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  • Polarity: A Tale of Two Sisters
    Prequel to All-American Girl. Derpy Hooves must face a number of sudden important life decisions

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  • All-American Girl
    A pony raised amongst humans finds out about her birth mother - Rarity.
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  • Be Human: the All-American Girl Sidestories
    Sidestories for the All-American Girl series
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  • Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I
    A tale in the Berylverse. Meanwhile, a reality away, Sunset Shimmer's life has changed since she met Princess Twilight...and it's about to change even more, whether she likes it or not.
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  • Kind Hearts & Coronets
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  • Twilight Eats Peaches & Herb
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  • The Black Ponies
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“Hey, Spitfire!”  Rainbow specifically showed up to soccer practice an hour early, because the track team would still be working out this afternoon.  She usually didn’t socialize in the same circle as the junior and with the vastly different schedule the two girls kept, this would be one of the only chances she’d have to put a stop to it.

“Heya, cuz!” Spitfire shouted as she walked towards her cousin, wiping the sweat off her brow with a towel before hanging it around her neck.  Spitfire was the captain for the girls’ varsity track team and the honor was well earned; the junior held the current state record for the 200-meter dash and had almost broken the 400-meter dash.  Track scouts for the US Olympic Team were already watching her and Rainbow couldn’t help but feel pride in her cousin’s accomplishments; she was, all in all, almost as awesome as Rainbow herself.  “What brings you down here?”

“Looking for your favorite pain in the ass,” Rainbow growled.  “Found out that she’s likely the ones behind the rumors about my old schoolfriends.”

“Yeah, heard about that,” Spitfire said, running a hand through her shaggy yellow-and-orange hair.  “Those girls are good folks, and hate to see that shit.  Anyway, the bitch is in the locker room; she blew a fuse because the rest of the relay team isn’t as fast as she is, even though she’s a fucking slowpoke herself.”  

“Thanks.”  Rainbow turned in the direction of the girls’ locker room before she felt Spitfire’s hand on her shoulder.

“Just…be careful,” the older girl advised.  “She’s faster than you and I suspect she knows how to fight, and…call me crazy, Rainbow, but I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“That’s sweet, Spits.  You almost managed to sound like Fluttershy there for a moment – almost, but not quite,” she teased.

“Rainbow, if I have to explain to Scoots why you’ve got a black eye….”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.  I’ll be careful – bob and weave and all that shit,” she said as she walked off towards the locker room.

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Mail Bag! · 12:09am

Going to try something new: these are questions that have been PMed or emailed to me and I thought they deserved a public answer.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and sometimes guilty.)

So, what's the status of AAG?

- "Frank"

What's the deal with Seven Days in Sunny June?

- "Mary"

Well, I'm taking a slight break from publishing AAG stuff (doesn't mean it's stopped) while I fulfill a promise I made to Blue for his help with many of my projects.  7DSJ sparked a creative angle in me that I'm pursuing; it doesn't mean that AAG has stopped or even went on hiatus (hell, you regulars have been through worse waits for the next AAG.)  The plan is to finish writing Book I of 7DSJ, and then while that's publishing (every Wednesday!), go back to the AAGverse while Blue's working on Book II of 7DSJ, and then back to me for Book III.

So don't worry, AAG Book I and Polarity will be wrapping up no later than the summer, and AAG Book II and Princeps will make their debuts (or redebut in the latter's case.)

I read your webcomic.  Why'd that stop?

- "Bubba"

It hasn't stopped.  My wife (the artist) and I are considering restarting it from the very beginning because her art style has shifted enough that she's not happy with the earlier art; likewise, I've improved in my lettering and I no longer feel that my lettering on those same pages is adequate.  We're looking to restart and faithfully stick to the two-a-week schedule we'd planned before we got derailed, and we'll be making an announcement soon.

What's the deal on your novel?

- "Diane"

In editing; also looking for an artist so I can work on getting a cover done.  Will probably do a new Kickstarter at the end of the year or beginning of the next.  But trust me, it's being worked on.

You going to be at any cons this year?

- "Donovan"

AUSA as always; also Intervention.  Will be going to 1D4 this year, but as an attendee only.  Will update the answer as things change.  You never know!

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We're doing a major story challenge contest over at The All-American Girl Saga forums!

This month's challenge is: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: What if it was Minty who got sent to HE, not Sandalwood?.  :pinkiegasp:

Oh, and the prize is...the winner gets to get an exclusive clue about the real identity of Nightmare Moon or the meaning of the Riddles! :yay:

If interested, CLICK HERE!

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I shouldn’t be here, Sunset thought to herself as she got off the bus.  For one, the bus only ran through the Industrial District on the way to the freeway and the stops in the suburbs to the south; since it was a weekend, the line ran every two hours, so it was going to be a wait.  Shining was on patrol today, so if worst came to, she could probably call him for a ride, but he’d probably want to know why she was here as well – and he’d probably tell Velvet and Night and she’d probably get grounded.

Part of her wasn’t even sure why she was here either, but…she had to come.  There was really no other way to explain it.  Walking the block towards the lot that held the rattletrap building she called home for the past four years…she knew there’d be nothing there; by now, all the possessions she’d had in that building were probably at the bottom of a trash pile at the County Landfill just outside the Everfree National Forest.  But still, she had to come.

To her surprise, work had been done fast; they either were truly concerned about squatters or wanted the distro center up quickly, because the main support stanchions had already been laid, giving the general shape of the facility – it took up both her old lot as well as that of three others.  Despite the construction trucks and the building materials, there was a clean, antiseptic feel to the whole place, as if it had pushed away the rotting buildings and detritus of the past, determined to throw it all down the memory hole.

And if all that had come before here was now gone, what did it say about her own life here?

As she ignored the NO TRESPASSING sign and walked onto the grounds, she could almost picture how things had been just even scant weeks before: living on a diet of canned food, sleeping on a dingy mattress and taking cold showers on a regular basis; she’d been lucky that the magic within her must have prevented her from becoming sick or worse through all those years.  But the magic hadn’t protected her from the loneliness, or the bitterness, or in the end, what she became.

“Is this what you really meant for me, Celestia?” Sunset spoke aloud, speaking to the sky – and to the alicorn somewhere in a realm beyond it.  “Is this my real punishment?  For me to start to find some little bit of happiness here before you yank me back to Equestria to do whatever you’re going to do?  After I’ve really started to finally adjust being here?  Is that my punishment?”  Sunset wondered if her former mentor was truly that cruel – but then again, this was the ageless mentor who had beaten unspeakable monsters and countless threats to all of ponydom – Princess Celestia was more than capable of utter ruthlessness, regardless of her normally kind and caring demeanor.

When she went back to steal Twilight’s crown…had that really been what Sunset had thought as a chance, or a carefully-laid trap to ensure that the sun alicorn would know where she was?  Were the younger alicorn princess’ words to her a suggestion to improve her life…or a warning that someday divine punishment would come on brutal ivory hooves?

That day would come, eventually, she knew.  It could be any second now.  Or tomorrow.  Or maybe ten years from now, when she’d likely have so much more to lose – maybe a husband, children (assuming she could have any), a life.  Ironically, she knew, stuff that had not even remotely been on her mind when she first arrived here.

Please, Princess, if there’s any mercy within you, just leave me here in the dungeon and throw away the key.  There’s a human saying about it being better to rule in hell than serve in heaven?  I don’t even want to rule anymore – I just want to live my life.

Of course, she didn’t expect an answer.  Then again, she hadn’t expected to have a sudden, violent blow at the back of her head.  The hit crumpled her to the floor, followed by a sharp kick to her barrel.  By the time she’d mentally corrected herself to “ribs”, the pain had already started, she was being hit in a few more places and heard a female laugh.  She tried to force herself to her feet, only to feel a fist slam across her face as an all-too familiar voice was laughing at her from behind and above: “How you liking this now, huh?  Ain’t nobody here to save you now, Shimmer!”

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Should I do previews for Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I like I do with my other stories?  Or should that just remain as an AAGverse exclusive?

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Oh, look.... · 10:45pm


Whenever the big fella cracks a grin

and when the time and the place is right,

We sit down and sip some bouillabaisse

Tomorrow! :yay:

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...and you have all been forewarned.

Oh, and The Ed Sullivan Show, Topo Gigio and the Bay City Rollers are not involved.

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Oh, did I mention this insanity all starts Thursday?

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That is, if I'm not too busy.  That's me being serious, not teasing.  Want to finish these maps (yes you heard that) before I show.

Stay tuned.

EDIT: Cancelled because my editors think it's a waste of time.  Blame Cody for not think it's worth obsessing over minutae for a change.  :trollestia:

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