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Favourite stories

  • It Takes a Village Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need help... by determamfidd 148,765 words · 25,715 views · 2,775 likes · 46 dislikes
  • On a Cross and Arrow Twilight and her five friends are transported during a botched spell, across dimensions to... Ponyville, Equestria? But not the same one tha by Conner Cogwork 86,362 words · 37,693 views · 3,521 likes · 68 dislikes
  • Monster A human with a rather unique ability is hunted, till he find himself in a land different to his own. by BlackWing 100,396 words · 8,200 views · 661 likes · 42 dislikes

More favourites!

  • Discharged The Captain of the Lunar Battalion is Honorably Discharged for something he can't control. by The_Last_Centurion 111,177 words · 568 views · 23 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Immortal Game Princess Luna leads the Elements of Harmony against the corrupted Twilight Sparkle by AestheticB 297,261 words · 27,881 views · 2,348 likes · 51 dislikes
  • Through The Eyes Of Another Pony Stupid Human takes a trip to Equstria. But not the Equestria that he was wanting. by CardsLafter 132,510 words · 26,669 views · 2,369 likes · 151 dislikes
  • ARTICLE 2 An alien crash lands in Equestria. It calls itself human. by Muppetz 141,476 words · 29,414 views · 3,481 likes · 96 dislikes


  • Let You GoWho would've known that it would happen so fast? Heh... One day you're all fine, smiling and cracking jokes. But the next day... You're not there anymore. You just disappeared and took all the cheerfulness with you.1,089 words ·344 views ·41 likes ·0 dislikes
  • Magical Mercenary MayhemAfter Rarity claims that she is the prettiest and the most fabulous unicorn in the known universe, what happens if nine mercenaries happen to hear her, all armed with nasty guns and flamethrowers.2,244 words ·354 views ·29 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Thicker Than WaterSpike thought he was done with Garble. After the botched egg raid, he supposed he'd seen the last of him. Hopefully he'll never have to see him again. Too bad for him, because when Garble strolls into town with some very interesting news, S6,121 words ·2,259 views ·256 likes ·4 dislikes
  • Bad Company in Human Horsey-LandWhen Jay figures out that there is a way for him to go to a world with humans, he jumps on the opportunity to get away from the ponies. Things turn out not as he expected, and he is not happy about it. At all.2,799 words ·437 views ·43 likes ·4 dislikes
  • SuperheroThe safety of Equestria is on the line! After a new villain appears that the Elements of Harmony can't defeat, Equestria is in dire need for a new hero! Too bad they got the Dragonfly instead...1,479 words ·226 views ·18 likes ·3 dislikes

"Tell me, do you know the true meaning of sacrifice? I do... I am a pawn. I'm not a leader. I'm nothing close to a hero. I'm just someone who lost everything of value and I will be damned before I give up on my quest to have my life back. The fog has returned... And I am prepared for war." - Gustafv

Woops I kinda started writing the Carolean sequel. Thicker Than Water is still first priority though and I'm about 1k words in. I have no specific ETA on it since my writing is severely limited due to school and general lazy bastardness.

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Unpublished Stuff

My favourites of my own Multi-Chapter stories

  • Bad Company After a wild night out on the town, Jay decides to go back to Pony-land for a quick visit. Things don't go quite as planned though as he finds himself trapped in a dimension full of colorful ponies and friendship. by Symphony 12,593 words · 1,416 views · 154 likes · 12 dislikes
  • Tank's Story A brony in Equestria turned into a well-known tortoise. by Symphony 6,723 words · 970 views · 55 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Carolean A carolean soldier in Equestria by Symphony 28,247 words · 1,786 views · 115 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Spiked Flowers Spike as a stoner. by Symphony 10,358 words · 2,083 views · 67 likes · 5 dislikes
  • When The Wind Changes Discord is free again, but this time some changes occured. by Symphony 69,756 words · 9,525 views · 864 likes · 44 dislikes

My favourites of my One-shots

  • An Evening At The Library by Symphony 508 words · 786 views · 27 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Me I never wanted to cause pain. by Symphony 1,043 words · 1,098 views · 98 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Fluttershy Steps On an Ant What happens when the most caring, careful pony ever steps on a small creature? by Symphony 4,150 words · 1,218 views · 66 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Five Simple Words Join the ponies as they learn the joy of IDGAF by Symphony 1,949 words · 1,620 views · 69 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Rainfall A trapped beast, lost within his own mind. A strong princess with an untold past and pain. by Symphony 4,094 words · 1,272 views · 73 likes · 1 dislikes


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Idk y im doin this but.....

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No meta allowed motherfucker.

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Faggot, in spite, i will be writing a fic about you.

Heads up motherfucker.

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Well I'm sorry to hear it. I hope you get well soon. But really you did and awesome job on the story.

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To be honest, I have no idea. I'm not exactly in the best mental state to be writing right now.

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