Gentlereader, I'm happy to say that the third and final noncanon chapter is nearly ready to be released. Expect it to drop sometime tonight or tomorrow. I hope you enjoy reading it at much as I did writing it. I'm happy to say that all questions submitted, were answered to some degree. Please forgive and excuse and liberties I took with the answers, I assure you, gentlereader it was only done in jest, as best I could imagine, if the cast of the story were actually answering your questions. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on it. See you shortly, gentlereader.

Until next time!

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thanks for the favorite:ajsmug:

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Thanks for faving Spring Is in Bloom! Is there any specific thing you liked about it? Any constructive criticism to offer?

-Kirb, got sunshine in a bag. (ytdatr)

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Thank you for faving Reclaimed!

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Thanks for the favorite!

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Glad you liked the short story ^^ Many thanks for the fave :3

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