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February Was Busy · 11:59pm

I should be getting back to writing this story shortly. I was somewhere near 30-40% through the next chapter.

I hope you don't mind if I kill AJ.

(No, it's not because I ran out of ideas; actually, it's the product of a really stupid one from before I even started writing the story in the first place.)

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Personal Brony History

Written during the slight, minor roadblock I hit writing Chapter 3 of All Types of Rain. Might as well do something with ponies instead of sleeping, right? Just so you know what type of person you're talking to. If you even want to take any of this in regard.


Warning: This goes overly in-depth. Seriously. Hooray for the anonymity of the internet.

Bronydom History: This is my induction story. So I did hear about MLP:FiM a while back. The first thing I ever had to do with it was watch a video on YouTube of Twilight levitating a hat, then getting hit with a computer from Mr. Hax. Yup. After that, it's pretty hazy, until about Fall of 2011. I remember this one in pretty good clarity.

So I was alone in the house, left to my own devices. I decided to go on TV and see what was on. I noticed MLP was going to be on in a couple minutes, so I went over to the fridge and heated up a nice salisbury steak and mac and cheese microwavable dinner. Since I was alone, I figured there was no shame, and might as well check out what was up with all the pony stuff. It was the Winter-Wrap-Up episode. Best song ever, undeniable. So after watching, my basic review was 'Oh. Well, it's not bad. I was able to bear it.' but did not associate myself with anything with ponies for a while afterwards.

Then, for some reason, the craziest chain of events led me to start 'Hell Week'. I think it started with one of my friends telling me about FiM parodies he saw on the youtubes, and so piqued my interest. I started watching the Mentally Advanced Series, and from there, curiosity grew until I started watching the real episodes. True Hell Week didn't start, however, through a very weird way.

So I wanted to find more about ponies on the internet. And the closest entrance I had to it was... really. It's the weirdest thing ever. The CoD Wiki. Seriously. I used to think it had a pony infection issue, but disregarded it since I never showed hate towards it. Through user pages, one linked me to the FiM Wiki. Then from there, since I wasn't really much for canon (It's canon. Just watch the episodes and learn.), a direct link to the Fan Labor Wiki. From there, I checked out all the different stuff about what fans came up with and was actually amazed. First fanfic I ever read was Sepia Tock (I remember going to Cosco and Home Depot that day, what?). Begin Hell Week.

Hell Week, in my terms, is the one week that can come up in some brony developments. It's the one week where the final resistance of the brain is forcefully snuffed out and told to accept ponies because it is literally one of the best things it can happen to a person. I remember describing it as 'ponies are clawing against my mind'. It was a pretty crazy change for me.

Hell Week, which occurred for me in the last week of January 2012, was also coincidentally first semester finals week for my school. Yup. Imagine the difficulty of blocking ponies to stay objective for a test. Not entirely pleasant. So during that week, I believe I listened to audiobooks of My Little Dashie and Rainbow Factory. Thankfully, the rest of the week was off after testing, and I looked into ponies more.

So, I did more stuff with ponies on my extended break. Then, because of previous ventures, found FiMFic. Hooray! Doesn't end there. First week of second semester. I... didn't get much sleep. I believe that was the week I discovered Lynolius's Heroes and Allies. Naturally, I stayed up as long as possible to try and finish it, receiving an average of 3 hours of sleep a night that week. From around this general timeframe, I surrendered to the facts, and allowed myself the title of brony. *Rejoice*

History doesn't end there. That was just the beginning.

FiMFic Takes Over My Free Time: So eventually, I got this crazy fic rush. And it was during the busy months. Now? I don't know. Is it because I started writing that I got disinterested, I burned myself out (probably not), I learned to sort through stuff (ehh...), or that there seems to be a lull in the quality at this time (I think so). Anyways, so that took up my free time. And also led me to find out that a Kindle Touch can become one of my best friends.

Anyways, a week after I joined, was the first formal school dance. I remember this because that same night, TNaB's famous Battleships are Magic feature boxed. And I read it. And commented. And all that good stuff. Random tidbit of information. Actually, random shout out to him, because a line in The Roomate actually helped a line in Chapter 2 of AToR (the one about Canada/Caneighda) pop into my head. Anyways, his universe was always an interesting read.

As for taking my free time, it took every second of my mind whenever it wasn't busy doing anything else. Not doing anything in the car? Chew through that tracking list (back when there wasn't a read later list). Finished a math problem? Time to think about ponies. Working on coding, but is stuck? Take a break. Think about ponies. Eventually, it led to- not doing anything on the bus? Well, I've had too many good ideas in my head doing nothing. Start writing.

As with many others, my first written story was never actually posted. I may post it if I feel it, since it's not entirely bad. But instead, I moved on to my second idea. An adaptation of a chapter I had planned for a self-insert fic. It's now up as Passing With Flying Hazards. It was well received generally, but very little views. So from there, I learned how to stop being hungry for views.

The weekend following the posting, I would be going on a cruise to Bermuda. Coincidentally, Act I of Flight 19 ended the day I left. Unfortunately we did not get lost into Equestria. There's a funny story about the cruise and my stories though.

So, as a beginning author, I had the impulse to update as much as possible. So I rushed Chapter 2 of PWFH, as can be seen by random typing errors (iPhone typing tends to do that). Then, the worst possible thing I could have ever done. I posted AToR for moderation, just as the boat left NYC. What point was it at? Well, the Prologue wasn't as polished, and Chapter 1 was a preview that only went up to AJ's arrival. Imagine the death of me. Fortunately, I gained the reasoning 4 hours later that 'You know what? This is absolute shit. I hope it hasn't passed moderation yet.' and it didn't and proceeded to take it down. 1 hour later, I lost internet connection.

So for the rest of the vacation, I spent all free time on the balcony of the cruise writing to the sounds of the waves, and thereby coming up with the Prologue-Chapter 2 of All Types of Rain. I actually have all sorts of documentation and authors notes on the one week development on it. I went through all sorts of shenanigans, including nearly losing half of Chapter 1. The title has been changed twice, with the second change being the current and staying title.

So that, is my history as a brony up to this point. It's also worth noting that I've done my avatar pic and the covers of Passing With Flying Hazards and All Types of Rain myself, and plan to make a better cover for AToR. Just for the heck of it, even though it may take me a month.


Well, I'm a brony that went through some random bumps and hitches like many others.

Workload (aka all the stuff I plan to do)


Last Updated: 3/10/14

In order of priority:

Life- In progress

Another Displaced Human Dilemma- Second chapter in progress

[Classified One-Shot]- Work to be restarted shortly- In progress

All Types of Rain- Work restarted- Prologue in progress, Chapter 1 to be started

[One-Shots [2]]- Writing paused

[Daring Do fic]- Chapter 1 writing paused

[Many Different Random One-Shots]- Concept stages

Night'mares'- +5k one shot, on hold (left here as a hilarious relic)

[No collab/other projects at this time.]

Personal Art Projects

[Classified One-Shot Cover]- In progress

AToR Cover- Sketched (placeholder pic in place)

[Multiple Miscellaneous Art Projects]- Priority Unspecified

(This Box Will Have More Stuff Later)

Personal Top Stories Written

  • All Types of Rain "War's like rain. It ain't always the same everyday... So many shades to war, like what we experienced down there–all types of rain." --- They say history can repeat itself. But it was never supposed to happen like this. by The Grey Pegasus 230 words · 90 views · 4 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Read This Twilight finds a book that seems to be asking to be read. by The Grey Pegasus 1,885 words · 494 views · 27 likes · 4 dislikes
  • 30,000 Feet It's a long way down. by The Grey Pegasus 1,851 words · 1,009 views · 92 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Kindle in Equestria It's an e-reader in Equestria. by The Grey Pegasus 2,936 words · 715 views · 52 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Go the Buck to Sleep Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson... I mean, Twilight Sparkle. by The Grey Pegasus 1,473 words · 1,192 views · 74 likes · 3 dislikes

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#1047891 · 4w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1047886 I didn't think it was very funny, other than those two trailers. :rainbowlaugh: Both those were the only things I willingly laughed at, the comedy in the games themselves felt more like forced laughs. :applejackunsure: And when Sedar was brought it... they pretty much killed it.

Overall, it was like they were trying to make a bad version of Soul Eater. :derpytongue2:

#1047886 · 4w, 6d ago · · ·


Someone doesn't seem to get the comedy appeal of the BC series. (But the Canadian thing I dunno.)

#1047872 · 4w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1047867 And it didn't do much better. :derpytongue2: Also, why the heck is the US Army wearing Canadian Army uniforms in those games?

#1047867 · 4w, 6d ago · · ·


It wasn't supposed to be a serious campaign. BC2 by comparison was supposed to be more serious.

#1047861 · 4w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1047855 Bad Company was just... dull. I thought it was... alright. Then they brought in President Sedar. :facehoof: Not to mention the gunship controls were literally the worst I've ever played, the storyline was boring, and the main characters were basically motivated by greed... yeah...

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