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Hey,you like ponies? Of course you do. Why else would you be here? Well, do you also like Fight Club? If you said "yes", then I recommend you check out this story by my close friend, TheEquestrian 2.0, called... Fight Club. It was supposed to be posted here (I even made a cover for it), but due to some moderator stuff, it's now only on FanFiction.Net and this other website called "Archive Of Our Own". I haven't ever heard of that second one, so I'm only providing the link to the FanFiction.Net one... Here. Please make sure to read a leave a review, OK? OK. It'd make both of us happy.

Also, I might as well say some things about my own stuff... Uh... I'm planning on doing a rewrite of Past HELP! since, well, the first couples chapters kinda suck. They do. Seriously. I'm also considering writing up a rip off of Cutie Mark Crusadicorn called 6-Into-One Human/1-Into-Six Ponies. The difference is, my story has the Mane Six getting stuck inside Mystery Mint, who I have nicknamed "Jett". Because apparently, Mystery looks like Joan Jett. Anyways, there's also Lauren Faust And Some Baby Ponies, another chapter for Celestia presents her big Anthro Something Something, and maybe even a Joe's Garage adaptation at some point. But after how well ' went with the mods... Yeah. Hopefully all of these things will come soon 'cause I've already put these things off for way too long as it is.

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...And I did something with that information, that being an account on DeviantART... Um... Emoticon? :applejackunsure:

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I know Letters To Luna is on DeviantART. I just haven't gotten around to actually doing anything with that information.

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Oh, your 'That Gamer' on fanfiction? I'm Lyra Heartstrings (pen name). I need to have a word with you.

Concerning to the 'Letters to Luna' fic, that type of story wasn't allowed, but I'm continuing it on Devianart. (maybe you know already)

Oh, many thanks for supporting that fic! :pinkiesmile:

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I've got a new story with a hell of a long title. Let's see what you come up with…

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