds up a little bag with a Gold fish swimming around and says

"Look what I bought"

Now I'm fucking confused and trying to figure out where the fuck did he buy a Gold fish. But before I say anything a bullet whizzes through the cover and smokes the gold fish.

Angel looks devastated and I peak over the cover and shout "You shouldn't have done that he was just a boy" Angel flips the table we're behind and just goes batshit insane and bludgeons all of them to death.

Next thing I know I'm back in Hell in front of the Devil he asks me if everything went smoothly and I just lied. He told me we did good and I just speed walked right out of the devils throne room.

I learned 2 things last night

1) I have no problem working with the devil

2) Don't shoot the fish

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Once upon a time Thorax had a lot of free time.  Like a lot.  So one or two or three blog posts a day.  Now Thorax is very very busy so not so many.

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How do you have so many blog posts?! :pinkiegasp:

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Hello um I just left the hive can you help me?

-signed Biowolfpack aka buz

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