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   Well, I was going to add Two Kinds Of Beauty and Monster to Equestria Daily, buuuut it seems they have a 2,500 word cap for one shots. So Two Kinds Of Beauty was trumped. Then no excessive gore, so Monster was out. And they say their rules are not that horrid. This site is a lot better, even if some of the fictions here suck, everybody gets a chance to post with more laxed rules. Despite a few being not that great, there are quite a few amazing ones which could never be posted to that site because of it's fucking Nun school rules. Sorry for taking your time with this little rant, but I just think it's kinda stupid for it to have a 2,500 word cap and a limitation on gore. AND THEY WONT EVEN TAKE ANTHRO/HUMAN STORIES EITHER. Fimfiction>Equestria Daily

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