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No new chapter this week, and it's for technical reasons.

Deviant Art keeps moving around the image servers (to prevent hotlinking or for some other reason) and so as a result, I need to move all of my images over to my webserver and rebuild the links (that's important, as some images are vital for the story, like letters.)  Because I have so much stuff going on, it's probably going to take the better part of the week.


1.  Sorry for the wait; I know several of you hate waiting on cliffhangers.

2.  If you see any broken images this week, that's probably why.  If you see them after the week is gone, let me know.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Has nothing on this

You're breathing in fumes

I taste when we kiss

Take my hand

Come back to the land

Where everything's ours

For a few hours


...just reminds me that I'm so glad I had all this stuff for Book IV written well ahead of time. :rainbowlaugh::trollestia::duck:

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I'm online, and ready to roll, folks!  See you on the BV Steam Group!

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We will be starting the Weekly 7DSJ Chat tomorrow at 2PM Eastern and will be continuing until we all collapse from exhaustion.  Why?  Because it's that or go to work. :trollestia:

See you there (the Steam Berylverse group)!

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Idea Guys · 1:26am

I don't know about you all, but I hate "idea guys"*.  They come in two flavors:

1.  Here's an idea, it'd be great if you did all the work for me but I get a tiny amount of credit so I can claim that I did it all.

2.  I have these great ideas.  I'm not going to do a damn thing with them, but I'm going to constantly tell everyone how great x-idea is and how i'd do it if I had the money/time/effort/insert excuse here.

Some of you know these people and know them intimately.  Sadly, for me, one of them is a relative, and Katie** won't shut up about how wonderful her ideas are if she just had the time to do so.  Granted, not everyone can: my wife has to balance her comic work with taking care of her ill father.  Another relative, Adam has to juggle work and a billion other things as well.  I myself have some novels good to go, but don't have the money just yet to get the covers that I would like to my satisfaction.  But it's only the first case where they sit in the morass of "I could, if...."

Those are damnable words.  Evil words.  Words that should be expunged from your dictionary like Sheepa LeBeef shouting "JUST DO IT!"

Because he's right.  In the end, only you are to blame for stalling.  There will always be obstacles, and there will always be challenges - but the old saying still holds true: nothing worthwhile is easy.

That's just how it goes.

So write, and write and write.  Today was the first day in weeks (you can ask BlueBastard for proof) that I stopped to do something for leisure and didn't spend any time writing (well, until this.)  My wife is always telling me I need to take a day for myself.  But I don't.  Because I constantly need to hone my craft, build it, tear it down and rebuild until I know exactly how the engine works, so I can build something better, grander and capable of standing the test of time.

We were not made to sit in a morass of mediocrity, yet too many of us do so.  We were made to reach for the higher ground, if only we would try.

Give it a shot.  What have you got to lose?

* An "idea guy" is what I mentioned above, but that's all they are.  There's a difference between having an idea you cannot work on for one reason or another and constantly talking about it.  The former is normal. The latter is an "idea guy".

** Names mentioned aren't real, mainly so I don't have relatives rail on me.


Thanks to the work of Flash Frame, you now have a list to go by.  Introducing:

By this you will know who may be a target, who may be safe and who you may never see again.  She's spent a long, painstaking time to get this together, but I'll let her tell you about it:

A note from the desk of Flash Frame.

I’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to Shin, Blue, and Flynt, for giving me the chance to work with them, even if this is just looking at the data, it’s nice to have my chance to do something for Seven Days in Sunny June on the whole, even if this project has been a slight bit morbid when you stop to think about it.

I’ve done my best to take all the information at hand, and with the help of the crew, piece things together as best as possible, but I’m far from perfect. There are, and will be gaps, there are people left off the list that COULD very well die. No one is safe as of Book IV, and while there are some omissions other’s may say “But what about x?” Well, again, I can’t snag every tiny detail. There could be what one person reads as a throwaway statement, that could spell the end of someone precious to us as fans.

The Codex Innocencia will be updated as chapters release in all side fics, and the main fic of book IV, as well as any revisions that may happen to earlier books or book IV, and should release the day of, or within a 24 hour period after the release of each chapter, assuming life doesn’t get in the way. Or as new information comes to light. I will endeavor to keep this up to date.

You may now access the Codex.


Reminder · 10:17pm

The weekly Steam chat about Book IV will be in the Steam Berylverse chat, starting at 7pm EDT.   We'll be there - will you?

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Q: Since You Are the Woman has been added to 7DSJ canon, can I write one in?

A: Nobody's stopping you.  But to be considered 7DSJ canon, it has to pass the BV Staff review (me, Blue, Flynt and our newest secret weapon, which shall be named at a later date.)  Hell, there are a dozen Nyx continuations out there, but only the ones from Pen Stroke count towards the Past Sins canon, right?

Q:  It doesn't snow in Sydney!  Are you daft?

A: During my time in the Navy, on one port visit to Sydney in 1997, it was snowing; briskly, too.  Being from Los Angeles, I can say that it snows there, as well. The thing is, however, that, well, it's rare, very rare. Gibb-slappingly rare.  But it does happen.  I chose Sydney both for the location of its naval station (and approximate threat to the SIRENs) and because I was more familiar with it than Hobart, which in hindsight might have been the better choice.  But it does snow in Sydney.

Q: Who Lives?  Who Dies?

A: You'll have to consult the Codex Innocencia, which will be made available after Chapter Three is released. Flash Frame is working on it and should be commended for poring through the canon, looking at the hints and doing a thorough investigation.

Q: What happens after 7DSJ?

A: You'll have to find out.

Q: Where can I donate to your Patreon?

A: Here, actually.  Don't worry; starting next month, I'll have some neat stuff that'll be exclusive for backers in addition to the donation levels!

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