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Listen carefully, Capt. Murphy is about to speak...


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As of this afternoon, the mods have removed the offending story.  Thanks for the support on that.

As a result, I'll have a story based on the Howling Man episode (really based, not just cobbling the script) this weekend. Don't worry, it won't affect other plans.

Here's a teaser:

The phaeton carrying Twilight Sparkle raced above the snowy lands that bordered the Crystal Empire.  From the looks on the faces of the pegasi pulling the carriage, they were sober and determined and moving as fast as possible, even to the point of exhaustion.  That alone told the young alicorn that something was afoot...as if the sudden carriage arriving at her castle wasn’t off-putting enough.

Turning to the pony in the seat next to her, she asked, “Do you know what the request was, Flash?”  To her surprise, the recently-promoted corporal in the Crystal Guard was stony-faced and had been silent for most of the trip.  She didn’t know him well, but if he was anything like his counterpart in Sunset Shimmer’s world, he was a normally easygoing stallion who was ill at ease for the stern visage on his face now.  He was the very picture of military bearing in his dress uniform instead of his normal barding - another sign something was wrong.

“Sorry, Princess,” he told her, after a second.

“Flash, you know you can just call me Twilight,” she said in a friendly tone, if for no other reason than to get him to relax.

It didn’t work.  Giving her the ghost of a smile, he said, “Normally, I would, your highness.  But the Prince has told us that we are to be on our highest military bearing, even for those we consider friends.  The situation demands it, he told us.”

“Well, that would explain why he asked me to wear my regalia,” Twilight commented.  At the moment, she had her regalia in a small case she brought along with her - she usually abstained from wearing hers, as she felt that as the Princess of Friendship and Magic, such markers of station needlessly separated her from the common pony.  But even she knew decorum and if her brother stated she’d need them, she’d put them on when time.

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Saw a story here on Fimfic that's a blatant and lazy rewrite of a Twilight Zone episode.  How lazy?  "Anthro" so human references don't need to be changed, references to WWI ("The Great War"), OOC character permutations, and line for line dialogue.

I may do something about this.  I've already reported the story.

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Oh, Guess What? · 5:42pm

Blue and I are putting together the outline for the final volume (whether Book IV or Book III part 2, you guys still have time to decide!) and we'd like to announce the following will not be in that tome:

1. Cyberweasels, tapdancing or other

2. Topo Gigio or any other talking mice

3. The cast of Saved by the Bell

4. The cast of he. she. we.

5. The travelling troupe for Starlight Express

6. This picture (seriously, it weirds me out, no offense to the creator):

7. The Kevin Bacon/Discord wedding

8. Signal Lancer

9. A Greek Chorus

We'll continue to update you as we approach the final chapter of Sunset's life the final chapter of 7DSJ.

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I have an old Navy buddy coming into town for the weekend starting...oh, in an hour, and with that, my time will be at a premium.  I'll see if I can knock out a chapter; if not, Blue can entertain you with the tapdancing cyberweasels he got from RMPony.

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Okay, we just realized that the final arc of 7DSJ Book III is going to be a little intense.  So, we're going to have to extend.

So, we're asking you, the fandom:

7DSJ, Book III - Part II, or

7DSJ, Book IV?

Let us know here.  Deadline is June 1, so it's important!

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NOOZ! · 8:37pm

Because none of you care, I shall be dispensing information of the news kind.  You may read, ignore, or bow down to my awesomeness. </rainbowdash>

1.  I shall be at RavenCon.  Doing Ravenly things.  Mostly in the Artist's Alley.  So if you're there, come see me.  Who knows, you might walk away with something!

2.  I have decided to start a Patreon, in the hopes that many of you are desperate enough to give me money.  :rainbowlaugh:  More details to come.

3.  The deadline for the A Mother's Duty cover contest is coming up soon!  Details here.

4.  More pony stories coming.  That is all.

5.  [this space available for rent]

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...and I'm sincerely sharing it, because now that I have more readers, I want general opinions.  Who knows, I might even get honest ones.

Thinking about starting a Patreon.  Reason is, simply, I want to create more, and that's going to cost.  Seriously: upgrading software, hardware, etc.  But I'm going to do this the right way: it's not going to be purely tied to pony, as so many Patreons here are (technically, those are illegal, and can be shut down at any moment if Hasbro raises a fit).  Doing so will let me raise the funds to upgrade my font software (which means new fonts!), my rendering software (which means more rendering!) and other stuff.  It will also let me save up money to afford a professional editor (which I have contacted) and a professional artist to draw the cover for Razorblade Angel.

The pros is that I would be producing more stuff, and not always tied to pony, so you guys get to see more of it, including my non-pony stuff.  Some of it you'll like, some you won't - that's just how the cookie crumbles when it comes to creative endeavors; you can't please everyone, and I've leaned that lesson the hard way.

The con is that...well, people don't like giving money.  Found that out the hard way when I tried to do a Razorblade Angel Kickstarter last year.  I'm not blaming anyone for that; cash is something never easily parted with.  But if I'm going to do the Patreon, I want to do so ensuring people that I'm creating more for them...but I also want to be sure that I'm not wasting my time.  Saying that "Oh, I'll give!" is one thing - doing is another.

Again, not trying to point fingers or anything negative, I want genuine answers - real answers.  I'm expecting more than a few to say "pay for it yourself", to which I'll say, "I have - and have you tried doing so yourself?"  I know more than one will give empty promises, whether by design or misunderstanding.  But maybe I'll get some truth as well.  I'd say that I consider my readers to be intelligent, etc, but as a reader (thanks, Alaborn!) pointed out, that's somewhat of a backhanded compliment, and that's not what I'm intending either.

So instead, I'll just start this discussion.

And see what you all say.

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Is it bad... · 10:25pm

...that I want to take Pinkie video clips and cut it to this?

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170807ZAUG14 · 4:38am

O homem que diz "dou" não dá, porque quem dá mesmo não diz

O homem que diz "vou" não vai, porque quando foi já não quis

O homem que diz "sou" não é, porque quem é mesmo é "não sou"

O homem que diz "tô" não tá, porque ninguém tá quando quer

Coitado do homem que cai no canto de Ossanha, traidor

Coitado do homem que vai atrás de mandinga de amor

Vai, vai, vai, vai, não vou

Vai, vai, vai, vai, não vou

Vai, vai, vai, vai, não vou

Vai, vai, vai, vai, não vou

Que eu não sou ninguém de ir em conversa de esquecer

A tristeza de um amor que passou

Não, eu só vou se for pra ver uma estrela aparecer

Na manhã de um novo amor

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