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It did? Hey, good for you! Then thank your Story Approver. Do it right away; when you get the approval message if possible. Seriously, click the "Reply" button on the message. Do it. Meeester, Cheshire, Shadowflash, and Spacecowboy probably have the hardest job on the site (not that any of the staff have it easy), and they do it for free. Let them know that their time and efforts have been appreciated.

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Alrighty, I'll try to answer these as best I can! Let's see here:

1.) Not really. The tags are pretty intuitive, though. "Slice of Life" is for stories that center around things that would happen in everyday life, like a character's birthday. "Adventure" would be for going off and seeing new things or fighting terrible foes. "Sad" would be for stories about things like losing a loved one, or seeing a relationship fall apart. "Romance" is for smoochy stuff. "Random" is the one that throws people. It is for experimental or surrealist works... nothing you have to worry about right now.

2.) Posting a story does not require you to be in a group... but it sure helps. You shouldn't be embarrassed to join a group that focusses on the topics you will be writing for. People want to read stories, you are writing stories. It's a supply/demand relationship! Adding stories to a relevant group folder lets people know that a new work they may want to invest in is available.

3.) The space for writing an author's note is found at the bottom of each chapter. It looks like a regular comment box. People are of many minds about this thing. I rarely ever use it apart from the very beginning or very end of a story, and only, only, only if I have something worth saying. Look around at your favorite authors and see how they use it and under what circumstances.

4.) I generally consider the "Everyone" tag to be for stories that you could see being made into an episode. If the character swears constantly throughout the story, then I'd personally place it in "Teen," but if the story is up on the site as "Everyone" then the site story approvers—who know their jobs far, far better than I do—felt that it could go up.

5.)I would not post incomplete chapters, but you certainly don't have to wait for the entire story to be finished before posting it all. In fact, I'd break very long works (more than 8,000 words or so) into multiple chapters, and not post more than two or three chapters at once.

6.) I am a member of many fine groups (and some no so fine ones, too!)

7.) No, there is no penalty for not completing a story... apart from the feeling that you've let the readers down. *Sob!* Zenith*Sob!*

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I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help with the "Invite to Groups" thing. Like I said, I haven't been a group moderator for quite a long time, so I've forgotten how that works.

To add a story to a group, go to the story's page. Look down at the bottom right-hand corner. There are some small buttons beneath the chapter names on that side. See the one that looks like three people? That is the "Groups" button. If you click that, you'll be presented with a pop-up menu of all the groups you are a member of. Now, click the group that you want to add the story to. When you do, a list of all of their sub-folders in their "Stories" folder will come up. Simply click on the name of the folder that you would like to add the story to, and viola! It is done!:twilightsmile:

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How do you add a story to a group?

#2,866 · 1d, 3h ago · · ·

>>1998991 thanks for putting up with all my questions.  I know that I can ask a lot.  but I have a few more.

1. I noticed that before one begins a story, there are different tags, such as "Slice of life" and others which I have not seen and I would have no idea how to categorize my story the right way.  Is there a spot where I can look over all of them and find out what they mean?

2. Does posting a story require one to be in a group?  I'm wondering this because I want a lot of people to be able to see my story and I am not exactly sure if only the people in a group can see it or if everyone on the site can.

3. I'm guessing that before writing every chapter of a story, there is a place where you can put authors notes.  First, when is it recommended to use this and should I use it every chance I get or should I just pass it on by?

4.  I sort of skimmed through someone else's story and they labeled the story for everyone.  I know that there are three ways to classify a story.  Everyone, Teen, or Mature.  Is this just used for what kind of content is in the story?  For example, in this one person's story, they had it labeled as for everyone, but one of the characters swore, so wouldn't that or shouldn't that go under the Teen rating and not everyone rating?  Please know that when I ask this question, I am in no way wanting or desiring to police this site.

5.  When you are writing your story, do you have the option to let people read it as you are completing it or do they have to wait for you to get finished with it first?

6. Are you in a group?

7.  If you get writing a story, but then you get busy and you don't come back to it for a while, do you get in trouble?

#2,865 · 1d, 9h ago · · ·

Do you know how to invite someone to a group?

#2,864 · 1d, 13h ago · · ·


No, you do not have to leave any characters out of your story. The tags are for the most important characters in the story, the ones who are most crucial to the narrative. Include the entire cast of the show if you like, but you may only tag up to and including five of the ones who most matter to the narrative. This is usually the ones with the most dialog or who are the focus of the plot.

#2,863 · 1d, 13h ago · · ·

>>1998643 so, I'm confused.  Tagging is just having the story explained from different points of view or is it for the characters who do the most talking in the story?  The story is more likely going to only be explained from one point of view.

Also, am I allowed to have more then 5 characters if though I can only pick 5 or is that bad?  For example.  Let's say in my story, I want the mane six,, Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia, Discord, Applebloom, and Fancypants.  Since I can only pick 5, I'd have to leave out Fancypants if I pick the latter, but he would play a minor role in the story.

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>>1998900 i think i got it now thanks

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You do that by clicking the "Reply" button. It is located on the top-right corner of the comment that you wish to respond to. It looks like this:>>

When you click it, a series of numbers (the comment number) will appear in your text box. Simply add your message where you usually write and the poster will be notified that you want to "talk" with them. I hope this helps!:twilightsmile:

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