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To celebrate breaking 1,000 followers, I will be asking any questions my followers might have about me.

Now, a few rules here.

1. I will be vague about any details regarding my RL.  It's my own personal rule, both for my level of comfort and security.  I don't give RL information out online save where necessary.  So I won't be giving my real name, or the exact location of where I live.

2. I will only answer each question once.  If I don't give an answer to your question, scroll down.  Someone else may have already asked and been answered.

...and that's about it.

Ask away.

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Ah my bad.

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By "incorporate" I meant "when relative to the series do the movies take place?"

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Generations: 8 years after the start of the series if I remember  correctly.

First Contact: 2 years after Generations.

Insurrection:. I have no clue when this takes place on the time line.

The final movie is also no idea when this movie takes place.

Can anyone find any fault with my timeline, cause I am guessing on parts of it.

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That's actually what I'm leaning towards doing...though unsure about how and when I can incorporate the movies.

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I would love to help but I am posting from an IPad. If Tatsurou started his story shortly after the start of the Next Generation he would get plenty of story if he ends it after Nemesis. That way all he needs to hit would be Netflix/Spike TV he could have get plenty to be covered.

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