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FUCK YEAH! · 5:57am

(On an unrelated note, started seriously studying Japanese. That's why I'm so late on IBDF. That, and I forgot about it again. Sorry.)

.....That is all.

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Stories that need a whole hell of a lot more love - Last Updated March 17th 2015

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  • I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong... What happens when an alicorn spell goes horribly wrong? by Lyssa 2,611 words · 363 views · 15 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Derpy Meets The Doctor The humble mailmare of Ponyville wakes up one day to go to work. A nice, normal, everyday sort of day...until that day, and her world, changed forever..... by Heavyhauler75622 91,663 words · 652 views · 48 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Equestrian human You all know Lyra Heartstrings. You all know of the unicorn that obsesses over Humans to the point of mimicing them. But how much do you really know about this pony? by Vinyl Destination 33,217 words · 1,025 views · 40 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Twi Am Legend When Celestia vanishes, everypony but Twilight Sparkle is turned into a vampire. She fights to survive in the ruin of Canterlot, until she's forced to leave. In the country town of Ponyville, a surprise awaits that will shatter her worldview forever. by ActionPony 7,999 words · 714 views · 73 likes · 5 dislikes

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  • Five Score, Divided by Four As a fan of the show, I always loved Rainbow Dash and her cutie mark, but I never wanted it to appear on my leg! Now that it has, all sorts of things are getting weird around here. I'm a guy, not a mare! Cartoon ponies aren't real... right? by TwistedSpectrum 285,557 words · 23,670 views · 3,051 likes · 155 dislikes
  • The Thousand Year Change After seeing what happened when she accidently changed her friends destinies, Twilight is curious about about the 'what if'. Like, for example, what if Luna had ponies a thousand years ago who noticed her. by Darthvalgaav 217,272 words · 8,500 views · 812 likes · 56 dislikes
  • My Choices: Twisted Tales Through Time Twilight goes back in time to prevent Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon. by koolerkid 59,659 words · 11,594 views · 994 likes · 13 dislikes
  • The Wheel and the Butterfly A Dan X Pinkie Pie Saga Pinkie Pie finds herself adjusting to a new, hostile world, with a new hostile friend. Can they make it through this new misadventure together, or is it the universe that needs to watch out for them? by Justice4243 682,388 words · 16,458 views · 1,637 likes · 70 dislikes
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#93 · 2d, 19h ago · · ·

Hi there! Thank you for your potential interest in my story. If you have any questions that might help you decide if wish to commit to reading, ask away!

In all seriousness, I don't mind in the slightest. It's become a long tale, so I suppose I understand the hesitation.

#92 · 4w, 3d ago · · ·

Thank you very much for adding '...And It's Freaking Cold Up Here' to your Favorites! Much appreciated.

And, go Patriots. :yay:

#91 · 5w, 3d ago · · ·


Wow...what can I say? I'm humbled by your placing "Derpy Meets The Doctor in your "Stories That Need a Hell of a Lot More Love"...

That means a lot to me...


#90 · 6w, 3d ago · · ·

Thanks for adding "Derpy Meets The Doctor" to your reading list!


#89 · 17w, 3d ago · · ·

Thanks for adding Path to an Empire to your read it later! I hope you find it enjoyable. :pinkiesmile:

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MLP Fanon Project

So, a few weeks back I was talking with a family member about the expanded universe that is MLP fanon and to my shame all I could come up with was sexual shit. I figure that's 'cause we're a freaky bunch. So I started keeping a list and I'd update it as I came across commonalities in various stories or MLP tropes that I'd forgotten about. The following is that list coupled with a rating system. Do you guys think it's accurate? What have I missed? What probably doesn't belong?

MLP Fanon. Number of asterisks denote frequency and readiness of average fan to accept stated item as truth.   Rating of one to five.

Words in parentheses are my own thoughts on subjects and do not reflect on the fanon as a whole unless otherwise stated.

 Wings and Horns as erogenous zones. ****

 Wings stiffening in response to arousal. AKA "Wingboner". Occurs in all pegasi,  regardless of gender.***** Sometimes occurs with other winged sapient creatures, e.g.,  Griffins.****

 Socks are solely erotic wear. *****

 Dragons have dual phalli.****

 Matriarchal society.****

 Polygamy. AKA Herding. One or two stallions coupled with between two to ten mares.  This and the above partially the result of an extremely low stallion birth rate.***

 Mares often enter a period of estrus. Commonly known as "heat". During this period their libido skyrockets, often to mind clouding single mindedness, and they become fertile. The time between cycles and length of cycles themselves, however, have not been cemented and tend to change from fic to fic.****

 Homosexuality and other sexualities that run the spectrum are widely accepted. Though there are still the occasional detractors. Lesbian ponies are referred to as "fillyfoolers". Gay stallions "coltcuddlers". ***

 Wing blades - Pegasus weapon. A blade worn on both wingtips.  Considered excessive and highly lethal.**

 Thestrals AKA "Bat Ponies". Pegasi with mammalian, as opposed to avian, wings. Usually sport reptillian/feline eyes.  Fangs. *****

 Earth pony magic - Passive, Channels throughout body. Strongest in muscles and hooves. Allows for enhanced strength , increased durability, lengthened life span, green hooves, petriculturability. *****

 Petriculturability - The ability to farm rocks and gemstones. ****

 Pegasus magic - Passive, Channels in wings and hooves. Allows flight and cloud/weather manipulation.*****

 Tribalism - Pony racism.****

 Public nudity is accepted, though the act of dressing/undressing is considered highly private.*****

 Royal Guard armor enchanted to give each wearer an identical physical appearance.*****

 Changelings can detect/taste the full spectrum of emotions. They can eat all positive emotions as well. However,  love is always either the most nutritious, delicious, or both. Negative emotions are often harmful to changelings, often being poisonous in nature. (This usually paints Chrysalis as an idiot) ****

 Dragons are exceptionally long lived. Often getting to or beyond millennial in years. *****

 Griffons are omnivorous.*****

 Still Way is the name of the major martial art of the unicorn tribe. *

 Gale King is the name of the major martial art of the pegasus tribe. *

 Mountain Root is the name of the major martial art of the earth pony tribe.  (No stars, only been mentioned once, but it was mentioned in the same story that Gale King originated. This story also helped further the Still Way. For these reasons I place it here despite it's nature as non-fanon. I predict all three martial arts to get at least three stars in the next year.)

 Changeling flight is significantly slower, but more far more agile, than pegasus and griffon flight. ****

 Changelings have chitin rather than skin and fur. *****

 Flutterponies. A tribe of pony with butterfly wings usually considered to be extinct. Often portrayed as the precursor species to Changelings.  The Flutterponies having been cursed or changed in a malevolent manner. This event tends to take place before the events of the solar/lunar war.***

 Solar/Lunar war. Though it goes by many names. Despite the season 4 opener it's often held firm that Nightmare Moon's ascension and fall was the start and end of an actual conflict between ponies.  Lasting anywhere from a few days to a few years. ****

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