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I was recently rereading chapter 4 of my story Dragon Re-Quest in preparation for writing chapter 5, when I came across this line about the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Spike shrugged.  "It's how most adults react when they first hear about those three.  Together, they seem to have a natural talent for chaos, mischief, and property damage."

This suddenly gave me this mental image regarding the CMC's cutie marks:

Apple Bloom: I got my Cutie Mark!  But...why is it an apple exploding and releasing a freaky looking butterfly?

Talent for chaos, and referencing the Butterfly Effect.

Scootaloo: I got my Cutie Mark!  Looks like an exploding paint bomb...

Talent for mischief.

Sweetie Belle: I got my Cutie Mark!  It's...a wrecking ball?

Talent for property damage.

And of course, how their older sister figures react to this...

Applejack: Well, can't say I'm not surprised...

Rainbow Dash:  Sweet!  Now let me teach you all I know about pranking!

*Rarity faints*

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