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#1,659 · 31m, 32s ago · · ·


DON'T KNOW DR. WOLF?!? That's like saying you don't know about DustyKat or Nowacking or BlackGryphon. Although given your day to day life style I feel safe in assuming that the YouTube asppect of the Bronydom may be a little umm... Outside your field of expertise.

So in the words of Agent Pleakly here...

30 minutes to write this.... iPads confirmed terrible computing devices

#1,658 · 5h, 42m ago · · ·


Welcome to the high-stakes world of fan fiction writing, my friend!:raritywink:

#1,657 · 15h, 41m ago · · ·


I get it now, that was a good explanation. Thank you again! Now the only problem I have is the impatience of writing more of my story. I'm going to have some difficulties to sleep, knowing myself. :facehoof:

#1,656 · 15h, 50m ago · · ·


It's mostly an imaginary difference between the two. Editors are mostly looking for errors with the mechanics, usage, grammar, and syntax of the story. Pre-Readers are looking for if the story narrative makes sense, if its plot has points that are discernible, and if the characterizations stay consistent. Basically one is looking at function, and the other is looking at form. In reality, most people you ask to do either of these jobs will look for all things that might affect how readers enjoy your story... I just list one as an editor and another as a pre-reader to give them job titles.:twilightsheepish:

#1,655 · 16h, 2m ago · · ·


Thank you for the quick answer, may I ask what is the difference between a pre-reader and an editor?

I'll just keep the story in a corner of my mind and computer until I have more free time then, you're right, I certainly wouldn't want to let any reader hanging, I know how terrible it feels. :ajbemused:

#1,654 · 16h, 13m ago · · ·


My suggestion to you would be to find an editor or a pre-reader who can help you grow as a writer and who can help you through your narrative. I know that I never really started to learn until I started using the experience of others to guide me. Fortunately, FIMFiction is full of such folks! If you click on this link, it will take you to a list of all the groups who have editors and proofreaders who can help you.

I think that it would be better to wait until you have more of the story complete. You don't want to leave your readers hanging, like I've done with my own epic-length story. I wish you the best of luck with your story!:twilightsmile:

#1,653 · 16h, 25m ago · · ·

Hi! I have written the beginning of a fanfiction (2 pages because right now I don't have much time, but I have most of the story in mind already), and my native language is not english (BUT I have a decent level of english, I use dictionaries and other tools everytime I feel the need when I'm writing). I have two questions :

Is it possible to find (serious) people who would read my story before I publish it "officially" in order to tell me if I've written weird sentences or mistakes?

Do you think it would be better to already publish the beginning of my story even if I will only continue it on May (I would continue it sooner if I could, but I really, really can't), thus receiving the first opinions and advices if some people read it, or to wait until May?

And thank you for the nice welcome. :twilightsmile:

#1,652 · 17h, 13m ago · · ·


You are most welcome! I'm glad I could be of service, and I wish you the best of fortunes with your work.:twilightsmile:

#1,651 · 17h, 13m ago · · ·


I'm afraid that I don't get the reference, Xald.:twilightblush:

#1,650 · 1d, 1h ago · · ·

Thanks for the wonderful advice, It's because of It that my first story on here got approved and people are already reading it :twilightsmile: thank you so much

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So, despite doing nothing else last night to welcome the New Year other than sitting up to watching American Pickers and getting fat on the empty calories of M&M's and Cherry Coca-Cola, I still managed to sleep in until 9a.m. today.

I'm slowly walking around the house taking down Christmas decorations and listening to my iTunes. I've noted that taking the angel off the top of the Christmas tree is like the ceremonial "first cut," clipping the nose of a ship that's about to be scrapped: It might still exist as a Christmas tree/ship, but as far as anyone can tell it's all over, folks.

Today's Shipboard Activites: Not much. Some weeping and sighing.

This is always depressing, so I thought to myself Hey, why not leave a note saying that you're here and willing to answer questions from your Watchers as you do this stuff?

That's a great idea! I answered myself, You are intelligent and handsome!

So, if you have a question, comment, criticism, or deep philosophical pondering you'd like to bounce off of Ol' Crow Face, feel free! I'm here until I'm not!:raritywink:

Stay Awesome,


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