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A Recently-turned brony. Love the series, and I find fanfics enjoyable depending on whats in them. Not a big fan of dark or grim or clopfics/too much sex.


Hey everypony, Southpaw here. I know I said a while back I'd be getting back into the fandom, but things changed between then and now, and once again, back to the fandom. I'm trying to resume collaboration with Sparknanator, as well as possibly working of a new ship-fic type dealie, starring a new OC, Nocturne, a pianist and hobbyist clock tinkerer. Nocturne also happens to be in another unfinished work that may or may not be posted. Anyone, holiday greetings and happy meetings to all. FOR THE RECORD, I don't know if anyone plays the MMORPG "Tibia", but you can often find me there on the server named "Fidera" under the character name "Arjhan". if you wish to know more about me, or even just play alongside me, you're more than welcome to. I know that's last bit is really irrelevant, but it's already posted, so nyeh :P. Back to my donuts and coffee.

-Southpaw out

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>>16436 I like your stories.  Hey want to check out my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?

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I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

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May you and your family know peace and your uncle know peace in heaven.

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I feel sorry for you. May your uncle Rest in peace

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Hopeful you can make it out of this mess a stronger man. I'm really sorry for what happined to you and you family. May the power of the sun and moon see you out of this pit.

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