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Much like with "Moon in the Dark", I find this more efficient (for me) via a strawpoll.

As far as who you want to see first, Edit: Vote Closed!

Anyone who gets votes, order will be determined amongst them by most to least come Sunday.  In the case of tie for first come Sunday, I'll cast the deciding vote.  For all other ties, I'll make a new poll when we get to that day.  I'll update this blog on Sunday with the order that's been thus determined.

Edit: The order has been decided.  The vote totals are as follows.

Twilight/Hermaeus Mora 38

Luna/Vaermina 32

Celestia/Meridia 31

Spike/Malacath 30

Pinkie Pie/Sanguine 29

Rainbow/Mehrunus Dagon 13

Applejack/Boethiah 11

Rarity/Hircine 5

And finishing off with Fluttershy and Jyggorath.

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Well, as you may or may not have heard, I'm getting into riffing.  As I finish any riffs I do or participate in, I'll post the links here and in my blog.

Canon riffs

Son of the Princess by Twow443 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part Final

The Scootaloo Project: Chapter 1

Non-canon Riffs

The PWNY Keys

The prerequisites - both keys and achievements - required to unlock "My Little PWNY" that have been unlocked so far.

Tirek's Skull

SSStylish Kill!

The Rise of Batmane

Hulk Spank!

Bhaalspawn's Complaint


Here I will list pony characters and worlds that have previously been rejected for PWNY fics, and the reasons why.

(Art by ProfessorCatPro.

DA here.

Tumblr here and here.)

First, I'll list the qualifiers for pony characters and worlds that have to be met.

1. Has a strong connection to a main cast member.

2. Lives in Ponyville.

3. Has had characterized appearances (at least a speaking role) in multiple episodes (or movies)

4. I like them

Must meet 4.  Must meet at least one of the other three, 2 preferred.

1. I am aware of the world in question previously, or would require minimum research to become familiar.

2. Has a character that can readily be characterized to be the parent unit with a predefined characterization.

3. Must either have a completely undefined timeline, or a defined timeline covering at least a decade.

4. Must be a world I enjoy.

Must meet all requirements.

Lyra and Bon Bon - fails 3 and 4

The Dazzlings - Only Sonata passes 4, and they all fail the other three, having only appeared in one movie.

Blueblood - fails all requirements

Daring Do - fails 2 and 4

Flim and Flam - fails 2 and 4

The Flower Trio - fails 3 (shouting "The Horror" over and over again does not a fleshed out character make)

Starlight Glimmer - still fails 4

Lightning Dust - fails all points (being a one-time rival/foil to Rainbow does not qualify as a strong connection)

(more to be added as I come across them)

Halo, CoD, or any other first or third person "war simulator" - I do not play these types of games

Gravity Falls - fails 3

One Piece - fails 1, as it is far too long for me to familiarize myself with it easily

Bleach - same as One Piece, and also fails on 3

Overwatch - fails on 1 and 3

Warframe - fails on 1 and 4

Dues Ex - fails on 3

Borderlands - fails on 1 and 4

Fallout - fails on 1 and 4

Five Nights At Freddy - fails on all points

Any primarily Horror genre game or show - fails on 4.  I am severely unfond of horror.  If I find an exception, I'll make a point of it.

Gears of War - fails on 1 and 4

Lara Croft - fails on 3

Berzerk - fails 1, 4, and I don't know if it fails the others

Lord of the Rings - fails 1 and 4

Kingdom Hearts - either fails 1 or 3, depending on how many of the games you're talking about

Half Life - fails 1 and 4 at least

(more to be added as I come across them)

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#1,708 · 1d, 7h ago · · ·


Can't say I have.

#1,707 · 1d, 7h ago · · ·

As you have improved your writing skills have you ever gone back to any of your completed stories and found arias you would either want to expand or do differently?

#1,706 · 3d, 14h ago · · ·


Yes.  "My Little PWNY".

#1,705 · 3d, 19h ago · · ·

Out of curiosity, will there be a story with all of the changed characters are in it in the far flung future?

#1,704 · 4d, 14h ago · · ·

Oh. okie dokie loki!:pinkiehappy:

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