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  • Winter SnugglesFluttershy gets lonely each and every winter as her animal friends all go off to hibernate. This year is slightly different, but will the special somepony she has be enough to fill the void of her loneliness.3,687 words ·2,192 views ·161 likes ·7 dislikes
  • The Shy Knight and the Rainbow Princess!Rainbow Dash has been foalnapped by Fluttershy’s arch nemesis, and through a mystical portal, taken to another land. Can Fluttershy, with the help of her friends, save the pony she loves?32,752 words ·1,638 views ·146 likes ·6 dislikes
  • Fluttershy the Cheerleader.Rainbow Dash has Fluttershy dress up as a cheerleader in order make her better at cheering.3,276 words ·2,715 views ·171 likes ·8 dislikes
  • Magnetism!Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash must be in constant physical contact due to a pair of magic bracelets.76,195 words ·14,338 views ·1,058 likes ·43 dislikes
  • Open to Interpretation!Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, and Pinkie discuss a moment between two friends and what it could mean.6,038 words ·3,388 views ·253 likes ·5 dislikes
  • Thank You Cider!Fluttershy wishes to cuddle up with Rainbow Dash. With the aid of cider, will she be able to?12,488 words ·4,310 views ·179 likes ·3 dislikes

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  • One Problem Child Fluttershy is at a crisis that breaks her spirit. As the ponies rally around her for support, none are more determined than Rainbow Dash to see Fluttershy better. Angel just might have other plans, though. by SlyWit 2,762 words · 5,436 views · 134 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Sparkle's Law Twilight slowly loses her mind as preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration go horribly wrong. by AestheticB 17,765 words · 27,405 views · 1,115 likes · 16 dislikes
  • The Cutie Mark Conspiracy The Cutie Mark Crusaders have finally gone too far. by Cold in Gardez 8,879 words · 6,902 views · 507 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Pony Tales: Belle Runner Even in a world of magic talking ponies, weirdness exists... by Andrew Joshua Talon 14,080 words · 1,658 views · 118 likes · 2 dislikes
  • In The Late Summer Sun After a trip to Everfree to cure Angel, Rainbow Dash begins to develop feelings for Fluttershy. by Papillon Rose 27,952 words · 5,434 views · 102 likes · 4 dislikes


Rough fimfiction fanfic plans.

Current Work: The Shy Knight and the Rainbow Princess!

Chapters: 14 Release Date: November 2nd  End Date: July-September 2014

Summary: Rainbow Dash has been foalnapped by Fluttershy’s arch nemesis, and through a mystical portal, taken to another land. Can Fluttershy, with the help of her friends, save the pony she loves?

Current Work: Openly Secret Date

Chapters: 1-3  Release Date: 2014  End Date: 2014

Summary: Collaboration fanfic with NintendoGal55, also serves as a sequel to Open to Interpretation and Snuggles and Nibbles.

Future Works

Pliable transparent plastic material with regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres fun.


Hello there everyone, it's been a little while longer than I had hoped for but I'm here with a blog update. I'll admit, not much has transpired with me since the last blog post. I finally started making progress with Smashing Reactions, the 4th chapter finally being uploaded, though the arrival of both Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution and Hyrule Warriors look set to interfere with further work. That said, my current fanfiction focus is still on my SSB works, but I do hope to be able to get some MLP focus soon within the fanfiction realm.

Of course, I'am currently venturing into other fields, as many on you may know, so I shall begin addressing another matter before I get to the heart of today's blog post.

Grin Brothers

The Grin Brothers is set to finally begin updating on a consistent schedule. My brother and I have recently uploaded the following video to our channel;Grin Brothers Upload Schedule, and to simply summarise things, we're looking set to begin consistently uploading an episode each day, very soon. Enough of my shameless self-advertising though, you're hear for pony related matters and I've sort of got something here for you.

Blog Ideas

It has recently struck me, that although I was eager to return to updating blogs on a consistent schedule (my aim is to update fortnightly on Fridays/Saturdays), that I actually have very few ideas right now as to what blogs I should do. My return to making these blogs had three well thought out blog ideas, summed up as simply finishing my reviews for Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. After that though, none of my other ideas are completely solid. That said, I do have ideas, and so I shall share with you some of the potential plans for future blog updates:

First off, I shall be finishing my reviews of G3 My Little Pony. Not including the G3.5 series, I believe I was nearing the end of my G3 MLP reviews when Season 4 started up. I shall be returning to finish off the remaining reviews I have for the G3 My Little Pony series, and will likely make more blogs based off the subject matter, be it an analysis of G3 or what elements I believe of G3 could work or I'd like to see within Friendship is Magic.

Discussions, perhaps even reviews, of My Little Pony merchandise is also something that comes to mind. Thanks to two BUCK conventions, as well as Toys R' Us, I've begun to amass quite a bit in My Little Pony merchandise. I even enjoy myself to a My Little Pony Easter Egg earlier this year, and I feel that the various products and merchandise of the series, ranging from the DVD's, to the Trading Card game, to all sorts of things, have conversation potential.

If I were to look back at my blogs of old, I'm sure I'll be able to remember many of the blog ideas I had once before, and which are still usable. I remember considering the creation of blog regarding my personal headcanon as to how the Mane 6 would look as humans, as well as various My Little Pony game ideas that I had plans to expand into specific genre covering posts. One idea that still remains strongly in my head is a discussion on OC's, or rather, if given the chance what sort of character would you introduce to the MLP series. This idea was focusing more on the introduction of secondary main status, or simply secondary status, but put simply, I have ideas for this matter, characters that I have thought of myself who I feel would make great additions to the show through filling in certain areas.

Finally though, there is one idea I've been considering, both in order to fill in for things when I can't think of anything else and to motivate me to be true to my title; I'm the Review King after all. That idea is to centre blogs around reviews I do of fanfics, perhaps simply reposting my review of the fanfic with some added details, along with a link to said fanfic in order to promote it because I like being a nice guy. Like with a lot of the ideas, there are ways for this to develop further, comparisons between fanfics for instance, or interesting inspections of works I either favour or don't usually pay much attention to. It also leads nicely into my final part of this blog and the reasoning for this blog's title.

The Key Question

What sort of blogs would you like me to do?

As in all of you, every one who happens to be reading this here blog, what blogs would you be interested in reading? What subjects would you like for me to share my opinion on and discuss? These subjects can be about more than just My Little Pony, it can be on fanfiction as a whole or even about myself. What sort of things would you enjoy discussing with me and sharing your thoughts with me on?

Furthermore, in relation to the fanfic idea, are there any fanfics you'd like me to read and review of yours? Of course, I'm uncertain as to when I'll start this sort of thing, even if I decide to do it, but I'm willing for suggestion. Naturally though, given the nature of my blog updates and many busy plans I'd be unable to read anything too lengthy (let's limit suggestions to fanfics below 5500 words, or simply requests to only read the first chapter of a fanfic), but I'm all ears for suggestions. I remember in one of my recent blogs one of my readers asking for me to read their story... unfortunately I've been busy... and forgot, but if you still wish me to, a reminder here and I may just get on it.

To summarise, what do you think of my ideas for potential future blogs, which of these ideas are you interested in, and are there any sort of blog posts you'd like to see from me? Cheerio for now, and I hope you enjoyed this blog!

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Collaborations and Fanfiction related to my Fanfiction!

My Episode Ranking List

1) The Last Roundup – Fantastic (10)

2) Hurricane Fluttershy – Fantastic (10)

3) Somepony To Watch Over Me - Fantastic (10)

4) Twilight's Kingdom Part 2 - Fantastic (10)

5) The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 – Fantastic (10)

6) Look Before You Sleep – Fantastic (10)

7) A Dog and Pony Show – Fantastic (10)

8) Flight to the Finish - Fantastic (10)

9) Sisterhooves Social – Fantastic (10)

10) Trade Ya - Fantastic (10)

11) Party of One – Fantastic (10)

12) Just for Sidekicks – Fantastic (10)

13) Pinkie Pride - Fantastic (10)

14) Castle Mane-ia – Fantastic (9.5)

15) Secret of my Excess – Fantastic (9.5)

16) It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - Fantastic (9.5)

17) Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 - Fantastic (9.5)

18) Over A Barrel – Fantastic (9.5)

19) It’s About Time – Fantastic (9.5)

20) Maud Pie - Fantastic (9.5)

21) Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2 (9.5)

22) Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1 (9.5)

23) Magic Duel – Fantastic (9.5)

24) The Show Stoppers – Fantastic (9.5)

25) May The Best Pet Win – Fantastic (9.5)

26) Hearts and Hooves Day – Fantastic (9.5)

27) A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 – Fantastic (9)

28) Green Isn’t Your Colour – Fantastic (9)

29) Apple Family Reunion – Fantastic (9)

30) Suited For Success – Fantastic (9)

31) Sweet and Elite – Fantastic (8.5)

[G3] A Very Minty Christmas - Fantastic (8.5)

32) Spike At Your Service – Fantastic (8.5)

33) Stare Master – Fantastic (8.5)

34) Sonic Rainboom – Fantastic (8.5)

35) Hearth’s Warming Eve – Fantastic (8.5)

36) Bridle Gossip – Fantastic (8)

[G3] Starsong’s Dance and Sing Party – Fantastic (8)

37) Winter Wrap Up – Fantastic (8)

38) Applebuck Season – Fantastic (8)

39) Bats! - Fantastic (8)

40) Rarity Takes Manehattan - Fantastic (8)

41) Too Many Pinkie Pie’s – Fantastic (8)

[G3]My Little Pony Crystal Princess: Runaway Rainbow - Fantastic (8)

42) Swarm of the Century – Good (7.5)

43) Pinkie Apple Pie - Good (7.5)

44) Sleepless in Ponyville – Good (7.5)

45) Inspiration Manifestation - Good (7.5)

46) Twilight Time - Good (7.5)

47) Equestria Games - Fantastic (7.5)

48) A Bird in the Hoof – Good (7)

49) Three's a Crowd - Good (7)

50) The Cutie Pox – Good (7)

51) Power Ponies - Good (7)

52) Luna Eclipsed – Good (7)

53) The Ticket Master – Good (6.5)

[G3] A Charming Birthday – Good (6.5)

[G3]Friends are Never Far Away - Good (6.5)

54) Boast Busters – Good (6.5)

55) Dragon Quest – Good (6)

56) Feeling Pinkie Keen – Good (6)

57) Lesson Zero – Good (6)

58) A Friend in Deed – Good (6)

[G3] Sweetie Belle’s New Cake Party – Good (6)

59) Dragonshy – Good (6)

60) Baby Cakes – Good (6)

61) Wonderbolt Academy – Good (6)

[G3]The Princess Promenade - Average (4.5)

62) Leap of Faith - Good (5.5)

63) Fall Weather Friends – Good (5.5)

64) Games Ponies Play – Good (5.5)

65) Call of the Cutie – Good (5.5)

66) Mare in the Moon – Average (5)

67) The Return of Harmony Part 2 – Average (5)

68) Elements of Harmony – Average (5)

69) The Return of Harmony Part 1 – Average (5)

70) For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils - Average (5)

71) The Crystal Empire Part 2 – Average (4.5)

72) MMMystery on the Friendship Express – Average (4.5)

73) Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 - Average (4.5)

[G3]Greetings from Unicornia - Average (4.5)

[G3]Pinkie Pie and the Lady Bug Jamboree - Average (4.5)

[G3] Pinkie Pie’s Party Party – Average (4.5)

[G3] Scootaloo’s Outdoor Play Party – Average (4.5)

74) Rainbow Falls - Average (4.5)

75) One Bad Apple – Average (4)

76) The Best Night Ever – Average (4)

77) Magical Mystery Cure – Average (4)

78) The Crystal Empire Part 1 – Average (4)

[G3} Toola-Roola’s Mixed-up Painting Party – Average (4)

79) The Cutie Mark Chronicles – Average (3.5)

80) Filli Vanilli - Average (3.5)

81) A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 – Average (3.5)

[G3] Rainbow Dash’s Hat Fashion Party – Average (3.5)

82) Family Appreciation Day – Average (3.5)

83) Griffon The Brush Off – Average (3.5)

84) The Mysterious Mare Do Well – Average (3)

85) Keep Calm and Flutter On – Poor (2.5)

[G3] Dancing in the Clouds - Poor (2.5)

[Movie] Equestria Girls - Poor (2.5)

86) Daring Don’t – Poor (2)

[G3] Starsong and the Magic Dancing Shoes – Poor (1.5)

87) Simple Ways - Poor (1.5)

88) Putting Your Hoof Down – Poor (1.5)

89) Read it and Weep – Poor (1)

90) Owl’s Well That Ends Well – Poor (1)

[G3] Cheerilee’s Pyjama Party – Poor (1)

91) Ponyville Confidential – Poor (0.5)


#1284561 · 9w, 6d ago · · ·

thank you for replying , and I have a question, who do you use as your main character in smash, I use ness, and I have read smashing relations when you said you have written Ssbb fan fitions (by the way I was charlethebest on a dare so I think you might remember me , and the month is over for the dare)  bye! Ps. How do I contact you?

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>>1253819 Hello One Piece Wolf, I don't usually reply to my profile's comment pages (hence why it's at the botton) but I did happen to be scrolling down enough to notice your comment. Thank you very much for watching the present Grin Brothers videos that are uploaded.

My brother and I are huge fans of Super Smash Bros, myself especially (I even write SSB fanfics), so I'm sure we will get around to doing some SSB videos in future. We at least have plans for some once the new Super Smash Bros for Wii U releases. For now, videos are taking their time to be sorted, edited, and what not, but when we begin to upload again it'll be at a consistent pace. For now we're trying to get a backlog ready to achieve this. I again thank you for watching the videos, for writing a comment, and I hope you'll enjoy what the Grin Brothers channel has in store for the future. :twilightsmile:

#1253819 · 12w, 2d ago · · ·

Just watched your hilarious youtube, I suggest playing super smash bros, ( please notice me if you ever do smash :pinkiehappy: ) or just notice me anyhow?  :scootangel:

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>>1195306   I haven't seen this dude in forever. I think he fell in a pool of mustard... again.

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What's that about?

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