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I'm sure most of my readers would much rather I keep writing the stories I already have, rather than coming up with new ideas.  However, my mind comes up with them, and I need to get them out somehow.  So here it goes.

EquestriaMon: Gotta Friend Them All

This would basically be Equestria Girls...if the world of human ponies it took place in was a Pokémon world.  Twilight on going through the portal in pursuit of Sunset finds herself human...and Spike is turned into a talking, Shiny Dratini.  She then gets advised about the nature of Pokémon and the Pokémon world by Professor Luna...and informed of a competition coming up with the Pokémon League over a newly discovered artifact of great power (her crown).  Twilight would then have to spend the next thirty moons on her Pokémon journey, gathering human and Pokémon allies alike - the other Mane 6, as it turns out - are guardians of their own artifacts whose nature is unknown and she has to recruit them individually - before facing off against their foes in the League, overseen by the head of the Pokémon League, Champion Celestia.

Villain cast of 6 would include Sunset, her lackies Snips and Snails, and the three Sirens.  Also, because humans in the Pokémon world sometimes have supernatural abilities or affinities for certain Pokémon types, that would be present in ponies from Equestria (since they're all unicorns or Sirens in this case, they all have psychic powers like Sabrina in the first season of the anime).

I'd also come up with other details...but what do you all think so far?

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I always consider myself very, very lucky when I get to be in a classroom on days when Jewish families are presenting the story of Hanukkah to the students.:pinkiesmile:

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Happy Hanukkah!:pinkiesmile:

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Thanks for the fave!

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