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Someone recently asked me how long it would take to read through everything I've written for the "PWNY-verse".  I guesstimated three weeks, but I wondered if that was accurate.  So I went and added up the word totals listed for each of the stories.


...I've written over a million words total of PWNY.  And I'm writing between 12,000-36,000 more each week.

...I don't know how to feel about this...

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Latest Stories

  • E Three More Things!

    Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.  · Tatsurou
    7,149 words · 3,003 views  ·  525  ·  14
  • E The Moon in the Dark

    When little Luna falls down a deep pit, she discovers a world she never knew existed...and an adventure that will reshape the world as she knows it.  · Tatsurou
    61,690 words · 7,057 views  ·  966  ·  60
  • T Sons of Damas

    Shining Armor grows up alongside Jak, working with him and Daxter to save the world.  · Tatsurou
    84,652 words · 2,817 views  ·  366  ·  25
  • T Heart of the Dragon General

    General Iroh of the Fire Nation finds an infant Princess Cadence shortly after the death of his son. Taking it as a sign from the spirits, he decides to raise her.  · Tatsurou
    101,056 words · 8,091 views  ·  1,382  ·  51
  • T Melody of the Future

    Megaman X raises an infant Octavia Melody in a world of human, Reploid, and Maverick conflict.  · Tatsurou
    84,427 words · 3,540 views  ·  523  ·  26 · gore
  • T Wily's Wittle Wub

    Dr. Albert Wily wakes up one morning with an infant Vinyl Scratch clinging to his bald head. There goes the neighborhood.  · Tatsurou
    103,832 words · 6,913 views  ·  1,033  ·  41 · sex
  • T Equis: Interlude

    When all seems calm and peaceful after the Space Pirate invasion...Fluttershy begins raising an infant Metroid.  · Tatsurou
    18,520 words · 2,915 views  ·  273  ·  14
  • E There's Nopony I'd Rather Be Than Me

    Wreck it Ralph raises Nightmare Moon in the arcade.  · Tatsurou
    59,114 words · 9,774 views  ·  1,358  ·  38
  • T The Merc With the Moth

    Deadpool raises Chrysalis from infancy.  · Tatsurou
    47,275 words · 10,030 views  ·  1,543  ·  65 · sex · gore
  • T Another Hatchling

    On instructions from the Chozo, Samus raises a baby dragon brought to her possession by magical means.  · Tatsurou
    150,072 words · 10,369 views  ·  1,301  ·  88 · sex · gore

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#1,021 · 5h, 35m ago · · ·


I assumed as much..... And uh... Any thoughts on this whole Business:


I posted Earlier? I don't know if you missed it- but it is like- 6 Pages back in your Comments Section, so I can't be too sure. You didn't seem that interested by it, so I'm just assuming you either didn't see it, or didn't want to respond to it because it was almost entirely on point. :rainbowwild:

I'm hoping more towards the Latter~

#1,020 · 9h, 10m ago · · ·


When one of my currently active stories reaches complete status, I'll select what story will take the slot, just as I did when "Three More Things" got started.  Same voting poll, same method of decision making.  In all cases, it's based on whichever story I feel comfortable starting to write.

#1,019 · 9h, 16m ago · · ·


Ah! So the Ring Master FINALLY joins in on the conversation! Welcome! XD

And yeah, I DID say in the original post I made that I was hoping you would keep Q and Discord separate.  To learn that Q knows just about everything that Discord would probably know about Celestia does damper my hopes a bit, but the idea of a bet does strike my curiousity some~ If they've got a spot open, I'd like to take part of that bet too!~

Now that we DO have your attention... How long until you would even be getting started on this Fic? X3 I'm gonna guess at least a month since you are already so busy.

#1,018 · 16h, 2m ago · · ·


Ok my bad. I can see how I may have screwed it up in my head. Nice to have some clarification.

#1,017 · 16h, 40m ago · · ·



I would like to say that I never implied that Q and Discord were going to be the same entity in "Celestia's Log".  In point of fact, I made every effort to indicate the opposite.

In fact, my actual idea for how the story would happen involves a wager between Discord and Q regarding Picard and Celestia.

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