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It's official.  Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers is Complete!

Now don't be sad.  I'm far from done with this universe.  I have not one, but two sequels planned for Fortresshy.

The first will be "Fortresshy 1.5: For(t) Pony".  This will be a slice of life fic of Fluttershy and RED MOON adjusting to Equestria, and Equestria adjusts to them.  Since Fortresshy takes place between the Equestria Girls movie and "Princess Twilight Sparkle", that means 1.5 will cover all of Season 4.

(Yes, that does imply that either the EqG and TF2 universes are equidistant from Equestrian, or they take place in the same world.  Feel free to have fun with either concept.)

The second, "Fortresshy 2: (subtitle pending)" will start with the planned invasion of Equestria by Mann Co hinted at in the last epilogue chapter, and will take place post season 4...unless Season 5 has happened by then, in which case it might be post that, too.

However, I won't be starting on all this right away.  I have three other stories I want to write out or at least start first.

"The Sparkle in His Eye"

In a remote corner of the Sollana galxy lies a backwater planet called Veldin.  Nothing important ever happens there.  Nothing exciting, either.  Ratchet, a Lombax with no idea of his origins, is beginning to grow bored with his life, and dreams of excitement.  He wishes on a falling star for some excitement to find its way into his life.

The falling star answers by crashing into his home in the form of a basket containing a tiny creature with horns, wings, and four hooves.  The name on the basket reads "Twilight Sparkle".

"On the Corner of Straight and Narrow"

Magician pulls rabbit out of hat?  Standard.

Rabbit pulls magician out of hat?  Not so standard.

Psychotic lagomorph pulls filly magician with delusions of grandeur out of hat?  Normal for here.

Lagomorph can't/won't put her back?  Sounds like a case for the Freelance Police.

Sam and Max have handled many big cases, and their biggest are yet to come.  However, it looks like there's someone else along for the ride...someone who refuses to be sidelined, is eager for the spotlight...and is too cute not to spoil rotten.

"The Pony Stampede"

Planet Gunsmoke's known more than its fair share of chaos.  However, it's about to get an intense dose of Harmony in the form of six foals finding their way to six unexpecting humans who suddenly become parents, whether they like it or not.  Some are more prepared than others, but one thing's for sure.  Everyone's in for a very different chain of events.

Because one prismatic Pegasus won't rest until the world really is made...of Love and Peace.

So what do you all think of those?  Yes, they are all "My Little Dashie" style like Fortresshy, and yes, like Fortresshy, they will all take the clichés of that story type and spit on them.

Edit: And for those wondering, Saxton Hale will have a role in Fortresshy 2.

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Got something for you.


I would have put in your OC, but I couldn't get a proper look...

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The only "source image" I have is the one on my comp that I edited and uploaded to my avatar.

And I don't have any images of other preferred OCs.

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>>1362536 yep! can i take a look at the source image? or do you have different more preferred oc?

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OC?  You mean my avatar?

It's from an old RP with an old friend of mine.  She made the image.

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