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People have asked if I accept "tips." Rather than that, please consider supporting my preferred charity, the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club.

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  • E Empty Nest

    Yesterday had been a very, very hard day for the Cakes. Today will be worse.  · The Descendant
    8,714 words · 2,077 views  ·  277  ·  4
  • T As a Mother

    Very well, my newest student, if you wish to hear about the War of the Witches once more, you shall. I, however, shall choose the setting. I believe there is something that I need to say...  · The Descendant
    6,682 words · 3,342 views  ·  444  ·  6
  • T The Railway Ponies: Highball

    Steel doesn’t worry about a colt’s well-being. Railroad cars don’t have much concern for the bodies of ponies. But, despite the dangers, I wanted to be a railway pony. I wanted to be like Highball.  · The Descendant
    24,440 words · 1,196 views  ·  230  ·  1
  • T Every Little Bit

    Rainbow Dash and her friends are surprised by the "quality" of stallions bidding on the kiss she offers at a charity auction. The winner, however, is the biggest surprise of them all.  · The Descendant
    17,962 words · 16,812 views  ·  2,195  ·  78
  • T Zenith

    Once upon a time, Spike went for a walk.  · The Descendant
    119,245 words · 9,948 views  ·  902  ·  18

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It did? Hey, good for you! Then thank your Story Approver. Do it right away; when you get the approval message if possible. Seriously, click the "Reply" button on the message. Do it. Meeester, Cheshire, Shadowflash, and Spacecowboy probably have the hardest job on the site (not that any of the staff have it easy), and they do it for free. Let them know that their time and efforts have been appreciated.

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>>1832212 thanks, though I don't get many comments on the story I'm currently working on. But how do i post my story onto my group pages? I'll keep trying though. Thanks again.

P.s.: where'd you guys get the mlp emoticons?

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hey descendent. Youremember me right? Dustin Thomas Hogan? Well I'm on a different account. Im using a different account on a different device cause the previous device imusin is crud.

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>>1830509 It's okay to make alicorn OCs, just make sure they have a reasonable backstory and that they aren't OP. My alicorn OC had a reasonable backstory and personality, and was even defeated in his first appearance and I have yet to hear anyone bashing him...

#2,379 · 3h, 10m ago · · ·

Hey The Descendant thanks for the advice i am going to try hard

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The unfortunate truth is that you're very unlikely to have your first few stories become insanely popular. I posted eight stories before I had one make it to the Featured Bar. The only way to get very popular is to start off somewhat popular. The more stories you write, the more attention you will receive. The only thing you can really do is make sure that the works you release are of the best quality that you can muster, complete with great grammar and strong characterizations and strong narratives. Be sure to post your stories to applicable groups, Follow authors you enjoy and comment on their blogs, and give genuine praise and constructive criticism that gives people a positive impression of you and reply to comments on your stories and your pages. People invest in people who invest in them. Don't worry about views/Watches though... they should be secondary to growing as an author. The first will follow in the wake of the second. Best of luck.:twilightsheepish:

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There's no maple syrup. Those waffles are naked!:pinkiegasp:

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Hey, Descendant, i need some help getting my story popular. As in hundreds of views per day popular, if possible, and I know it is, I've seen it. Can you help out, please?

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>>1831159 you, sir, are evil!

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Dear Loyal Watchers, Interested Visitors, and Confused Passersby:

Doomed is an absurdist work that takes the modus operandi of being the discarded pilot of a new nature series hosted by a supposedly famed, award-winning naturalist who goes unnamed through the show. In this show, we meet such largely un-noted creatures as the Cube Fish, Inverse Hedgehogs, Coral Parrots, and others who all display unique evolutionary traits that have almost certainly doomed their species to a quick and merciful extinction.

Produced by a small Spanish animation studio, it won a bunch of awards in 2011 at animation conventions that I've never heard of.

I have watched the video about three times today. I don't really know why. I can't say that it is super-funny, but there are moments that keep playing in my head. I have always been a fan of absurdism, as those of you who follow my comedies know, and I can't help but wonder what your thoughts on the video may be.

So, Doomed... watch and discuss!

Stay Awesome,


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