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Just a Thought... · 10:56pm

Wouldn't it be nice if all the authors who abandoned their stories and never came back did that just to let you know that they did so?  

Reorganizing my stories right now and I've probably got about 100 stories that never have been continued in a year or more, and out of those, only four went on hiatus and only two outright cancelled.


Shinzakura · 87 views · Report

I never thought this would happen, but I have you all to thank.

As of right now, All-American Girl is approaching 1000 faves, and I'm speechless.  I really am.

That being said, I've got something special in mind.  More later.

Shinzakura · 132 views · Report

ROFLMAO · 11:06am

Got onto Fimfic this morning, saw this in the popular box, and laughed my ass off.

Haven't read the story, don't know how it is, but...well, you guys know.

Shinzakura · 293 views · Report

Yup, IKEA Sexytimes is in full effect! :trollestia:

Shinzakura · 171 views · Report

(yeah, I'm a little irritated right now.) :twilightangry2:

Shinzakura · 217 views · Report

As my long-time readers know, I usually give previews of the next chapter, so they can see how it goes along.  Would you guys want the same?

Also, if anyone wants to do HSW fanart, I will not be complaining about that.... :twilightsmile:

Shinzakura · 117 views · Report

re: etc. etc. etc. · 1:09am

For all those who wanted it...the newest chapters of he. she. we. will be going up in just a couple of hours!

Also, don't forget to reread the first chapter when the new chapters come out...because it has new stuff added to it! :yay:

Shinzakura · 58 views · Edited 6w, 2h ago · Report

Just letting you know the new chapters are on the way; they're just being pored over by my overworked editors.  But they are coming, honest! :twilightsmile:

Shinzakura · 83 views · Report

Have some Princess Sugarlicious Bonquisha Shanana Sparkle Doombringer the Third. :trollestia:

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The next thing I feel is that I’m lying against what looks and feels like cold, polished wood.  That, in and of itself, is the first sign that wherever I am, it’s not Castle Everfree.  The wood is all I can make out, and that’s because my face is smashed against it; around the edges of my eyes is a cold, unfriendly light.  With a great strain, I push myself up to my hooves, my eyes stinging and still flaring from the sensoria.  I feel violently ill, and it takes virtually all my willpower to prevent me from voiding the last thing I had in my stomach – say, when was the last time I ate?

It’s somewhat…discomforting…to realize the last meal I had was a millennium ago.

As my stomach settles down and my eyes refocus, I realize wherever I am…is not home.  Gone are the deep, brilliant colors that make up the Everfree, or for that matter Equestria or even Equus in general.  This place is….it’s faded, washed out, and even the brightest colors, like the deep red…it doesn’t feel alive.  There’s no “pull” to it.  A second later, I realize why: there’s no magic here.  This place is barren, dead…


I recoil from the unnatural state of it all so much that I nearly forget that I needn’t worry: I am Nightmare Moon, or to use my birth name, Clare de Lune, or Princess Luna, to those who chose not to utter my regnal name.  I am the Princess of the Night, the Regis of Nightmares, and an alicorn – a goddess!  This place might have no magic, but I shan’t be here long – all I need to do is find my way out of this trap and make my way back to Equestria.  I shall rule the land, and my sister will pay for what she has done to me!

But for the moment, I’ll need to store my magic away.  And that meant…returning to my natural form.  A shame, that; I’d grown to like the look the Nightmare Force had given me.  I was finally the equal to Celestia, not her “darling little sister”, emphasis on little.  And it’s not as though I was going to stay in my normal form permanently; I fully intended to return to my Nightmare form as soon as.

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