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  • E Empty Nest

    Yesterday had been a very, very hard day for the Cakes. Today will be worse.  · The Descendant
    8,714 words · 2,372 views  ·  293  ·  4
  • T As a Mother

    Very well, my newest student, if you wish to hear about the War of the Witches once more, you shall. I, however, shall choose the setting. I believe there is something that I need to say...  · The Descendant
    6,682 words · 3,563 views  ·  455  ·  6
  • T The Railway Ponies: Highball

    Steel doesn’t worry about a colt’s well-being. Railroad cars don’t have much concern for the bodies of ponies. But, despite the dangers, I wanted to be a railway pony. I wanted to be like Highball.  · The Descendant
    24,440 words · 1,346 views  ·  238  ·  1
  • T Every Little Bit

    Rainbow Dash and her friends are surprised by the "quality" of stallions bidding on the kiss she offers at a charity auction. The winner, however, is the biggest surprise of them all.  · The Descendant
    17,962 words · 17,645 views  ·  2,241  ·  81
  • T Zenith

    Once upon a time, Spike went for a walk.  · The Descendant
    119,245 words · 10,173 views  ·  912  ·  18

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#2,748 · 39s ago · · ·

Thank you for welcoming me i well keep ur offer in My mind :twilightsmile: Also cool name

#2,746 · 13h, 7m ago · · ·

Thank you for welcoming me. I'll be sure to keep your offer in mind.:twilightsmile:

#2,745 · 2d, 4h ago · · ·


Thank you very much for the high praise of my works. I very, very much appreciate them. I would very much like to be able to create my own canon some day, and I have tried. Let's just say that publishers aren't as enthused with my work as my readers are. Once again, thank you for the wonderful words about my writing. I really appreciate that.:twilightsmile:

#2,744 · 2d, 5h ago · · ·


Very good. I hope you have a great time here on the site and in the community.:twilightsmile:

#2,743 · 2d, 5h ago · · ·



I wish that I could understand your words, friend. Unfortunately, we don't seem to share languages.:twilightblush:

#2,742 · 3d, 9h ago · · ·

Hello back :p

It seems you noticed me faving your stories. It is hard to describe what it was that made me like your stories. Of course they were well written, but there was more to it than that. You didn't just tell a story, you gave an insight in someone's life. You made it as if we could actually feel what they felt. The small things, like the tast of gunpowder or the way celestia held her non-existant child. It's just... Bravo and keep writing. All I'd say is, next to the mlp universe, try to come up with your own universe your own stories. A lot of people here on fimfiction enjoy your mlp writing, but I know that others might like your style of writing as well.

#2,741 · 3d, 10h ago · · ·

Thanks! I'll be sure to ask for any help if I need any. :pinkiesmile:

#2,740 · 3d, 10h ago · · ·

en realidad ya tengo una historia en el capitulo 1 publicada esta mal traducida a ingles pero con el mejor traductor que encontre podrias darme uno consejos si te la envio?

#2,739 · 3d, 11h ago · · ·

Muchas gracias por TODO ya me paso Escribir la historia en Descripción larga te sigo a si si tengo Preguntas te las hago: trollestia:

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A user named Jim Davis (not the creator of Garfield... I think) has approached me with a kind offer to turn my sole Human-In-Equestria work into a live audio play! I've also managed to interest a noted artist in the fandom, Stainless Key, in on this so I really, really look forward to seeing what happens with the project.

We are in need of voice actors, so if you have any talent at being Fluttershy, Dash, Twilight, or Spike—or in being a Civil War Soldier, an Colonel, a Lieutenant, or in speaking in nineteenth century dialects—contact Jim at the link above. Thanks!

Stay Awesome,