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The references · 2:52am

In the chapter 'Crazy Customers' of 'Three More Things', I challenged my readers to identify the customers, and which of my stories each was referencing with their behaviors.  Commentors have correctly identified all three characters, and two of the three stories.  So I'll give the answers now.

First was Seras Victoria - specifically TFS Abridged - and her interactions with Scootaloo were in reference to 'Daughter of Darkness'.

Second was Riku in his KH2 end-game appearance.  His interactions with Scootaloo were in reference to "Equestrian Hearts", another story I published long ago and haven't gotten back to (mostly because I was originally going to have title cards for each world the story was going to go to, but that fell through and by then I'd fallen out of writing for a while).

Third was Sebastian of Black Butler.  His interactions with Scootaloo was in reference to a story I've announced but haven't started on, titled "Yes, My Lady".  (For those interested, the next time I start a new, non-PWNY story, this will be the one I write, so keep that in mind next time I put up such a poll like last time.)

Thanks for guessing everyone!

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Passion, practice, and patience.

Also, the key to it is the characters.  Let the series dictate the settings, and just let the characters flow naturally.

#1,099 · 4d, 23h ago · · ·

Tatsurou, how are you so good at writing crossovers? None of the crossovers I've read don't even come close to the same level as yours.

#1,098 · 5d, 1h ago · · ·

>>2204495 well...Ghost Master is a strategy/puzzle game where the player is a Ghost Master, a leader of ghosts who deploys and directs them to try to scare mortals or get them to help in fulfilling other tasks and aslo get more ghost.

#1,097 · 5d, 1h ago · · ·


I have no idea what that is.

#1,096 · 5d, 1h ago · · ·

>>2203517 hey i want to ask...can you make a story of ghost master?...

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