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Recently, a comment appeared on my story "The Sparkle in his Eye".

This comment.

Now, it's an interesting idea, and one I'm actually interested in exploring to a certain extent...but first I would need to create the stories where each of the mane 6 is raised outside Equestria, and finish those stories.  Of course, first I need to come up with those worlds.

A discussion with a good friend of mine led me to come up with a few options.  I already have Fortresshy, with Fluttershy raised by the TF2 team, and Twilight raised by Ratchet and Clank in "The Sparkle in his Eye".  So I need the other four, which my friend helped me come up with.

I don't have real plots created yet, but I want to see what people think of these ideas for pairings of ponies to parents.

Applejack - Dante of Devil May Cry

Rainbow Dash - Tony Stark of Iron Man

Rarity - Bruce Wayne

Pinkie Pie - Kratos

Each pony would follow somewhat the pattern of Fortresshy, where when they make it back to Equestria, there's something of how they were raised - in the abilities/resources of their parents - that they bring back with them.

...opinions?  Thoughts?

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Hope you enjoy my newest stories.

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Why am I not following you...

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>>1467112 huh. Alright then!

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The purpose for having this many stories is to avoid writer's block.

Now that they're all out, I can write whichever one I am in the mood for when I sit down to write, and know I'll get feedback soon after posting a new chapter.

Besides, Fortresshy will be included in the planned crossover with the "My Little Mane 6" set I've created, which will be entitled "My Little Pwny".

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